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Why I Chose Paris

What happens to Bella when she chooses Jake before Edward comes back?? Rated Adult for later chapters.


3. Edward or Jacob

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Right now, there was only one word on my mind. I sat in Jacob’s lap in a trance like state of mind. The only thought that was in my mind, was the word Imprinted. What the hell was I going to do now? I had a vampire who stole my heart the moment I set eyes on him. And he took it to wherever he ran off to. Then, I had my best friend who already thought he was in love with me, now he thought he had a wolfy-claim to me. Oh good grief. The look on Jacob’s face went from excited to distraught.

“Bella? Bella, what’s wrong, honey?” he was talking to me, I realized. I shook my head a little, trying to clear it.

“You imprinted on me, Jacob? How do you know?” I asked incredulously.

“Bella, it’s something that you just know. There wasn’t much difference for me, but it happened. When you imprint, you’re entire universe, you’re entire world is solely centered on this one person. My life is already centered on you Bella. The only difference is that when I was outside, I could feel a…a physical pulling. Something was literally pulling me back towards you.”

“Jacob,” I started to tell him…what was I going to tell him? I stopped at his name.

“Bella, I know that you don’t love me like I love you. But you will. It’s not easy to resist.” He promised me.

I didn’t know what to say to that. But I was going to try anyway.

“Jake, I think I need to go home now.” I got up and grabbed my wet clothes, I would just take them home wet. “I’ll bring your clothes back soon.” I told him. I walked out the door and out to my truck.

“Wait, Bella!” he came running after me. He grabbed my arm gently and turned me so I was facing him, “Bella, there’s a bonfire tomorrow night on the rez. I would love it if you came. I could even pick you up!” he offered. He sounded excited, but I could hear the fear of rejection in his voice. Ugh, what was I going to do? I asked myself.

“Jake, yeah, I’ll come tomorrow night. I would love if you picked me up.” I told him only somewhat reluctantly. I hadn’t seen everyone in such a long time. I missed Emily.

“Great, Bella! I’ll be there at 6:30. We eat at 7:00 and the bonfire starts at 8:00! Bye, Bella! I love you,” he yelled over his shoulder at me. I was about to get in my ancient truck when I felt his scorching arms around my waist. He turned me around and pulled me into a careful, gentle hug. I decided a hug wasn’t too much to ask for, so I wrapped my arms around his too warm torso. He finally let go of me and I pulled back.

“I love you, Bella,” Jake told me as he turned and walked back into his house. My mind was abuzz with thoughts. I didn’t know what to think. I got into my ancient truck and started it up. I backed out of his drive way and headed home. I quickly glanced outside my window and saw a humongous russet wolf running through the trees along the road. Jacob… was all I could think. I reached my house within fifteen minutes. I had pushed my truck to the fastest it could go. I just wanted to get home. I pulled into my drive way and cut the engine. Charlie wasn’t home yet. That’s a very good thing since I’m wearing Jake’s clothes…I didn’t even want to think about what he would say, or what he would think.

I took the key to the house out of my pocket and unlocked the house. I put the key on shelf hanging on the wall. I went to put my wet clothes into the wash. After I had started a load I jogged up the stairs. I opened my door and was about to turn on the light when I looked ahead of me into my room. Edward! I turned to the light switch and flicked it on. Even though my actions took up only a fraction of a second, when I turned back, he wasn’t there anymore. My hallucinations were going to give me a heart attack. I walked over to my bed and threw myself down. I lay my head on my crossed arms ready to cry my eyes out. That’s all I wanted to do.

I wondered what Jacob was doing now. I realized now, that I missed him terribly. I wanted to get up and go back over there. What is wrong with me? I asked myself.

“Bella, I know that you don’t love me like I love you. But you will. It’s not easy to resist.” His words ran through my mind. Was his imprinting on me the cause of this sudden….longing for him?

“I hate mythical creatures!” I screamed to no one in particular. I heard fast loud footsteps on the stairs. My door burst open and in ran Jacob!

“What the hell, Jacob?” I yelled at him. He looked down at me and smiled infinitesimally; I was still wearing his clothes. Ugh.

He seemed to remember why he just burst through my door, almost breaking it. “Bella! Where the hell is the damned bloodsucker?” he growled at me.

“What!?” I screamed.

“I smell him. I followed you home to make sure you got here safely, and then I saw him jump out your window and run through the woods! Why was he here? Please tell me, Bella! Is he back?” he looked at me like the next words out of my mouth were what is world depended on.

I didn’t know what to say. Edward was really here! It wasn’t just a figment of my imagination! Then the hole started to fester, and open wider than it had in a long time. I crumpled and fell to the ground in pain. Jacob caught me before I actually hit the ground. He carried me to my bed and laid me down, and covered me up. He lay behind me with his arms wrapped around me, holding me together. I cried myself to sleep in Jake’s arms.

My dream was filled with Edward, as usual, but Jake was there also.

“Get out of here leech!” Jake growled at Edward.

“As if I would leave my Bella here, with a temperamental dog!” Edward growled back. “I’m putting her back together! She’s finally moving on from you. Do you know how bad she was? She wouldn’t eat, or drink, and when she managed to sleep, she woke up screaming!”Jacob hissed. He grew quiet for a moment. Edward hissed, at what I didn’t know. Maybe a memory Jake had or something.

“I only came to check on her. I miss her, but she is doing what I wanted her to. Get over me, and find someone else. But not with you! You’re even more dangerous than I am. You can’t be with her. If she’s going to be with you then I will fight for her.” Edward informed Jacob. He was going to fight for me! No! This was just a dream.

“No, Edward, don’t.” I mumbled. Did I just say that out loud? I hope Jacob hadn’t heard me talking in my sleep. The dream Edward and Jacob stopped talking.

Then Jacob’s voice came, “Bella, honey? Are you awake?” A part of my conscious brain realized something…this wasn’t a dream! I jerked myself awake and sat up in my bed looking around my room. There standing in the middle of the room was Jake, and Edward.

Oh my God! I thought to myself again. That’s like the fifth time I’ve said or thought that today. I was turning into Jessica. I laughed a little at that.

“Bella?” it was Edward who was talking to me this time. I cowered in the corner of my bed. “Bella, you don’t have to be scared of Jacob,” I laughed out loud right in his face.

“Why would I be afraid of Jacob?” I asked him, “You’re the one that killed me!” he cringed. I didn’t care if I was being rude, or mean. He hurt me. He had to deal with the consequences. Which were me being incredibly mad and me being in love with Jacob. Oh my God didn’t I really just think that? I mentally cringed. I guess I had to admit it. Not only did I love Jacob, but I was in love with him. I had to tell them sometime. “Edward,” I started out softer, “Edward, you left me. You don’t love me. Why are you here?” I asked him with sadness in my voice. I was looking down at my hands. I was trying to hold in the tears.

“No! Bella, I lied to you. I needed you to believe that I didn’t love you so you would let me leave. I didn’t want you getting hurt anymore!” his voice was velvet smooth. Just like I remembered it to be; I wanted to believe him, but I just couldn’t.

“Well sorry to burst your bubble, Edward, but Victoria’s been after me since you left! If it weren’t for Jacob and the pack, I wouldn’t be alive!” he looked at me horrified. His eyes went from ocher to coal black.

“Victoria!” he hissed.

“Edward, you left, it’s none of your business anymore. I love Jacob, and it’s his job to protect me. He’s been doing it so far, so there’s no need for you to interfere.” I spat. Venom was in my voice as I said it. I felt bad but I didn’t waver. I knew what would happen if I let Edward back in my life. I didn’t want it to happen again, so he couldn’t be in my life…no matter how badly it hurt me.

“If it’s what you want, Bella, I’ll leave you and Jacob to be together. Is that what you want, Bella?” he asked me. He was looking up at me intently he was on his knees in front of me and staring at me from underneath his eyelashes.

“That is what would make me the happiest, Edward.” I told him so quiet I almost thought he wouldn't hear. I knew Jacob didn’t hear because he was leaning closer to hear what I had said. I told a half truth. It would make me miserable if I didn’t have Edward in my life, but it would make me happy knowing I was making Jake happy. And it would make me happy knowing that Jake would never hurt me. I would never know that with Edward.

“If that’s what will make you happy, Bella, I’ll leave you alone.” He said sadly. His voice was filled with agony. The look in his eyes made me want to throw my arms around his neck and hold him tight to me. But I couldn’t. I’d made my bed, now I had to lay in it.

“You heard her, leech.” Jacob spat, “she doesn’t want you in her life ever again,”

“I’m gone.” His words sounded final. He jumped out of the window, but not before I thought him said something. I didn’t know what he said.

“Jake, what did he say before he jumped out the window?” I asked him.

“Vol- something.” He told me. “Vol” something? I had no clue what that meant. (A/N since Alice doesn’t come to get her and tell he what is happening when he goes, she doesn’t really remember about Voletrra).

“Honey, are you okay?” Jacob asked me softly. He sat down cross legged on my bed next to me. He pulled me into his lap and hugged me to him. I felt safe. I wasn’t really feeling guilty anymore for turning Edward away. I only felt bad that I had hurt him. But not too badly, only because I felt safe and complete now that I was in Jacob’s arms.

I looked up into Jacob’s dark, deep eyes and smiled. “I think I’m gonna be just fine, Jake. I’m gonna be okay; I have you, and I’m safe because of you.” I told him sincerely.

“Bella?” he said my name hesitantly.

“Yeah, Jake?” I asked him.

“I love you, my angel.”

“I love you too, Jacob.” I told him. And I really meant it too. He looked down into my eyes and I could tell that he believed me

I got out of his lap and lay down on my bed. I was exhausted! Mythical creatures tire me out.

“So,” Jacob started, “what’s this I hear about you hating mythical creatures?” he asked me with sudden interest.

“I was mad at you, and Edward.” I started but he cut off my next sentence.

“I thought that you didn’t know he was here?”

“Are you going to let me finish this time?” I asked him indignantly.

“Yes,” he said a bit sheepishly.

“I came in my room and I saw him. I went to turn on the light, and when I looked back, he wasn’t there. I thought it was just another hallucination. I was mad at him for making me see things. But, I guess it really was him.” I told him.

“Oh. Why were you mad at me?”

“I was only mad because I didn’t know what I was going to do about the whole imprinting thing. But as soon as I began to think about you, I started to miss you terribly. I remembered what you said about how it’s hard to resist. I realized I didn’t want to resist.”

Jacob looked down at me grinning broadly. He looked silly, but I supposed that what I had just told him made him happy. He pulled me closer to him, and I snuggled into his side. After only a minute of that, I sat up out of his grasp and slung my blanket over the side of the bed, onto the floor. Jake was blanket enough, I was burning up. He laughed quietly; I knew he secretly loved making me warm. I was such a freeze baby. I lay along his side as he held me tightly to his side. But at the same time it was gentle. I knew that I was safe. Before long I began to drift off to sleep. I was about halfway under when I heard Jacob speak.

“Bells? Are you awake?” he asked me quietly.

“No, Jacob, I’m sleeping.” I said sarcastically.

"Oh." was all he said.

"Now go to sleep!” I muttered somewhat angrily.

“Good night my sweet Bella,” he said sweetly.

“Good night Jacob.” It barely was out of my mouth before I fell into a deep sleep filled with Edward and Jacob.