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My Rose

We all have different opinions on Rosalie's personality, but what does Emmett really think about her? And is he just the funny older brother, or is there more to him than meets the eye?
A quick one shot looking at Emmett and Rosalie's relationship.

*All the wonderful characters belong to Stephanie Meyer*

1. Chapter 1

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Sometimes people didn’t understand us. They think that our love is shallow or superficial; dependent purely on physical attraction. But that isn’t the case- I love Rose more than I love my existence. She is my angel, my reason to live. We aren’t so different from Bella and Edward or Alice and Jasper, the only reason why they appear to make sense and we don’t is because they are very similar on the surface. Both Bella and Edward are quiet souls, and Alice and Jasper hold a mystical connection- they are linked together by their extraordinary gifts, leaning against each other for support. Rose and I aren’t that obvious, you have to look deeper to understand what makes us perfect for one another; our relationship is complex and even contradictory.

Yes, we are polar opposites. Our minds don’t work the same: she can be aloof and cold, where as I can never really detach myself. She can be self-centred and even at times cruel, but people don’t see the real Rose- they don’t understand the beauty behind the unbelievably stunning good looks. She is clever, has a razor sharp wit, more passion than anyone could ever understand, and she is incredibly strong. My Rose doesn’t need others to take care of her, she stands up for what she believed in, and I feel sorry for anyone who ever crosses her. Her personality can at times be a bit grating - hell; even I’ll admit that even though I love her more than anything that sometimes I don’t actually like her. But her strength is unquestionably remarkable, and please remember who her husband is. Do you think that it’s easy to cope with an oaf like me? To love someone who acts more like a child than an adult decade after decade? For that, if for nothing else, Rose deserves some sort of medal or trophy. She accomplished what no other human, vampire, or other mythical creature ever could- she puts up with an irritating, overgrown child who still can’t control himself even after all these years.

I still don’t understand what made Rose save me from that bear, but I’m glad she did. She gave me a second chance at life- a chance at a real life with her by my side. The only thing I would ever change about our existence is our inability to have children; it’s the only thing that Rose has ever wanted. I would give anything, do anything to give her the child she so wants, the child that she deserves. I know that if Rose was given the choice she would give it all up, including me, for a baby. I don’t hold it against her, I even understand... after all, don’t we always desperately want the one thing that we can never have? If only I-

I looked up, still with the pen in my hand and the notepad across my lap.

“Emmett, have you seen where I put my blue polka dot bra? I can’t find it anywhere, and I need it. It’s the only one that doesn’t show through the top I want to wear. You haven’t been going through my clothes again have you? I told you that it wasn’t funny for you and Jasper to pretend to be Barbie dolls- I better not find any of my clothes stretched again.” Rose was going through all the drawers, not turning back to look at me.

I was in a half sitting position on the bed; surrounded by all the cushions Rose insisted were necessary. She said it added to the ambiance. It was bad enough that we already had candles everywhere; our room resembled one of those stupid decorating stores, the ones where you could buy all the useless girly things like cushions, candles, photoframes, and incense.

“Nah, I haven’t Rose. But I don’t think you need to change. You already look gorgeous.” I said while closing the notepad and placing the pen on the side table.

She looked up, dropped an armful of underwear on the floor and approached my side of the bed.

“Em, what are you doing? Are you reading?” She came closer, placing her hand on my arm, and stretching her neck to see the title of the book.

I threw it across the room- it landed neatly on one of the white armchairs.

“ No, I’m just... contemplating. So, where are you going?” I was trying to distract her- I didn’t want her to read what I wrote.

Her hand caressed my arm as she answered. “Alice wants to go shopping for an outfit but I can’t find the perfect outfit to go out in.” She started scowling at the pile of clothes on the floor.

I laughed. “You are trying to find an outfit to go to buy an outfit in? Geeze... even thinking about hurts my head.”

Rose started giggling. It was like soft rain. I suddenly wrapped my arm around her waist and hauled her to the bed.

“Emmett!” She was so adorable when she scowled.

I leaned over her and traced her cheek with my thumb.

“Have I told you today that you are so incredibly beautiful, and that I am the luckiest man alive just because you are my wife?” I kissed her lips gently.

She gave another little giggle. “No, not today. But you might have mentioned it once or twice yesterday.” She put her arms around my neck; one of her hands caressing my hair. “Have I told you what an absolutely wonderful husband you are?”

“Rose, have those hair products finally made you go loopy? Wonderful? That's not how I would describe myself, maybe annoying or obnoxious, or maybe even st-“

Rose didn’t let me finish; she pressed closer and kissed my cheek before whispering: “You’re my angel, no matter what you say.”

I pulled back so I could look into her mesmerizing eyes. “If I’m your angel, then you're my entire Heaven.”