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Bella's Decision

This is a type of fanfiction I thought I would NEVER write! Bella has a tough decision to make when Edward comes back a few days before Christmas! Second and final chapter is up!!!!! Sorry about the wait!!!!!!


2. Amendment

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One year later...

Bella’s POV

It’s hard to believe that it would be pouring down the rain in Jacksonville the exact same day for two consecutive years, but it was still peaceful. I adjusted my speed to accommodate the weather conditions. Once I leveled out my acceleration, a voice from the back seat of my car asked, “Why did you slow down? It’s not raining that hard.” I jumped. That was a voice that I hadn’t dreamed up for months. I began whispering to myself.

“He’s gone, Bella. Stop hearing his voice. He wanted to die. You have to respect that. There’s nothing you can do.”

My cell phone vibrated. It was Emmett.

“Hey, Emmett! What’s up?” I asked cheerfully. He didn’t buy it.

“You were hallucinating again weren’t you,” he said with mock accusation. “What did the ghost say this time?” I laughed.

“He asked why I slowed down, and said that it wasn’t raining that hard. I apologize if I don’t drive this poor car the way Mr. Dearly Departed used to. He left Vampiress to me so I’ll drive the way I want to. I finally managed to name the car, by the way. For safety purposes, only your family and I can know that’s the real name. My mom thinks its name is Angel. You should have seen the look on my dad’s face when he saw it. He came to visit me last week, and apparently no one told him that Edward was gone and I had the car. It took me an hour to convince him that I wasn’t hiding Edward somewhere. It’s his fault for refusing to talk to me, or my mother until now,” I said, trying to hide my sadness. I still kind of missed Edward. I always regretted not giving him that second chance. I accidentally dropped my cell phone, and it landed in the back. Thank goodness I was close to home. I pulled into the driveway, and parked before turning to get it. A pale hand was holding it out to me. My eyes widened as I saw who the hand belonged to.

“We need to talk,” he said quietly as he climbed into the passenger seat. My mother wasn’t home so I turned Vampiress around and headed to the freeway.

“Jasper said that the Quileute wolves killed you,” I said pointedly. His face fell a little bit, and he nodded.

“I talked them into helping me fake my death. I was at Billy Black’s house when Alice spoke to him. He agreed to help me. So, I hid myself from her visions and waited. For the last year, I’ve been keeping an eye on you. I trust Alice to make sure you don’t get hurt, but a vision can only help so much. I’ve been gone too long for my comfort so I wanted to let you know that I was still alive before going to Alaska. Esme is going to have a virtual heart attack when she sees me, and I might not survive my explanation of what I did and why,” he laughed. I shook my head, and pulled into a mall parking lot.

“Why would you let me think that you had killed yourself because I couldn’t forgive you? I’ve been hearing your voice everywhere for past year. I’m not a fan of hallucinations,” I said. His smile faded instantly.

“I didn’t want to hurt you anymore, but faking my death was necessary. Sometimes goodbye is a second chance. I mean, think about it, would you have been able to stay in contact with me and my family right after that stressful scene. It needed to happen so Alice could have her friend back. I didn’t want them to be lying to you about my existence. It was easier to disappear. Besides, your sleep-talking has been very interesting over the past year. Tell me, has your lullaby shown up in any of your dreams?” he was speaking calmly. It took a little bit for his words to sink in.

“You’ve been watching me sleep for an entire year and didn’t think to wake me up when it became obvious that I was dreaming about you. Even if you didn’t reveal yourself, you could’ve saved me the nightmares. It’s kind of hard to watch the person you love be ripped to shreds and burnt every night,” I clapped my hands over my mouth, and prayed that I hadn’t just said what I thought I said, but the look on his face told me that the ‘l’ word had slipped out. Tears fell out of my eyes. For the past year, I had felt like I kept missing some important detail about something. It never occurred to me that I would figure it out while yelling at someone who was supposedly dead. I was about to say something when my phone vibrated again. It was Alice this time.

“Bella, are you okay? Emmett said you were hallucinating again, and that all of the sudden you hung up, and I can’t see you,” she said frantically.

“I’m fine, Alice. Having my driving criticized by a disembodied voice is the least of my problems. I need you to visit me as soon as we have some cloudy days, though. My Christmas shopping just got harder,” I said as I watched Edward’s facial expressions change.

“You wouldn’t happen to be referring to the fact that men are impossible to shop for, would you?” she asked, her tone assuming things. I went along with it.

“Maybe,” I said, drawing out the first syllable.

“Describe him!” she demanded.

“Dark, mysterious, frustrating, sweet, musical, intelligent, and totally gorgeous.” I made my voice sound boy crazy, and rolled my eyes at Edward when his smile faded into to sorrow. “Oh my goodness, you should see his eyes. They’re like liquid onyx.”

“Hmm... well, well, well, is he better looking than,” she thought about it for a second, “Emmett?”
“No offense to the boys, but he’s way more gorgeous than Emmett and Jasper put together,” it was my turn to think, “hmm... you’d probably better throw every male vampire I’ve ever seen into that mix.”

“I’m getting on a plane today. It’s going to rain for an entire week. I can’t believe you let your Christmas shopping wait this long. It’s in four days,” she said with shock. I grinned. She continued. “So has he kissed you, yet?” she asked with a give-me-details voice.

“No, I don’t think he will any time soon. He’s a bit cryptic. Sometimes, I wonder whether he’s still interested, but we’ve put each other through a lot. Maybe it’s best if he doesn’t. I don’t know,” I said, keeping my eyes on Edward. Alice laughed.

“Rose says, ‘Go for it. Either way you get a good make out!’” she relayed.

“Bring everyone and spend Christmas with me, please!” I begged, “I miss you guys, and I have a surprise for all of you. That’s probably why you can’t see me!”

She spoke to Carlisle and Esme about it, then told me, “Meet us at the airport in four hours!” she hung up. I shook my head, and looked at Edward. A mischievous smile crossed my face.

“There, I saved you a plane ride to Alaska, and got some time with my favorite vampires! So, are you going to listen to Rosalie or not?” I asked innocently.

“I guess there’s a first time for everything,” he said. His smile returned, and he kissed me. I realized that it had taken me his faked death, and an entire year to admit it, even to myself, but I loved him. We had to be together. There was just no other way to survive. “I love you,” I murmured when he let me breathe. He whispered the same words back to me fervently. We broke apart.

“I knew that you still loved me. You’ve actually been saying it in your sleep every night for the past month and a half!” he said, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear. I tilted my head sideways.

“Really?” I asked incredulously. He nodded.

“Along with ‘don’t kill him’ and ‘stop’, yeah. Renee must sleep like a rock because you didn’t exactly whisper every word,” he said with a laugh. He looked over the car. An expression of remembrance crossed his face when he saw the key chain. “Did you figure out how to open the locket?” he asked. I shook my head. I hadn’t even known it was a locket. He took the keys from the ignition. “I was going to give what’s inside this to you a year ago today, if you took me back.” He removed the small key and flipped open a secret door on the locket to reveal a keyhole. He unlocked it and removed its contents. After giving me a lingering look, he put what ever it was in his pocket. “You’ll have to wait until Christmas, now, though!” he smiled. “If I’m going to have time to explain myself to Renee before we have to get my family from the airport, then we’d better get going, and if you don’t mind ‘Mr. Dearly Departed’ would like to drive! I’ve missed this car.”

I rolled my eyes, and reached for the door handle, but he grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap before kissing me again and sliding into the driver’s seat. We were out of the parking lot in less than five seconds, and pulling up to my house ten minutes later. Renee was home.

“Mom, I have a surprise for you, and it has some serious explaining to do!” I said cheerfully, and pulled Edward into the living room. Renee gasped, and Phil looked confused.

“You’re right about the serious explaining. What’s going on? Alice said that you killed yourself, Edward,” Renee accused. Phil’s eyes widened.

“Wait, this is the guy that you’ve been talking in your sleep about,” he said, shock evident. I nodded.

“It’s a long story, but in short I faked my death and hid from my family. It was horrible, but necessary. My reasons are a bit personal, though,” he said. Renee asked a bunch of question, and Phil made a few comments, but other than that his vague explanation was accepted. They even invited him to stay in the guest room, which he accepted. We both knew that he would sneak into my room every night anyway. We decided that Edward should stay at the house with Phil while Mom and I drove to get his family. They wouldn’t all fit in Vampiress. We were only in the waiting area for five minutes when they appeared. Carlisle and Esme rode with Renee, and the others rode with me. I got home right before her, and we went in at the same time. I walked into the living room first, and nodded to Edward. The Cullens walked in behind me and gasped simultaneously. Esme ran to Edward, and hugged him tightly.

“Alice said that you were dead!” she cried.

“I had to pretend that I was. I’m sorry,” he said quietly. Carlisle was next to join the group-hug followed by Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and then Rosalie. Alice sighed with frustration and looked at me.

“Edward is the easiest person to shop for that I know, other than you!” she said in an irate voice before smiling and hugging him fiercely.

“Ow! Alice, are you trying to kill me?” he complained. I could tell by the look on his face that she was actually hurting him. She grinned devilishly but let him go.

“You’d deserve it, but I wouldn’t do that to Bella,” she said putting extra emphasis on the ‘I’. Dropping her voice, she said, “Now, tell me how on earth you hid yourself from me!” she tapped her foot impatiently.

“I received help from an unlikely source. The Quileutes were all for keeping me away from Bella,” he said laughing slightly. “You should have seen the look on Billy Black’s face when he asked why I wanted to fake my death, and I replied, ‘sometimes, when you love someone you have to let them go. It’s what’s best for Bella.’ His thoughts were very entertaining. I’m tired of hiding from all of you, though. Which, Alice, I think you’ll find that you can see me again.” He was looking at her expectantly. Alice smiled for a few seconds before narrowing her eyes at him.

“You little cheater, there’s no way I’m letting you see that, and it’s no use begging. You’ll just have to wait!” she said accusingly. Emmett laughed.

Edward’s POV

I dropped my voice so low that only my family could hear me.

“Alice, I can’t take the anticipation. She admitted that she loves me, but I need to know if that love is enough to make her forgive me that much! I’ve forced myself to stay out of her life for the last year, and even then I was sneaking into her room every night to watch her sleep! This is torturing me! If I don’t marry her, we’ll find out whether or not it’s possible for a vampire to go insane! I’m begging you, Alice, just let me see what she will say!” I pleaded. She shook her head.

“I can’t see her decision until she makes it. You know that. I’m sorry, Edward, but even if I knew I wouldn’t tell you!” she replied sorrowfully. I turned to look at Bella, and there were tears in her eyes.

“My hearing is apparently better than you guys think it is.” She smiled and continued in a normal volume. “I need to think. I’m going for a drive,” she turned to my family and I, “alone.” She walked out the door, and Alice followed her.

Bella’s POV

“Alice, I really want to be alone, right now?” I said, fighting back tears.

“I know. I just wanted to say that since you already know what he’s planning to ask, you can think about it as much as you need to for the next four days. I think Christmas is the perfect time to let everyone know what you decide. We’ll love you no matter what you say. After all, he didn’t exactly give you a reason to say yes when he left, came back, and then faked his death for a year! Of course, if Jasper had done that, I would’ve said yes anyway, but that’s because I know that we’re are made for each other. The question you need to ask yourself is: are you and Edward made for each other? Find the answer to that question, and you’ve found your answer to his question. True love doesn’t happen everyday, so remember that nothing can stop it once it starts.” Alice hugged me and opened my door for me. I climbed in and started the engine. Vampiress roared to life and took me away from the stress.

It was easy to think clearly when you had nothing to weigh you down. The speed of the car shook off all the bad vibes, and I looked at the situation with an unbiased opinion. He left, but he came back. I broke his heart the way he broke mine. He faked his death for a year and is planning to propose. Looking at all of the evidence made the answer ‘no’ come to mind, but then I looked at all of the love. It was always in his eyes. No matter how he felt, I could always see a spark of love in his eyes. Sometimes it was masked, slightly, but he could never truly hide it when I was determined to find it. I thought back to the day he left me. His eyes had been cold and distant. I turned the car around and headed home. They were cold and distant, but I had seen something else there; a building misery and anguish. Why was it there? If he had still loved me when he left, that could maybe be the reason, but did he love me then. He must’ve. Why else would he come back? I debated this concept the entire way home, and then I picked up Emmett, Jasper, and Esme.

“I want to hear each of your honest opinions about the choice I have to make. Observing only the facts with an unbiased eye, tell me what you think, please. Emmett, you first,” I said shakily.

“Well, when you put it that way, it seems pretty bad, but I know that he loves you! The guy is whipped. If you told him to drop dead, he’d ask how hot you wanted the fire to be; then, he’d ask ‘whole or in pieces?’. All of us guys are like that. In Edward’s own personal world, you are the queen of everything. Speaking as a happily married man, when you find the person you’re meant to be with, it can never be torn apart by anything,” he said, being serious for once. I nodded.

“Jasper, what do you think?” I asked.

“I agree with Emmett. I know how he felt after he left you. My gift made his pain mine, and I wouldn’t have endured that kind of misery if it weren’t for Alice. He almost went insane. He was on the edge of a cliff in his mind when he went back to you. A few weeks before that, Alice started having visions of him going to the Volturi. Each time he asked for death. Sometimes he just went on a rampage, and made them take him down. It hurt her to see that, and her pain mixed with his pain made a very bad environment. There were times when I couldn’t control my gift and leaked the negative feelings into the atmosphere. It was a very high stress situation. I know that he wouldn’t survive losing you again, and I can tell that you can’t live without him, either.” I could see Jasper’s eyes in the rear-view mirror. I considered his words for a few minutes.

“Esme, how do you feel about this?” I asked. I knew that Esme couldn’t help but be biased, and that was okay.

“Oh Bella, I’ve thought of you as a daughter since the first time Edward brought you to the house! You two need each other. There’s nothing I can say to make you decide one way or the other, but I believe that you and Edward can’t survive without each other. He needs you just as much as you need him. Because of you he can look in the mirror and see more than a monster,” she said. I thought about what each of them said, but there was still one person I needed to deal with. They got out of the car and went back in the house as soon as I parked. I stayed in the driver’s seat, taking deep breaths.

“Rosalie, will you please come with me for a short drive?” I asked facing the windshield. She walked out the front door a few seconds later followed by Carlisle.

“Bella, I only wanted to say that Edward would like to speak to you alone when you’re done talking to Rosalie,” he said before turning back to the house. Rosalie climbed into the passenger seat. I didn’t even have to ask her what she thought. She started explaining on her own.

“It doesn’t take much to know that you and Edward are supposed to be together for eternity, but my question is do you really want to be a vampire? I wouldn’t have chosen this life for myself. I know that I have Emmett, and I love him with all of my heart, but if I weren’t a vampire then he wouldn’t be either. We would’ve died when it was our time, and the world would be pretty much the same. Only you wouldn’t’ve had to deal with someone that seemed to be completely against you. And I will admit that for a long time I was completely against you, but after seeing what losing you did to Edward I have to accept that you two are going to be together one way or another- if not in life, then in death. I’d rather you were both alive. Are you sure that this is the life you want, though?” she asked. I thought about it and nodded.

“Yes. I know what’s at stake, and I don’t want to lose Edward again. I couldn’t stand it! I’m going to say ‘yes’, and, if you want to, I’d appreciate it if you would be one of my bride’s maids,” I said. She smiled slightly.

“I’d love to, but just make sure that this is what your still going to want fifty years from now when your still nineteen, and it’s too late to change your mind,” she said, then to my surprise she hugged me. “I’m sorry for the way I’ve treated you. It was unfair. I just didn’t like how big of a risk it was. Now, I see that it’s for the best.”

I drove us back home. Edward was on the porch when I pulled into the driveway. Neither of us said anything as he passed by Rosalie, and climbed in the passenger side. I performed the usual routine of driving away from the house. He sat quietly, waiting for me to say something. I decided to ask him the same thing I’d asked the others.

“So, Edward, how do you feel about this?” I asked. He chuckled.

“I think that it’s entirely up to you, but a yes would be extremely appreciated. I want to marry you, Bella. I want to spend the rest of eternity with you by my side, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. The thought of ever living without you again is unbearable. Just thinking about it breaks my heart. I love you. I’ve always loved you, and I will always love you,” he said sincerely. I considered his words just as I had considered the others, and I reached my final conclusion.

“My answer is, yes,” I said, smiling at him. He smiled back at me, and as soon as I pulled into a parking lot he kissed me with a new passion I hadn’t felt before. When we broke apart, he pulled a beautiful diamond ring from his pocket and put it on my left-hand ring finger, then we kissed again. I knew that I was going to face a whirlwind of emotion when my mother found out about this, but I didn’t care. “You’re still on thin ice, though. And this had better be a good Christmas because last year’s was the worst ever! It’s one thing to have your father refusing to speak to you, but it’s a whole other thing to think that the only reason you exist happily is gone forever with no chance of return!”

He sighed. “Have you ever seen the movie “The Princess Bride”?” he asked. I shook my head. “‘Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.’” he quoted. “Your mother already knows by the way. I told Phil about what I was planning to do, and he told your mom shortly after you got back. She’s anxious to hear what you’ll say.” I thought about his words. Today had given me a lot to think about. I smiled.

“Well, then, let’s not keep them waiting! After all, our family wants to know when the wedding is. I’m thinking as soon as possible works best,” I said. His answering smile took my breath away, and I didn’t have much time to recover before we set a new record for Most Passionate Kiss Yet!

“I imagine Alice has already told my side, but they’ll still want to hear it. I, personally, have something else I look forward to hearing you say!” he grinned. I raised one eyebrow.

“Really?”I asked, knowing that he knew what I meant.

“I do!”he replied, looking into my eyes with pure, undiluted love. I gazed back into his and tested the words.

“I do!” They felt right so I said them again, and each time his eyes shone more brightly with a feeling so sincere I could’ve sworn I was about to fly, and then we kissed again. It was like nothing existed except for him and me, and I never wanted it to end, but then I remembered that people were waiting for us, and we had eternity to spend in each other’s arms!