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Imprint Game

banner by me banner by me What if Jake hadn't imprinted on Renesmee, who would be his "soul mate"?


1. Imprint Game

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Imprint Game

By: Eternitys_Charm

Come on Jakey, I thought to myself. Today is the day— I can feel it.

I was seriously becoming neurotic about this topic. For starters, I just called myself Jakey. Secondly, I woke up at 7 in the morning, not even on a school day nor a pack meeting. Thirdly, and lastly, I was putting on cologne and a buttoned up shirt.

I shook my head; you’re losing it Jake.

It took me an hour and a half to get ready. I felt like such a girl, worrying about my face, hair, clothes, teeth, and --embarrassingly enough-- my nails.

I took one last glance at the mirror before I exited my closet-sized room.

“Whoa, Jake!” I was stopped by my father; who was wheeling in from the kitchen. “Where are you going looking so nice?”

“Gonna look for something, dad.” I said with a wink.

He rolled his eyes and continued down the hall back to the kitchen.

I went out the front door with confidence. I could feel today was the day. I was going to imprint today.

I clapped my hands together and headed for my Rabbit. I hopped in the cramped little car and turned on the engine. After moments of heating it up, I drove out the driveway and onto the street.

Before anything else, I had just one last stop. I drove in front of my first destination, 20 minutes later. Charlie’s house. I looked up at the second floor, to the first room. It looked lonely. From what I could see, the paintings and posters put up by Bella still hung. The curtains on the window still blew in the breeze. Everything else was empty.

Poor Charlie, I thought. Left alone while his daughter is off… married.

I drove away from the house that only brought me sad memories.

Why couldn’t I have imprinted on her? I sighed.

Now her life was with them. She was one of them. She married one of them. Her daughter was half them. My best friend. I had lost my best friend to them.

I pulled into the gas station. My Rabbit needed fuel. I jumped out of the car, as I walked into the gas station, there were a couple girls I recognized to be Bella’s friends.

“Hi!” One of them, short height with curly brunette hair, said excitedly. “You know Bella, right?” She jumped right into the question.


"Do you know where she’s been?” The other taller brunette asked, “We haven’t seen her since the wedding and we’re not sure if she’s back. We dropped off by her house on her birthday but her dad said she was gone.”

“Um…she’s fine. Not sure where she is though,” I lied, “I’ll call her tonight and tell her to talk to you guys, okay?” I said grabbing a box of powdered donuts and headed towards the cashier.

“Thank you!” The small brunette said. “I’m Jessica, by the way, and this is Angela.”

They both waved and went over to their car.

I hopped back into my car and began munching on my powdered donuts. As I drove to Port Angeles my thoughts kept wandering mindlessly, often towards Bella, which I tried to maneuver out of. I began to think about the girl I would love to imprint on. I wished she had brown eyes, long flowing brown hair, plump full lips, small-- Whoah! Dammit, Bella.

The whole way I fought with my thoughts.

I tried to distract myself by turning on the radio; soon I began to sing along with the catchy jingle of the “Hamster Dance” song. I bet it was quite the sight, big brawny guy, little car, and the Hamster Dance blasting in the speakers.

I got to the mall 20 minutes after opening; it wasn’t as empty as I thought it would be. There were already groups of people walking through the small mall.

I immediately caught the eye of a group of girls near the entrance. They were all very good looking so I couldn’t help but smile right back at them. I soon began to suspect them, their smile turned into giggling and chatter, I wondered if I brought that up…and why.

I passed by them, as I turned the corner their laughter grew. I checked myself in a window of a lonely store. Teeth were clean… nothing was on my face…working my way down I noticed the reason for their excitement. Right smack in my groin area was a powdery white stain.

“Damn, doughnuts.” I growled and escaped to the nearest bathroom before any other group of girls noticed.

Grabbing much toilet paper and wet them with water, I began to scrub out the stain on my pants. Nearly a whole toilet paper roll later, the stain was gone.

But now I had a massive water stain in my groin area.

I rolled my eyes and began to look around hoping there was a way to dry the mess. I found a hand dryer.

Positioning myself underneath the dryer, I turned it on, feeling the heat begin to evaporate the water.

“Oh yeah, baby!” I exclaimed as I saw the water stain going away.

But just then a man walked into the bathroom; with one look at the position I was in he walked right out with wide-eyed shock.

“It’s not what you think!” I defended myself but the man had escaped out.

I growled but soon the stain had disappeared. I nodded to myself in the mirror and walked out of the bathroom.

Getting out of the bathroom I met eyes with a guy not older then twenty. Just then I felt something funny inside of me. My stomach did a small flip, and soon I began to feel small pressure near my heart.

Aw crap…I’m gay. I thought while looking at the guy.

He walked away when he saw I didn’t stop staring, looking a little creeped out.

Then, air escaped from the upstairs and downstairs. It was just gas! I screamed happily in my thoughts, I’m not gay!

But to my embarrassment the ones who witnessed my gassy situation were the same girls whom had seen my powder stain.

They giggled their way past me, clapping their hands over their nose to cover the smell.

Damn!” I scowled and began to walk to the food court.

I sat on one of the tables and sat, observing every girl that passed in front of me, hoping they would be the one for me. But nothing happened; I didn’t feel anything as I saw them pass in front of me.

Then it happened, it had to be it. It felt exactly as I knew it would feel. I found my soul mate.

As I stared deep into her dark eyes all I felt was love for this woman.

Then it dawned on me, I had imprinted on an old woman! I stared at her, she was small and wrinkly, had shaky hands, and dentures.

I would have rather been gay. I thought as I looked at her. I couldn’t hate her; I loved the woman immediately, even with her thousands of flaws and lack of beauty.

I walked up to her and prepared my lips for hers…

NO! NOT A GRANDMA!” I screamed.

“Jake!” I heard someone gasp next to me.

The lights turned on and my eyes began to adjust to the new light. In front of me sat the most gorgeous being, my beautiful wife Renesmee.

“Jake are you okay?” Her dark brown eyes full of worry. She put her soft pale hands on my face.

I nodded, “I am now.” I hugged her, digging my face in her bronze, soft hair.

She hugged me back, “did you have a nightmare?” She asked running her fingers through my hair.

“The worst.”