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Life was far from great in the lives of the Cullens, but when one of there own "cheats on there diet" they are exposed... suddenly the whole world knows about Vampires! ANd needless to say the volturi Are far from happy... So the battle between worlds begins, but no matter the outcome, one of them will die. Who will it be? Vampires or humans? Only time will tell.... Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!SEQUEL TO "WHEN THE WORLD CAME CRUSHING DOWN"!!!!

Ok, so this is a SEQUEL to "when the world came crushing down" ergo, i highly highly HIGHLY suggest you read that one first, BUT just in case you are far to lazy, i have included a Summery!

2. chapter 2: knowing

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I grabbed Edwards hand and raced off into the distance, Rosalie following not far behind. None of us knew exactly what we would see, but what we did know is that it wasn’t going to be pretty. After a few minutes of running we ran into Jasper and Jackie’s trail, just before we got to the end of it I took a deep breath, embracing my self for the scene we were about to walk in on. I looked into Edward’s eyes, searching for approval. He gave a quick nod, and then we both stepped through the bushes and saw the most horrifying sight, a sight one could only come across in the most gruesome horror stories.

Jackie had her left arm around a dead human’s neck, and her right was on the floor keeping her balance steady, her lips were planted firmly on the dead woman’s neck draining her of the last few drops of blood. Jasper was braced against a near by tree, staring at his daughter in horror.

“What have you done!” shouted Edward. He seemed to be aiming this at both Jasper and Jackie, Jackie for killing a human, and Jasper for letting it happen. During my thought process I caught a glimpse of a set of human foot prints headed the opposite direction, toward town.

“I don’t know what happened! We were hunting and all of the sudden I caught the drift of a human scent, but then Jackie went insane! She began to run faster then I have ever seen her run before! But when I finally caught up to her the human was screaming, and I tried to tell her to stop, but she wouldn’t listen! She just kept on with killing the women!” said Jasper in a panicked tone.

“Jasper why are you so upset? I mean, we are all extremely disappointed in her, surely very angry, but honestly this frenzy is uncalled for!” I didn’t need to add in that the girl had a life to live ahead of her, that she had family, friends, hopes, and dreams. But I couldn’t tell him that, I just needed the situation to be resolved and adding in that little snippet wouldn’t help us at all.

“BECAUSE ANOTHER HUMAN SAW JACKIE KILL HER!” he said, pointing at the dead women, which Jackie was now staring at with sorrow and grief on her face.

“So what’s the big deal? You had to kill another human? I mean, that’s sad and all but you are really freaking out over this!” Rosalie said, questioning his sanity. Meanwhile Edward was rubbing his temples… he already knew the whole story, and I bet it wasn’t going to be good.

The human got away. We were both so distracted with this one, we completely forgot about the other! By now she is probably in town telling the whole world about the “demons” that killed her best friend! That’s what the big deal is!” Screamed Jackie.

Oh no. oh no oh no oh no! This cant be happening! The whole vampire race could be exposed, no, WILL be exposed! It seems to me that in life, there must always be a crisis! I was just beginning to get over Renesmee’s death today, and now BAM! Another problem! Except this one is going to be different, this time the whole family is in danger. The Volturi will be after us, no doubt. I used to think that everyone had there problems, but now I realize (in all seriousness) the world is out to get me. It’s almost as if life is some cruel sick joke intent on torturing me to no end!

“We have to follow the trail; maybe if we run fast enough we can catch up to her before she gets into town.” Edward said with a face full of fake hope. He and I both knew there was NO hope. It’s been to long, the human must be in town by now. But maybe if we run after her, and pretend like there is hope, it will be a tad bit easier to cope with.

“Sounds like a plan… lets go.” I exclaimed as I took a hold of Edward’s hand and followed the scent of the girl.

After running for what seemed like a decade, we came across the end of her trail, the police station. After a little peak inside we saw the girl explaining what happened to a rather tall police officer.

There was no hope...