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Talking to an Empath

"I had never talked much with Jasper and especially not after my birthday party, but I always liked him, I didn’t know if it was his talent, or if it was the fact that he understood what it meant to change an aspect of who you are for the person you love." Bella and Jasper have an one-to-one. - The story isn't about Jasper apologizing.


1. Chapter 1

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It was Saturday afternoon and I had nothing to do. The Cullens had gone hunting, Angela was out with Ben, Charlie was working, all my homework was done, the house was spotless, and I couldn’t find anything to read. It was at times like these that I missed Edward, I mean really missed him, all the memories of when he left came back, and I couldn’t bare the pain. I could feel the tears starting to cloud my vision and quickly wiped them away. I didn’t want to feel miserable; there really wasn’t a reason for it- Edward would be back tomorrow, back in my arms. But I knew that I needed to do something to stop myself from wallowing in my pain.

I looked around my room, searching for something, anything at all that would hold my attention until midnight. The books had been read too many times, the archaic computer would surely drive me insane and the CDs...

Before I could think twice, I got my keys and was in my truck. The Cullens were away but Esme had given me a spare key to their home. I didn’t have any exciting CDs but Edward did, I could listen to some music in Edward’s room, being near his sent and possessions would make me feel a lot better.

I parked my Chevy in the drive way and tried to find the key to the house... it was somewhere in the glove department. I rummaged until I came across a shiny key, with a triumphant cry I jumped out and went straight to the door. I was about to put the key in the hole when the door opened by itself.

“Hey, Bella.” Jasper stood in front of me dressed in a simple black T-shirt and grey baggy sweat pants.

I was unable to control my blush, I hadn’t expected anyone to be in. “Er, hi Jasper. I thought you guys were hunting.”

He motioned for me to come in, “Yeah, they all went. Carlisle and I stayed behind, but he was called to the hospital, so I was left to guard the treasure.” He laughed as he explained.

“The treasure?” I asked, confused. Was there something that Edward hadn’t told me? Vampires couldn’t be pirates, could they?

He was still laughing as he answered, “That’s what Edward calls you when you aren’t around.”

I started to blush again. Seriously, was there nothing that didn’t turn me into a tomato?

Jasper was so used to my embarrassment that he didn’t even notice, or if he did, he didn’t mention it. Sometimes I preferred Jasper to Emmett- Jasper could restrain himself from making fun of me... the problem only came when he couldn’t restrain himself from wanting to suck my blood. Isabella Swan! Don’t you dare think of it in that way, it wasn’t his fault! I mentally apologized to myself for that stupid thought.

Oblivious to the workings of my mind Jasper just kept walking into the living room, leaving me to follow behind. I lowered myself to one of the comfy chairs facing where he sat, and hugged a fluffy cushion.

“I was just about to check in on you, but you beat me to the punch. Was there something you needed?” he asked, his face now looking slightly concerned.

“No, not really. I was just bored and...” I couldn’t finish the sentence but I knew that he would understand.

His face took on an agonised expression and he winced. I couldn’t help feeling the pain but I didn’t want Jasper to share it with me. I looked down trying to think of something else, something happy, like cute bunnies or pop-tarts, to keep my mind away from that dark memory.

When I looked up he was staring at me intently, “I’m sorry Bella, all of it was my fault, all that pain... God, how can you stand it? This is the first time that I’ve ever felt it concentrated, and I feel like it’s tearing me apart.” He groaned and grabbed his left side where his heart should have been beating.

I panicked; I didn’t want him to suffer. No matter what he said it wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t anyone’s fault, not really. I started to get up so that I could leave and save him from feeling my pain, it wasn’t fair to him.

“No, please stay, Bella. You just got here, and I wouldn’t want to leave you alone with all those feelings. Plus, I never get to talk to you alone; I want my chance to embarrass Edward as Emmett does.” I could see that he was trying to make me feel better, and I really didn’t want to leave- I sat back down.

He gave me a shy smile, “Do you want something to eat? I think that Edward stocked the kitchen just in case you ever came by, he really knows you, doesn’t he?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I guess he does. But I’m not really hungry...” I hadn’t finished my sentence before a bowl of toffee popcorn was place in my lap. “Er, thanks.”

I had never talked much with Jasper and especially not after my birthday party, but I always liked him, I didn’t know if it was his talent, or if it was the fact that he understood what it meant to change an aspect of who you are for the person you love. Jasper had changed his eating habits for Alice and I would someday lose my mortality for Edward. But I could tell that he didn’t see it as negative, like me, he viewed it as a good thing- a chance to become something better, a chance to be with the person we loved, no matter what it took.

I started to feel relaxed and leaned back against the chair. “Thanks, I needed that.”

“Always happy to help,” he chuckled. “Do you have anything in particular that you want to do? I think that Alice has a romance novel around here somewhere... you like that sort of stuff, right?”

I could tell that he was trying to entertain me; he wasn’t as easy going as Emmett so talking to me was probably making him uncomfortable. Plus he was starting to sound like Charlie.

“Jasper, you don’t need to entertain me. I was just going to listen to music in Edward’s room. Don’t feel like you have to be a babysitter.” I tried to look him right in the eye to show that I meant it, I didn’t want to make him feel responsible for my well being, it was already bad enough that Edward had to work so hard to keep me alive, I wouldn’t involve his family- well, not again at least.

Jasper actually looked shocked. “I don’t think of it that way, Bella. Believe it or not I do like spending time with you. I know that we have never really had a deep conversation before, but things are more fun when you’re around.” He smiled at my scowl- that's what Emmett always said. “No, I don’t mean it in a she-always-gets-hurt-and-its-absolutely-hilarious sort of way; I mean you actually make it fun to be around Edward.”

It was my turn to be shocked; Edward was always fun to be around. But then again I was extremely biased... and the mind reading thing might get on their nerves, plus Edward did love to sulk. It was just one of the many things I loved about him.

“You don’t like being around Edward when he’s alone? Is it the mind reading?”

Jasper leaned forward, the movement accentuating his muscles. It was then that I realized that I should have been scared of being in a house alone with him. After all he had tried to kill me once before, but I knew that somehow he would restrain himself if the situation ever came up again. Or maybe it was just my incredible ability to not feel the correct emotions at the right time that made me comfortable, rather than terrified to be alone with a huge vampire that could suck my blood and rip me to shreds.

Jasper placed his elbows on his knees. “No, it isn’t that I don’t like being around him, it’s just that when you’re apart he becomes so melodramatic.” I grinned. Yes, Edward was definitely that. “The emotions are always so depressing. You see before he met you he never really gave strong emotions... The only thing I can compare it to that you would understand is food- you could say that Edward was bland, where as Alice is sweet and Rosalie is spicy. But now he’s like a great big mixture. When you’re around its explosive like all these flavours put together, the feelings he gives are just incredible. But when he leaves you all I can taste is salt. It’s not bland anymore, but it sure as hell isn’t pleasant to feel, or in this case, taste.”

Wow. I had never heard Jasper speak so much before. And what was it with vampires and food analogies? I decided it must have something to do with the fact that they couldn’t eat. But what Jasper said actually made me feel bad for him, maybe I could find away to help Edward control his emotions around Jasper...

“I’m sorry, Jasper. I didn’t mean to make you feel-“ He cut me off with a great big laugh.

“Bella, what are you on about? Don’t apologize for anything. Like I said you make it fun to be around Edward. It wasn’t just the emotions; Edward was such a bore before you came along.” I rolled my eyes- Edward couldn’t be boring even if he tried. Jasper shook his head and grinned. “No, it’s true. He either spent his days playing depressing music or reading. But now he acts like a teenager. Yes, he is a miserable when he’s away from you but he does things now, he jokes around a lot more- he even teases Emmett, for goodness sake. Since you came there hasn’t been a dull moment, and I think that I can speak for the entire family... well, maybe not for Rose, but definitely for the rest of us when I tell you that we are so glad that Edward found you.”

My blush was now monumental; no one in history could out-blush me, I had set a new record.

“I’m happy that I found him too- that I found all of you. I’m sure you know how much I love all your family-“ something that I said made me stop in my tracks...he knows exactly how I feel. Oh, crap! I think I broke my own record for blushing.

“Bella, what’s wrong? All of the sudden I’m getting horrified sensations over here. Are you ok?” Jasper’s voice was thick with concern.

I nodded, looking down, I was sure that I would never be able to make eye contact with him again. “You know... well... that you can ...umm... feel everyone’s feelings?” he gave me a nearly imperceptible nod, waiting for me to continue. “Does that... Does it include all ranges of feelings?”I bit on my lip- hard.

Jasper was suddenly sprawled on the sofa, laughing. Even though I was still embarrassed I managed to give him my most threatening scowl. “That's not funny!” It didn’t last long, his mirth was extremely contagious- I was giggling before I knew what hit me.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Bella. That was extremely rude of me.” He managed to look apologetic, but his next sentence proved that he wasn’t, not at all. “Are you asking me if I can feel that every time Edward kisses you that you want to throw him on the floor and do naughty things to him? Yes, I can.” He gave me the biggest grin imaginable- stupid vampires. They were impossible!

“I don’t want to ... never mind. I’m going home, it’s getting late and I need to get back before Charlie returns from work.” I tried to storm out but as usual things didn’t really go according to plan, I tripped over air and nearly landed on my face. Thankfully, Jasper was there before I could break something.

He was still laughing, “You really are hard work to keep alive... but at least you’re worth it.”

That was the second time he had said that to me. It made me want to cry- he was such a nice vampire and I was happy that someday I would get to call him brother.

“Thanks, Jasper. We should do this again.” I said, as I walked out the door.

He gave me a mischievous look, one that resembled Emmett far too much. “Just give me a few weeks to recover... I don’t think I have ever felt so embarrassed in my life. How someone can blush so much is beyond me.” I narrowed my eyes at him and stomped away.

Stupid vampire!