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you'll never know what you like if you don't try it



1. you'll never know what you like if you don't try it

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It was nice to be by herself, Rosalie thought -- no stupid humans jabbering constantly, and the know-it-all trio weren't anywhere in sight. She sighed in relief. The mind-reader, the fortune-teller, and the world's most interfering manipulator were miles away, contentedly licking their fur back home. Emmett's presence could be tiring on a person -- it was his constant happiness that sometimes grated on her nerves. Not always, of course, just...sometimes, she felt the need to get away from everyone. Spend time alone. Appreciate the beauty of nature.

She laughed aloud at the last thought, a beautiful sound that echoed throughout the forest. The beauty of nature? It was dirty, filled with stupid animals that didn't satisfy a person properly. It didn't even have the ability to just keep quiet, for once. Chirping, growling, rustling...couldn't they just shut up? But it was lots better than having to hang out in the vampire den. At least the animals didn't care that she wasn't human -- at least, until she hunted them. But they were nice enough for the time being.

Besides, she was here on a mission. It was her job to try and befriend the vampire that was trying to kill their precious Bella. Apparently everyone thought it would be a great idea for her to find out some secrets, so to speak. And maybe get close enough to stop the threat, she guessed. Edward had told her -- his voice concerned, as though he actually cared one bit about her -- that Victoria was on the prowl somewhere around here. She was supposed to find her and ask to join her coven, all by herself. And Victoria was supposed to not recognize her.

Ha. That was likely. Edward had said Victoria hadn't really noticed Rosalie that much, and probably had forgotten all about her. Personally, Rosalie found it hard to hate the woman -- probably because if Edward had killed Emmett, she'd want to kill Bella too. Maybe that was the real reason why everyone decided she should be the one to go after Victoria. Because they had so much in common.

That was more likely, Rosalie mused, picking a long white flower from the ground. After all, Esme could easily have done the job -- she hadn't even been to the ballet studio. But who would send kind, loving Esme to go undercover and pretend to be evil and heartless? No one. Which was why Rosalie was perfect for the part.

Emmett had protested for days, not really wanting her to be put in harm's way. But really, what had she to lose? She'd be a good actress. Victoria would never suspect her. And she didn't want Edward moping around all the time in case Victoria ended up killing Bella.

A flash of red appeared in the corner of her eye, and Rosalie turned toward it almost lazily. She was greeted with the sight of Victoria staring intently at her. The redhead wouldn't be able to tell that Rosalie was an animal-drinker from her eyes -- they were purposely completely black in order to hide their original color. Victoria would have no reason not to trust her.

"You look a little neat," Victoria said, in almost an accusing way.

Rosalie laughed at the understatement. "Yeah, well, my mate didn't like the fleas."

A shadow passed across Victoria's face, but it was gone almost before Rosalie noticed.

"What happened to him?" Victoria asked casually.

"Oh, you know. He got all soft on me -- wanted to eat animals, for Christ's sake. So I left him."

Victoria laughed, but it seemed a little forced.

"Wanna go hunt?" she asked, her voice falsely light. "You look starved."

"Yeah," Rosalie replied. "Needed to ever since he became a human-lover. And I've been wanting to get my hands dirty for ages."

Actually, neither of these things were true. Rosalie did not want to get her hands dirty, but she didn't feel as though she really had a choice. And she didn't want to kill a human -- not really. At least, that's what she tried to tell herself. But there was some part of her that was dying to let go. She hadn't drank from a human for such a long time. This was the perfect opportunity, because obviously it would be very suspicious to Victoria if she looked scared. Her family wouldn't be able to blame her for going very deep undercover.

And when she thought about the last time she'd had human blood, with the thick smell almost overpowering her and the liquid rolling around in her mouth, she let out a groan of pleasure.

Victoria gave a sly smile, and then turned in the direction of the town Rosalie had just escaped from. But she didn't waste her time to give a disappointed sigh -- her mind was too occupied with the hope of her next meal. She really was very thirsty. Following the other vampire, Rosalie caught up and relished in the thought of letting go of all semblances of humanity. Maybe they were right, she thought. Maybe there is something to being a vampire. But only when it's real, not when you're trying to hide it with everything you've got...

Before she was really aware, Victoria had stopped a few hundred feet away from the back of a house. It was a normal old home, probably around fifty years old or so. It wasn't familiar in the least -- but the boy who walked out the back door was.

Tyler Crowley?

Victoria grinned at her as she sat, stunned but trying not to let it show. A whisper in her ear: "I've been tracking him for a while now. His scent is incredibly appetizing, isn't it?"

Personally, Rosalie thought he needed several good showers before he could be considered even remotely appetizing. But even that thought was falling away, in light of the fact that she was actually considering drinking from this human. His death would cause a stir in the town, but strangely enough, she didn't care. And this kind of freedom was incredibly intoxicating. She smiled, a wide, satisfied smile, and stepped out of the shadows.

Tyler started. He noticed her feet first, then his gaze slowly rose up to meet hers. The poor boy's eyes were wide with shock.

Rosalie put on her best smile. It wasn't hard -- the kid was already trembling with the thought that the Rosalie Hale was in his backyard. He was hers now. She beckoned with a long-nailed finger and he followed, helplessly, as though he were mesmerized. It wasn't difficult to lead him to the darkness of the forest, which was when he gained his voice.

"Wha -- what are you..." He trailed off as he saw the look on her face. She was smiling crookedly, and it was the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen.

"I just wanted a bit of fun," she said in a low, seductive voice -- the words every teenage boy fantasizes of hearing from a beautiful girl -- then leaned forward and touched her perfect lips to his.

To him, the kiss was unimaginably wonderful -- her cool tongue sliding in smoothly across the front of his teeth. He very nearly collapsed, but her strong -- strong? -- arms holding him around the waist prevented that. He closed his eyes and moaned in perfect bliss.

She moved away from his mouth, then, and started to kiss his neck with a delicate sucking sound. He couldn't do anything, really -- his mind had numbed ever since he first saw her. Besides, her cold, smooth fingers were traveling lower and flitting about the waistband of his pants, and he wasn't in any shape to stop her.

Suddenly, she sunk her teeth into his neck, and Tyler didn't mind -- she was a biter, then. But even when she didn't let go, it was hard to make sense of anything because his mind was already spinning. Just before he lost consciousness, his last thought was that he was going to be the new Forks High God. Who else had ever gotten into Rosalie Hale's pants?

Rosalie was beyond any rational thought. She was too focused on the blood that she swallowed all too easily. It was so natural, this feeding -- warm, slick liquid sliding down her throat was more satisfying than any worthless animal could ever provide. This was heaven.