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1. First day back

the cullens first day back at forks high school Edwards PoV Theres one human boy who makes the cullen boys go on edge 655 reads and only 8 reviews??? c'mon ppl R&R not R&L(leave)

first fan fic so go easy!

1. Chapter 1

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First Day Back.

Edwards POV

This is my 75th time through High School, Bella’s 32nd and Nessie’s 15th. It’s safe to say we all are pretty sick of it! But on the brighter side were back in Forks after 134 years, 2 months, 29 days, and 3 hours when we moved back into the white house near the river. Mine and Bella’s cottage on the other hand crumbled to a rocky mound some time during our absence.

Edward, come on where going to be late! Bella thought at me removing her shield, to get me moving out of the car.

This time round high school EVERYONE was going back, except Carlisle and Esme, Rose and Emmett are acting oldest (they look it, but any one who knows our secret knows I’m oldest apart from Carlisle) Alice and Jazz are acting 17 along with Bella, Renesmee, Jacob and I. We all exited our cars ( my new Volvo; it would look odd having a car over 100 years old, Rose’s new BMW and Jacobs newish Ford) and headed to the old front office. We were the first to arrive at the worn out school.

Dear old Ms. Cope had been replaced by a Miss Gale or so her thoughts told me, once she caught a glance of our family all she could think was Oh My Goodness. Her thoughts went down a rather incoherent road after that.

“Hello, My name is Edward Cullen, My Family is new here could we have our schedules please?” I said in my voice I reserved for not scaring humans. Her thoughts suddenly became clear Cullen?? Oh Dr. and Mrs. Cullen’s adopted children. “Names?” she replied in a tone barely escaping screeching. “Rosalie and Jasper Hale, Emmett, Alice, Edward and Renesmee Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black.” I said in the same tone as before. She quickly printed the schedules and thrust them into my hands blushing slightly, it may have bothered me or my siblings 150 years ago but after being around Bella when she was human you would get over it quickly.

I walked out of the office handing my siblings their schedules and revised my own. Bella handed me hers and I took hers nearly exactly the same; except Geography. I sighed and handed it back to her and carried on walking to our designated lockers side by side, I was in between Alice and Bella. We decided that all mates where to act like they where just Boyfriend and Girlfriend and to deny any date requests (as if that wasn’t obvious) and for no body to beat any one up (to me especially not to beat up Mike Newton’s great grandson, who we met on our first day at the grocery store. Mike’s great grandson is also called Mike and is also the spitting image of the annoying idiot who called Bella pretty and nothing more! Not only that but his personality and mind are practically clones of each other) due to the date requesting much to my frustration.

Bella, Alice, Jasper and I had Calculus for the first lesson so we headed over to the old math room I used to sit in day-dreaming of Bella and keeping watch over her through her old Friend Angela Webber’s thoughts. We sat down at the last remaining two tables that where joined together and pretended to pay attention to what the teacher had to say. This, to our kind, is our only type of sleep we can have as vampires even here we have to think, Edward, Alice thought there’s a thunder storm tonight! Baseball?!? Please!?! I can see everyone else will play including Ness and Bella but your undecided, Will you play? She thought with all her pixie like might “Yes, Ill play Alice” I said low enough that only Alice, Jasper, Bella and myself would only hear due to our amazing Vampire senses. She squealed with delight and filled Jazz and Bella in on our plans for tonight.

Suddenly all four of us smelt fresh blood; someone in this class just pierced their skin with a pair of compasses. We all held our breath as we hadn’t hunted in a week and put our hands up to leave, Bella had the most breath left so she spoke “Miss, We have to leave for our hospital appointment, May we Please leave?” she said with pleading eyes. The teacher Miss Thomson nodded thinking if you had an appointment then why did you bother coming to School until it was over? Kids? Who’d have em’? I mentally laughed at her comment as all of us are probably older than her great great grandfathersand we left into the hallway at barely human speed, as soon as we got to the parking lot we all sighed in relief.

“Well at least that go us out of the homework she was setting.” I said lightening the mood. “So what do we do now?” Bella asked in a calm tone. “Text the others to get out and go home I guess” Jazz said in an equally calm tone. Alice then grabbed her cell and pressed the digits with inhuman speed. “Their on their way, Jake and Ness too.” In a matter of minutes we were joined by Rose and Emmett and Jacob and Ness. So Edward what happed this time? Emmett thought and Rose was thinking about the amount of looks she’d received since she walked through the door in her class. “Nothing Emmett, a pupil got a cut and we left, that’s all we can come back to lessons after first when the bleedings stopped, first I think we need to hunt” I said in a serious tone every one nodded, guessing Emmett’s question and we left for the house.

When we pulled up we were met by a worried Esme, “What happened? You’re supposed to be at school!” “Don’t worry Esme, a student got a paper cut in class and we left quickly, no one was harmed. We just need to hunt before going back” Bella explained. Esme’s face went from confused to reassurance in seconds. “Right, but make sure you do go back! You hear, Ditching on the first day, what would people think?” with that we all set off into the woods hunting.


We arrived back at school just before lunch, so we headed to the canteen to the table we claimed over a century and a half ago. People started filling in staring at the table of overly beautiful people, Mike was looking at Bella with drooling eyes, and started to walk over to us.

God she’s a beauty,

He thought I’m hot; all the girls want me why should this chick be any different. “Lets have some fun Bella, Lead him on,” I whispered to Bella so low only her and my siblings would hear. They all laughed, Emmett going over board and thinking let’s put her newly acquired acting skills to work shall we? Mike caught my attention with his thoughts again this will be a piece of cake, She’s looking at you, oh yeah, she definitely wants me. I laughed at that under my breath. If I wasn’t the one who set this up, I would be fuming and be ripping Mike to pieces. “Hi, Umm Bella right? I’m Mike, and I was wondering, umm, well, you’re like really hot and, I’m hot and well would you go out with me?” He said, his confidence disappearing just as the real Mikes’ would. “Hey, Mike” she said in that evilly attractive tone she used in these situations “Umm, I can’t, I mean, Sorry I have a boyfriend.” She said keeping the tone and pretending to look disappointed. What! A BOYFRIEND, who is he, Ill Beat him up, so she’ll dump him cause he’s got no face left. I struggled to keep my laughing quiet this time. “Who?” He asked in a very annoyed tone. “Me, actually, I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Edward Cullen” I said in an overly polite voice with a hint of smugness as I wrapped my arm around Bella’s waist. Whoa, but their brother and sister, ewww, disgusting. “But your brother and sister?” he asked cringing slightly his imagination running wild. “No were just adopted by the same people, I’m Bella Swan and he’s Cullen” she said getting annoyed now. Right like that makes it better, you still live together. Oh Blondie’s cute. I scratched my nose and looked at Rose, she caught the signal. “ Mark, Hi, I’m Rosalie Hale and this is MY boyfriend Emmett Cullen” she said in a bored voice and looked and me and thought I’m not even going to play along today I’m not in the mood Edward, but thanks for the heads up. While Emmett was thinking Promise or no promise I WILL rip your head off if you dare ask Rose out. “Oh, okay, my names Mike By the way” he said slightly disgusted. Eww another one, He thought Ooh Pixie isn’t my type but Curly is.

Game OVER, trying it on with my wife is one thing but not my daughter. “Mike, this is Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale Rosalie’s twin their together too and so are Renesmee, Renesmee Cullen and Jacob, Jacob Black is a family friend” I said through my teeth. Disgusting!!!!!!! At least that Renesmee doesn’t go out with family, mental note Mike, Stay AWAY from the Cullen’s kids, and tell everyone about this so you get more attention from the Ladies. With that he walked away. When he was out of earshot we all burst out laughing.

The rest of the day just past like a blur with people staring and pointing, mean while we just carried on laughing.