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Burning Inside

Basic idea of what I thought Jane's life was like. pic of jane with rose


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

“These are the children,” the old woman spat. I looked up from my seat in the town square, frowning, I had been playing all day with my porcelain doll the Aro had given me personally. It had black shiny hair, white skin, and red eyes, I loved that doll, “These are the witch children.”

The fat man next to her with the dirty hands raised his eyebrows.

She grabbed a fistful of my hair and I cried out, squirming and screaming, “This is the girl that burns with her eyes and senses a person through their eyes.” He voice got faster, more urgent, “This is the child that could probably kill with her eyes! Do you want to let her kill another?! She was given this by satin! Satin!”

I squirmed, “No! Alec, help!”

“Hey, you let go of her, this is an innocent child!” My brother defended.

She grabbed his arm roughly, “This is the boy that catches your attention like a moth to a flame! Making them dead! Child of the devil!” she chanted, “Child of the devil!”

“Hey!” he yelled.

“Let him go! Let him go! Let him go!” I screeched, “Please! Alec, run!”

“No!” he beat on the woman’s arm and bit the one that held my hair, she let go, hitting him on the face.

“Jane, run!” Alec ordered.

“But I – ”

“Now!” he barked.

I tore through the square, “Aro!” I screamed, “Aro help! They have Alec!”

A man moved his hand over my mouth and I bit it fiercely, “No!”

He grabbed my arm and hair, holding me there in front of him, “You stay here witch.”

I whimpered, “I’m not a witch!”

“Demon!” he spat.

I tried to shake my head but he pulled my hair tighter, leaning down so that he was eye level with me, “Then how did you suddenly get so much money with your mother dead?! How did you survive?!”

I spat in his face.

“Jane!” Alec screamed, “Jane!” the man dragged me to a circle where my brother stood and threw my on the ground in the middle, “Witch children, demons, satin worshipers!” they said, “Look for their mark! Look for thier mark!”

The woman grabbed Alec roughly, searching him for a spot, there was none, “There!” she pointed to the inside of his elbow, “His invisible mark!”

She pulled a needle from her pocket, jabbing him, he jerked, “Does that hurt?!” she hissed.

“No, ma’am,” he answered. She shoved him aside.

She grabbed me, I kicked her. The man from before had to hold me still as she searched me, “There!” she pointed to my arm where one of my freckles were, “Mark of the devil! Mark of the devil!” She used the same needle, I told myself that even if it did hurt I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. It didn’t hurt though, “Does that – ?” I squirmed, freeing my tiny fist from the man’s grasp and hitting her in the face.

“It mustn’t have hurt,” the man said, “Not even a jump.”

I kicked him and he threw me to the ground again, causing me to scrape my hands on the ground. I spit on them, rubbing them together to clean my hands of the stinging dirt, that had hurt.

“Get the kindling,” the man whispered to another in the crowd, “We must break to pact. Break the pact with the devil!” Some walked off. I tried to press my way through, but the left over people tried to hurt me.

I sat there hugging Alec, terrified as to what was happening. I was confused, I was angry and I glared at every one of them. A few flinched, seeing me in their peripheral, most wouldn’t even look at me, “What’s happening?” I whispered in Alec’s ear.

His only response was to rub my arm.

The awful scent of fire burned my nose and eyes and I whined, burying my face in my brother’s back.

Suddenly the circle broke and the man and woman grabbed us, dragging us to where the smell was coming from. A torch was in one man’s hand and some rope in another’s. Alec started to lash out, screaming his head off, “No! Let her go, let her go!”

The man grabbed my hair and held me to the wooden post while two more did the same for my brother. There was straw under us and I was panicking, hyperventilating, terrified. Why was my brother acting like this?

“Name others.” He said.

“What?!” Alec screamed, his voice shook.

“Name other satin worshippers and we may kill you before your punishment!”

He spit at the man’s feet.

The man smiled, “Forgive me.” And he threw the torch on the straw under us. Then I understood. Then I knew what was happening. They we’re burning us, and we couldn’t get away. My hyperventilating got worse. We couldn’t get away. He was an executioner, asking for forgiveness.

“Burn in Hell!” Alec screamed at him.

It was hot and I was sweating, then it was too hot, my toes felt like they we’re being baked and I knew, if I could leave now, I’d have one of those burns that I got from sitting in the sun. But I couldn’t get away and it was about to get worse.

I am going to die. I told myself. I closed my eyes. My chest hurt from inhaling the smoke and my eyes burned from the heat. The rope was tight, cutting into my skin as I involuntarily squirming. I felt all my skin squished to my wrist and it burned. Everything burned. I started to panic, lashing around, and my head flew to my brothers direction. He stood there screaming, “Damn you to Hell!” A few people looked scared. Then he look at me and our eyes met, “Jane!” he yelled out, his face was full of more pain than imaginable, like he was already burning, “Jane no!” My heart ached, “Jane! Let her go, let her go! She’s not a witch! I am! I am! Just let her go!” He writhed.

I felt a pain that I had never felt before as the flames licked – greedy and hungry – at my ankles and legs. The flame appeared to wrap around me in a caress, but oh how it burned! They cruelly bit me, snapping and scratching. They dug into me, wild and untamed. I cried out in pain, screaming as loud as I could. But it felt like I wasn’t making so much as a whisper.

“Aro!” I called, “Aro help us! Help us!” I looked down as my doll was thrown on the flames, they licked at her beautiful face, melting and cracking her, reducing her hair to mere ashes.

Alec started to scream and it tore my heart. Shredding it with dull knives and more force than necessary.

Suddenly there were screams. More than my brother’s or mine. They were everywhere, accompanied by snarls and growls. Sickening snaps and rips. I writhed more as the flames pressed hard on my torso, screaming.

Suddenly I was no longer upright. The force on my wrists, waist, legs, and neck disappeared and the flames no longer bit. It burned still, painfully and screeching. I sobbed and turned. Someone was patting the flames off me and Alec. He looked like he was passed out and bleeding horribly, the red liquid dripping from a gash in his back. Blood covered the square and I panicked, thinking it was my brother’s.

“Alec!” I cried out, “Alec!”

His eyes fluttered and he started to scream. He screamed as though still on fire, as though it was slowly leaking on him. Then I felt a sharp slash and I knew I was cut. The wound throbbed and suddenly I began to burn again. I screamed loud, cried for help, tried to explain I was still burning! I was still burning!

We were running again and I was soon in the bed I woke up in the other morning. Do they not know I was still on fire?! There were still flames on me! Pressing deep into me. I screamed, groaned, tried to get help, I had to get help!

“Damn it!” I heard Aro curse, “We were going to wait! We were going to let them grow older! Now there’s no choice! Let it continue or kill them!”

There was a low hiss in the room.

“No, Carlisle, we won’t kill them. We must let them change. We need them, we just didn’t need the twenty seven in the square that was unfortunately torn apart by bears.” Aro answered the blond man in the corner. He stood there, leaning against the corner, staring at the ground.

Alec soon found my hand, grasping it as if I was the last tie to life.

“I don’t find it at all necessary,” the blond’s smooth voice said.

“Well I do, and perhaps you would feel the same way if you tried living.”

“Come, let them rest,”

Then the voices were gone, and my brother and I were left alone. Left alone to burn.