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A poem about James. James

Fairly basic, but whatever. This was a challenge from a friend.

1. James

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Bright rises the moon,

On the night's heavy cloak,

Reaching up to the stars,

For the soft words they spoke,

And far down below,

The lost girl weeps blood,

Whilst he gorges himself,

On the same scarlet flood,

He knows she'll be missed,

And it's what he likes best,

No, that's the thought,

Of eternal unrest,

For her friends and her family,

The jealous lover too,

Their hopes and their dreams,

And the life they pursue,

He imagines it now,

Their horror and shock,

When they find her dead,

In her sweet little frock,

How they will wish,

They had changed her before,

And how they will cringe,

At the sight of the gore,

And now she is gone,

At the end of her strife,

Drained of her blood,

And drained of her life,

And sweet little child,

It was never her fault,

She was merely the victim,

Of love's last assault.