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Why I Chose Paris

What happens to Bella when she chooses Jake before Edward comes back?? Rated Adult for later chapters.


5. Time change is a bitch

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We walked for a few more minutes down the street and came to another small restaurant. Thankfully it was one that had no memories associated with the Cullens. It was just a little bar and grill type place. But they had one of the biggest burgers that I had ever seen in my life. And of course, Jacob just had to get it. I got a salad. It was a nice little restaurant. I now had a good Jacob memory. I sipped on my coke and watched Jacob eat his burger. Only a werewolf could actually get their whole mouth around that big of a burger. Somehow, Jacob ate the entire thing. We were quiet during our lunch. It was a comfortable silence. I paid the check and left a tip. We got up to leave and we passed a group of men. One of them whistled my way and I threw him a disgusted look. Jacob threw him a glare. The guy either didn’t see it, or he chose to ignore it. I practically dragged Jacob out of the restaurant so he didn’t get arrested for beating the guy up.

We were just getting into our car when a voice called out. “Hey, sugar,” I spun on my heel and looked to see if the guy looked as stupid as he seemed, “What’s your name?” he asked me, his breath was blowing in my face, I wanted to gag from the scent of alcohol on his breath; alcohol and Cheetos. Yuck. He grabbed my wrist and started to put his arm around me. I tried to duck out of his grasp, but it didn’t work so well. I ended up falling backward and he caught me fully in his arms. I could feel his hand making it’s towards my ass. This wasn’t going to go anywhere good. I could hear Jacob begin to growl deep in his chest. I could feel when he was close because I could feel the heat emanating off of his body. I could feel one of Jake’s huge hands on my waist and the other one peeling the man off of me. He pushed me lightly towards the car I got in and locked the doors. I couldn’t hear anything. Jake was obviously talking in a low voice. When he was finished talking with the man, he pushed him towards the restaurant and sent him stumbling. He caught himself and practically ran into the restaurant. Jacob walked around to the driver’s side of the car and tried to open the door. I looked out at him and then unlocked the door. He climbed in and sat for a minute clenching and unclenching the steering wheel. After five minutes of silence he turned to me.“Bella, are you okay?” he asked me, his voice shaky. I looked at him stupidly for a minute and then threw my arms around his neck and hugged him to me as hard as I possibly could. He put his arms around me and hugged me back fiercely. It was strong, but not strong enough to crush me completely. I couldn’t believe that any of that had just happened. I pulled my arms away from his neck and put them on his chest.

“I’m so sorry about that, Bella,” Jacob whispered to me, “I should have known that something like that would happen. I should have got you out of there quicker.” He told me.

“Well, I just want to forget about it! We should probably get going. We need to get to the airport,” I reminded him of our date in Florida. He worked his way through traffic towards the airport. I put my head against the window and closed my eyes. Ten seconds later, I was opening my eyes to Jacob looking into my eyes. We were parked and he was standing by me with the passenger’s side door open. I gave him a confused look.

“Bells, you were passed out for an hour. Its one o’clock now, we have to get inside and get our luggage through. We can’t miss our plane.” We walked through the airport and had our baggage tagged and sent through security. Jacob and I went through security also. He could barely fit through the portal. I almost peed myself laughing. We took our boarding passes and went to find our waiting area

Outside our terminal we sat down in some of the few chairs that were open. It was packed in the small waiting area. This was just wonderful. Apparently my mother had paid the extra to have us sit together. Even though our last names began with letters that were far away from each other’s, we still were going to be sitting by each other. I was very grateful to her for that. We were going to be sitting in seats A2, and B2. We would be right next to each other.

“Seating area one, may now pass through the terminal and board the plane.” A voice came over the loud speaker and said. I looked at my boarding pass and seen a number one practically in the middle. I looked at Jacob’s and saw the same. I grabbed my carry on, and Jacob’s hand. I towed him to the terminal and began walking through the long hallway that led us to our plane.

When we were on the plane and seated, the plane was already beginning to fill up quickly. Within ten minutes, we were off the ground and in the air. After grabbing Jake’s hand, I leaned my head against the window and promptly fell asleep. I slept for the whole time we were in the air. Jacob shook me awake when we were circling the landing strip. I laid my head on his shoulder.

“What time is it, Jake?” I questioned him.

“It’s about three o’clock.”

“Wait! Is it three o’clock our time, Jacob?”

“What do you mean ‘our time’?” he asked me.

“Jake, we’re in a different time zone than Florida is!” I wailed. Ugh, my mother. Of course she wouldn’t account for the time change!!! If it was three o’clock our time then it was six o’clock Florida time!! We were going to be horribly late!

The plane landed and we exited off the plane. We were waiting by the baggage claim when I heard my mother’s voice.

“Bella, is that you?” Oh my gosh! Bella, honey!” I heard her before I saw her. I turned around only to be practically knocked to the ground by my over impulsive hare-brained mother. Luckily, Jacob caught us.

“Mom! You didn’t account for time change! It’s six here, the wedding’s just about to start.” I reminded her.

“Oh, honey, it actually starts at seven. I didn’t want you to freak out, and I knew you would. We still have an hour to get ready. But we have to hurry! Go change in the one of the bathrooms here. Tell me you both put your good clothes neatly in your carry-on bags?”

“Yes, mom we did. Thank God that we did!” I took my carry-on from Jake and ran to the bathroom. I unzipped the small suitcase that was my carry-on. The sleek dress that I had bought was lying in there. Along with my shoes and jewelry I had done my make up already to go along with my dress. I slipped it on.

“Mom, are you in here?” I called out.

“You know I am, sweetie.” She answered me.

“Can you zip up my dress?” I sounded like a teen going to prom that needs her mom’s help zipping up her dress when she can’t reach the zipper. At prom, I had Alice’s help.

I smacked myself in the head when the pain came of thinking her name. I missed my sister. I missed her so much. The pain in my heart was beginning to become fiercer. The gap in me was widening. I quickly walk out of the stall so my mother can zip me up. I was hoping that since the dress was slim-fitting, it would hold me in until later. She zipped me up and I went back for my shoes. I threw them on and also my jewelry. I wanted to get out of here. Once I had my outfit on, I rushed to wait for Jake. I flew out of the women’s bathroom and I bumped into something hard as I turned the corner. I didn’t think it was a wall. I looked up to see Jacob in his tux, and he was looking very handsome, and grown up. He even looked kind of….sexy.

“Jake! Wow, you look…very handsome.” I complimented him.

“Thank you, Bella, you look absolutely stunning.” He complimented me right back. I looked up into his eyes and they were full of his love for me. It made my knees go weak. I threw my arms around his waist in an attempt to stay standing, disguising my weakness as a hug.

He put his arms around me and hugged me gently. I wondered why he was being so careful. He had pulled himself from my grasp enough so that he wasn’t touching me except with his arms. “Jake, what the hell is wrong with you?” I asked him, puzzled.

“Your mom told me that if I mess up your dress she’ll castrate me.” He told me sounding slightly scared. I laughed out loud. I couldn’t believe that my mother had said something like that.

“Let’s go!” my mother said with a wave of her arm. I grabbed his hand and followed my mother to her car. It was a tan Ford escort, hatchback. Edward had a hatchback. I cringed in pain, and I let go of Jake’s hand. I began to dig my nails into my palm. I couldn’t feel any pain yet. I would know when I broke through the skin. Fortunately we had reached the car before long so Jacob didn’t get a chance to question me about letting go of his hand. I gave all my stuff to Jacob and let him put the luggage into the trunk. I got into the front passenger seat. I heard Jake get into the back seat and I looked back and gave him a real smile. We all pulled on our seat belts and we were off.

After a fifteen minute drive we were at the church that the ceremony was supposed to be held at. The car was cool inside because my mother had the air conditioner on. I opened the door and tried to get out into the muggy air. I probably almost drowned just from opening the door. It was so humid that I was practically breathing water instead of air. It was so hot and humid. It was probably going to rain soon. When I tried to get out, I realized that I couldn’t. I forgot to unbuckle my seat belt. I laughed inwardly at how stupid I was. I unbuckled it, and was about to get out when I saw Jacob’s hand in front of my face. I placed my hand in his and he handed me out of the car. I threaded my arm through his and my mother took his other arm. We then continued our way into the church.