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After Dawn: Vendetta

Renesmee,Felix and their child Dawn are now living happily in Volterra. But when the past comes back to haunt them what will be the fate of all the people she's ever loved? Dawn emerges as a member of the Volturi gaurd, Felix has now taken Marcus' place in the Volturi and Renesmee- now Vanessa has became one of the Volturi wives. That only leaves the Cullen's and Jacob in all his anguish over Renesmee's new unknown life. They all set out to find Renesmee but what will they find? Sequel to After Dawn!


3. Jacob: Volterra

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Jacob’s Point of View

“We’re going to Italy?! Why the hell would we be going to Ita-” My heart stopped in my chest and then jolted back to life racing a million beats per second. I was suddenly hyperaware of all the people on this tiny plane in this tiny cabin. If I phased right here all of them would die no doubt, all of them except for me and these eight vampires. What luck. No wonder Edward didn’t tell me where we were going until we got on the plane- he wanted to be sure I wouldn’t lose control. Asshole.

“Jacob don-”Edward began.

“Shut the hell up!” I snapped. Two or three people looked over at us in astonishment. I looked back at them and grinned with my sharp pearly whites. I wish they would say something.

I should’ve fucking know. That’s all I keep thinking in my head as we inch closer to Volterra. God this makes it so much easier- killing Felix would be as easy as tying my shoes. But why Felix? Ugh! It’s tearing at my heart, scratching at my skin, crawling into my lungs like a gallon of inhaled bleach, suffocating me, drowning me! What would make her do something so stupid!? So ignorant! The more I think about it, the more I feel myself losing control! Suddenly Jasper is working his crazy magic, mumbo-jumbo on me and im immediately at peace. Stupid leeches…

Sometime between Jasper calming me down and me about to claw my heart out we arrive in Italy. It’s a short drive to Volterra. I can’t wait to kill some good-for-nothing-leech-son-of-a-bitch! I think quietly in my mind. Edward gives me an impatient, pleading kind of look the one that makes me feel bad even though I don’t want to. I growl menacingly at him while he cautions me about the Volturi and the one I used to call Renesmee. Traitor.

“Vanessa loves Felix now. And he’s apart of the Volturi now, he has even more back up then before Jacob. Plus, you wouldn’t want to hurt Renes- I mean Vanessa, would you?” He stares at me and I try to ignore him.

“Well she isn’t who she once was right? How do I even know she’s the same person? She has a new name, a new home, a new life. How come that asshole gets to have her after everything he’s done to her? I’ve been there for her from day one, and I get nothing!” My voice breaks at the last word. Nothing. That’s exactly what I get.

“Sometimes things just happen. Me and Bella’s relationship was also frowned upon but in the end we knew we were meant for each other.” He tried to reason with me. What a sorry excuse for an excuse!

“Yeah and you already know how I felt about that relationship! This is probably the same thing and maybe even worse. He raped her Edward. RAPED.” I couldn’t stress the word enough but saying to much was making me sick…and cry. Bella sat next to Edward in the passenger seat, while I sat behind her quietly trying to dry my tears like a fucking baby. How pathetic. After awhile she finally spoke up, probably trying not to cry.

“Jacob, pleeease don’t do anything murderous or suicidal when we get there. I would like to have at least a few moments with my baby before you start rampaging. Plus I don’t want you to die too…” Bella choked and I rolled my eyes.

“Your daughter’s not a baby anymore Bella. Plus who said anything about me dying? Do you have that little faith in me Bella?” I shrugged and a sly smile crept on my face. “Hmmm… I guess it would be easier to die- just as long as I get my hands on Felix first.” I laugh a deep, throaty laugh and it scares me half to death. Who have I become?


I like to call it the root of all evil. Better yet, I like to call it the battle ground for my upcoming massacre. It stinks even worse here then it does at the Cullen’s but I don’t mind. The pain is sweet, but not as sweet as the pain that’s about to come to some of the vampire’s here. We enter a seemingly inconspicuous lobby with a beautiful brunette at the front, then I notice the red in her eyes and I growl viciously. She seems startled but then a smug little smile spreads across her face, that’s almost enough to make me snap right there until I here little footsteps coming along the hall way. Jane. She floats in like a humming bird- beautiful yet giddy and a little…nervous? I smile at her but she just furrows eyes in worry. Good. I like to make a vampire squirm.

“We’ve been waiting for you Edward but we didn’t think you would be coming so soon. Please follow me.” Jane leads the way into some dark tunnels. Even though I have eight perfectly capable vampires at my side, Jane definitely gives me thee creeps but not enough to shake my confidence. I would smash her.

“I’m sorry for the intrusion Jane but it seems that our friend here has come to seek closure.” Edward starts.

“You mean to come kill Felix?” She glances over at me quickly. “I’m sorry Edward and Jacob but I don’t think that is possible, not with Dawn around.” I squint when she opens the heavy wooden doors to the grand room. The light is so bright it nearly blinds me for a couple of seconds. I find my self searching franticly until I finally spot her, raised on a platform like a goddamn goddess. She might as well be, the way she looks.

I remember the first time I saw Renesmee, when she was first born, she was a monster to me then, just for a second. I don’t know what to think of her now, she’s so beautiful. Her beauty seems to be enhanced, standing next to all the ugly, horrible faces she’s surrounded with. Everywhere I look there are vampires, swarming around us like mosquitoes on a hot, sticky day. Suddenly I pick out one particular face from the crowd of paled skinned demons, he’s staring daggers at me and he’s equally if not more beautiful then Renesmee. It’s her son and I know it. Dawn. Next to him is his father and I want to puke- no I want to kill. Dawn speaks up before I can make my move and everyone, including me, is astonished.

“Now, now, now Jacob, surely you won’t make the mistake of attacking my father- will you?” He smile is smug but sincere, he doesn’t want to kill me. Renesmee must have told him who I was and this comes as a surprise to me, I would thought she had forgotten about me entirely. “No not entirely, I guess.” Dawn says.

Ha! Go figure the kid has Edward’s power! I laugh quietly and Dawn laughs along with me.

“No, I haven’t got Edward’s power indefinitely but I do for now, just as long as he’s within proximity.” Dawn slowly descends from between his mother and father and walks up to me until we are no more then a foot apart.

“What are you?” I ask.

“You’re worst nightmare, if you cross me.” He says and we both laugh again. Then abruptly the mood is tense and I regain my stature. “Tell me now, what have you come for?” He asks sounding more like a fifty year old man then a two year old boy.

“I’ve come to see Renesmee.” I say, addressing it to the whole congregation rather then just him. I look behind him to see Renesmee, or rather Vanessa, twitch slightly. She wants to come down but she can’t, she won’t.

“Well let us talk then shall we?” Renesmee slips out of the doors and Dawn motions for me to follow him. Felix is clearly angry- no he is furious, but he is also, and this is clearly written on his face, distraught by my coming. I can see it in his eyes, glowing with a mixture of fury and sadness and hurt. I laugh a little inside but then for the first time since I’ve found out- I actually feel bad.

For a tiny second I feel bad but then the visions- so grotesque and painful, hit me like a wave of hate. I can see her underneath him, crying and fighting, I know it’s wrong to look but I can’t stop thinking about it. All sympathy I had for him vanishes into thin air and im become aware of Dawn’s eyes- he’s staring right at me and he’s in pain too. His body is rigid and frozen and his eyes are glazed over. He never knew…he never knew.

“We need to talk.” He simply mutters after he comes back to life and I nod my head obediently. I can’t believe they never told him and I can’t believe they never found out. Now im left with the burden of informing him of how he really became to be.