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Burning Inside

Basic idea of what I thought Jane's life was like. pic of jane with rose


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:

“Alec,” I said, “Will you get me a flower? I want to put it in my hair.”

He smiled, “Of course, sister.” And he walked off.

Suddenly a shadow was over me and I looked up from my little patch in the grass. A tall man was standing there, I don’t like when people make me feel small, or men. He smiled at me, I didn’t smile back. In fact I stared hard at him, as if trying to burn him with my eyes, usually they flinched but he made no movement, “What do you want?” I hissed.

He smiled bigger, showing white teeth, “Are you Jane?”

“Yes.” I answered coldly.

“Where is your brother?”

I stiffened, “Why do you need to know?”

Alec came up then, “Here Jane,” He handed me the flower, then turned, standing in-between me and the man, “What are you doing talking to my sister, what business is she of yours?”

I smiled then, Alec was always looking out for me, he was such a good brother.

The man just looked at my brother the same way others did, with all their attention, as if he was the only child alive. Once a mother even pushed her own child away so that she could give Alec her attention. Our mother barely noticed me. I didn’t mind much, I got lots of attention from Alec, he was my brother and I was his sister, and he cared for me. I was all that mattered to him.

Everyone was always so proud of him, he was so talented, charismatic, brave, courageous, willing to fight for anything and work hard, and he put others first because he knew he’d get his turn later.

“Well?” Alec repeated.

“Young one, you and your sister are invited to come live with us.” He said. I looked at our house then, thinking of momma. I saw our house messed up a bit, the outside table turned over and our dog lying on the ground. Maybe he was sick, blood was coming from him. I thought I saw a hand on the ground in our doorway, red liquid streaked over it.

Alec was looking at it too, he turned to the man, “okay,” he held his hand out for me behind his back, not even looking at me, “Come Jane.” His voice was strange, but I took his hand anyway, staying behind him.

We were walking for awhile, but I never took my eyes off my brother, he was so stiff, “Alec,” I whispered, “What’s wrong?” I’d been dwelling on it too long, my breathing was coming fast and I felt like I was going to hyperventilate.

“Jane what’s usually the first thing you notice about someone?” he said quietly.

“Their eyes.” I answered automatically, “I notice their eyes.”

“Have you looked at his yet?”

To my surprise I realized I hadn’t, it was very unlike me.

I turned around at there were two ruby, no, blood red eyes staring back at me, I stiffened and turned back around.

Every pair of eyes told me something else, something about the person.

The man’s said pain, excruciating, horrible pain. They screamed hurt. Yelled anger and resentment. They told me sin and wrong. His blood red eyes said something else though, something subtle, so small I barely noticed. What his eyes mostly told me, what they whispered was murder. Terrifying, painful, gory murder.

We walked until night, and my feet were tired. I wanted to go to bed, but I trusted Alec, I knew he’d get us safe. “Alec,” I mumbled in his ear, “My feet hurt,”

“May we take a break?” he said to the man.

“No time,” then, unexpectedly, he picked us up and ran. He could run fast. Then we were in a cold tunnel, and my nose and toes were chilly. I wanted my shoes and a bed. Even though my hand was sweaty and sore, the whole time I held tight to my brother’s hand, I didn’t want to be separate from him.

We entered this room that was brightly lit with a girl at a desk to help us, she was beautiful.

“Demetri,” she nodded.

“Hello,” he answered, “Let Aro know I have the children.”

“Yes,” and then she disappeared, coming back in a few minutes, “You may go in.”

Then he took us down a long hall and we were in a big tower.

“Like a princess tower, Jane,” Alec mumbled sleepily, “Like a princess tower.”

I squeezed his hand.

These women came and took us from Demetri, beautiful women in beautiful clothes, “Such pretty children,”

They tried to pull us apart – we had our hands extended, still linked together – and I didn’t want that. Suddenly Alec squirmed and screamed, “No! My sister!” there was shock in the room and all attention was averted to him again, as if they were puppets in a show, having to look at him, they were so lifeless. He started to cry.

“Oh, poor boy, poor boy,” one said.

Another tried to take me from him and I kicked, lashing out and screaming.

“Shh, love,” she said, “It’s alright, you’re home now.” She stroked my hair, slowly I relaxed, sitting in her lap with my eyes half open, “Such a pretty thing,” she said to her friend.

And they continued to fawn over me and my brother as if we were dolls until we fell asleep.

“Oh, pretty girl,” one of the women purred, running a brush through my hair. As soon as we woke up – in a big bed with red velvet – Alec and I were given a bath and fresh clothes, nice clothes, better clothes than our old ones. I sat staring off into space, I didn’t really care for these women, they were nice, but very doting, like if I got dirty they’d fuss and flutter about until I was embarrassed and clean.

“Beautiful boy,” the other cooed, running her hands through Alec’s hair, he didn’t seem to notice her, staring at me and smiling in that these-women-are-crazy look I see so often.

I grinned back and nodded.

“Hello, children,” Aro said, walking into the room. I knew it was him because that’s what he was called by others.

“Aro,” I nodded.

Excitement flew across his eyes, “You’re an observant little thing aren’t you?”

I smiled at him. It seemed he wouldn’t care if I was dirty. It seemed he would treat me like a person instead of a pet or doll like these women have. I think he would say anything I did was special.

“Sulpicia, Athenodora,” Aro said, “You may leave,”

“Oh,” one said, “Don’t mess up her hair.”

“Sulpicia, don’t fuss.”

Yes, I defiantly like this man.

“Come child,” he held out his hand to me and I scrambled to take it, “Aren’t you curious as to what will happen to you?” My hand reached his and a smile appeared on his face.

“I assume you will keep me here, eventually telling me my momma died. But you don’t have to hide it from me, she’s been sick for a while.” I looked up at him, “It’s okay.”

“You are a very smart little girl,” he answered.

“So my brother and I will live with you?” I asked.

“If you would like, yes.”

I turned to Alec, he was staring at me and Aro, but when I looked at him, he smiled and shrugged.

I nodded.

“Excellent.” Aro clapped, “Demetri, send in the toys.”

Suddenly the room was full of wooden rocking horses and china dolls, I saw Alec grab a slingshot and a wood sword, “Whoa!”

I greedily took in the shiny toys.

“You two get to live here and play forever,” he said happily.

And I was happy too.