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Life was far from great in the lives of the Cullens, but when one of there own "cheats on there diet" they are exposed... suddenly the whole world knows about Vampires! ANd needless to say the volturi Are far from happy... So the battle between worlds begins, but no matter the outcome, one of them will die. Who will it be? Vampires or humans? Only time will tell.... Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!SEQUEL TO "WHEN THE WORLD CAME CRUSHING DOWN"!!!!

Ok, so this is a SEQUEL to "when the world came crushing down" ergo, i highly highly HIGHLY suggest you read that one first, BUT just in case you are far to lazy, i have included a Summery!

4. Chapter 4; were going to die, you know that right?

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I looked around the room for a quick analysis on my family members faces. We knew what we had to do, and it had to be done quickly. We needed to escapes this place, is we didn’t, who knows what chaos could be unleashed on our souls!

I gave another look around, then saw Edward nod his head in encouragement, I took a deep breath before I shouted, “NOW!”

Then we unleashed havoc on the entire police station, human after human, either killed or spared depending is they were with us or against us. Blood coated the floor, and the only sounds I could here were the screams of the people next to me as they were ripped apart, limb from limb. I took a quick glance to my left and saw Jackie, just sitting there. Eyes wide in horror. I would have to ask her what the manner was when we were done here.

I saw a woman just about make it out the door, so I lounged at her, and drained her of her blood until her life was lost. I killed her. I’ve never killed another person, but there it was. A life’s work of accomplishment, all destroyed in a manner of seconds. I couldn’t believe the sight I was seeing, my family, the good vampires, taking life after life. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to do something.

“Stop killing them and let’s just get the hell out of here!” I shouted.

“She’s right you know. Come on, leave them be. Let’s go back to the house and call Carlisle.” Spoke Edward.

Rosalie, Jasper, and Jackie all gave a nod in agreement just before we bolted out the door back to the house.

After a good 10 minute run, we slowly approached the house in a jog. We needed to call Carlisle, find out were they were hiding. We would join them and hide fore as long as we could before the volturi found us. And when that happened… We would all die. After all we have been through, no matter how good or bad your life was, you die. Life is cruel you know…

“Edward, you call Carlisle. Bella, go pack up everything that may be a necessity, Jasper, you watch Jackie and make sure she doesn’t do anything she would… regret.” Said Rosalie.

“Just because I killed a human doesn’t mean I lost all control! I can handle myself Auntie Rose! I don’t need babysitting!” exclaimed Jackie.

“You didn’t just kill the human; you exposed the entire vampire race! Because of you, we are all going to die. Because of you, our lives are over. And its all you fault!” Rosalie said coldly.

“I didn’t mean it! I just-“

“Does it look like I care? We are going to die and that’s that. You killed her, and that’s that. There nothing sorry can help…” she said before she stormed out the door.

“Come Jackie.” Jasper whispered as he dragged her up to her room.

After that I slowly walked up to Edward, and gave him a look a grief, and agony.

“Edward… what do we do?”

“I don’t know love… I just don’t know. All we can do is hope for the best. All we can do is hope…”

“But we have no hope! Edward… there’s no way we can win. Rosalie’s right… were doomed.”

“Please don’t talk like that Bella.”

“But its true!”

“If that’s true then… Bella, I love you. I’m going to go call Carlisle.” Then he let go of my hand and walked off… I then trudged up the stairs to pack, like rose said I should. I got 5 sets of clothes for each of us; all were quite woodsy and would be easy for travel. I packed a pillow for Jackie, though she only will use it for a good three minutes. But still.

After finishing packing I took the backpack full of items and headed down stairs, in which I found Edward addressing the family on the events from the phone call from Carlisle.

“And since were on the run, were going to need to run and swim the whole way there.” Said Edward.

“And were exactly are we hiding?”

“Were going to try to find the Amazon coven.” That makes sense… its somewhat discreet, and we have friends there. It will probably take a week to run and swim there.

“So when are we leaving?” Said Jasper.

“We have to leave immediately.” I said.

“So in other words that means now, right?” questioned Rose.

“Yes now.” And with that we took off toward the Amazon, more then likely to die and never to return...