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Life was far from great in the lives of the Cullens, but when one of there own "cheats on there diet" they are exposed... suddenly the whole world knows about Vampires! ANd needless to say the volturi Are far from happy... So the battle between worlds begins, but no matter the outcome, one of them will die. Who will it be? Vampires or humans? Only time will tell.... Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!SEQUEL TO "WHEN THE WORLD CAME CRUSHING DOWN"!!!!

Ok, so this is a SEQUEL to "when the world came crushing down" ergo, i highly highly HIGHLY suggest you read that one first, BUT just in case you are far to lazy, i have included a Summery!

5. Chapter 5; hope

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After a weeks worth of traveling we finally made it to the Amazon coven, in hopes they would take us in. Kachiri saw us approaching them and immediately came to our attention. She turned to her sisters and pointed in our direction, after a swift nod from each all three came toward us.

“Hello Bella, Edward, Rosalie, Jasper, and Jackie. Carlisle and the others have already come by, and we know why you are here. And quite frankly we don’t want you people to mix with ours. We heard what happened, how the whole world knows now. The Volturi will come, and we don’t want to be mixed in with it. We are innocent and we intend to stay this way.” Said Zafrina slowly.

“But we have all fought the Volturi together before! We can do it again!” Edward exclaimed.

“It was different then, this time the whole world is up against us, and the Volturi is madder then ever! You broke the one rule that can’t be broken, there is no help for you people…. Were terribly sorry, and if the impossible happens and you survive, we would like to continue on as friends.” Spoke Senna.

“There must be someway you can help us! Please we need you! Could you at least tell us where the rest of our family is?” I begged.

“They didn’t say, only because they were worried that we would rat them out if the Volturi were to come looking for them.” Said Kachiri softly.

“Not even a hint of direction?” asked Jasper.

“Well they headed north, if that helps at all.” Replied Zafrina.

“The Denali coven, I bet.” Said Rosalie.

“More then likely… should we head over?” Inquired Jackie.

“Yes, thank you for what you did do for us, your best intentions were there.” Said Edward.

Great... our only hope of survival GONE! We have no clue were are family is, only a guess, and the Volturi is probably already on there way here with Demitri being there head tracker! They probably brought everyone! All the guards, AND the wives! This is just great! It’s like the world WANTS us to die! Die with no hope, many enemies, sad, and alone… life is cruel. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I heard the most horrifying sound in my life so far…

“THERE THEY ARE!” cried Demetri… we have been caught. The Volturi found us, we were going to die….

“Bella honey, I love you. Even when we die, I will love you. And I want you to know this because… well there’s no hope.” Said Edward to me, his voice was shaking.

“I know... I love you to.” I stretched up my face toward his to kiss him for one last time, knowing this was the end.

“So its really over?” I asked…

“It’s over… life is over. But my love for you isn’t.” and then I broke my stare from his eyes toward the Volturi. Suddenly my whole life flashed before my eyes…

my third birthday

my parents fighting

my mother leaving

visits to my fathers

my move to forks

the first day i met edward

our first kiss

my 18th birthday

him leaving

the four months of nothing

jake and i riding bikes

edward comeing back

jake trying to kiss me

edwards proposal

the wedding

isle esme

my pregnancy


jake and nessies wedding

the day i thought edward died

jakes death

nessies pregnancy

Renesmee's death

the day i found out edward was alive

and the present...

Memory after memory flash back after flashback, it all came back to me, with each sad time, and each good time, all filling my head before my final moments approached.

“I need you to remember something… always.” I said to Edward.

“Anything, love.”

“If I die, and you survive, remember I love you.”

“Same goes to you as well… I love you.”

“STOP! This isn’t over!” cried Alice. Alice? I turned my head to find the rest of the Cullen family coming to help us…

It wasn’t over, we still had hope… a very little hope, but it was still hope…