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After Dawn: Vendetta

Renesmee,Felix and their child Dawn are now living happily in Volterra. But when the past comes back to haunt them what will be the fate of all the people she's ever loved? Dawn emerges as a member of the Volturi gaurd, Felix has now taken Marcus' place in the Volturi and Renesmee- now Vanessa has became one of the Volturi wives. That only leaves the Cullen's and Jacob in all his anguish over Renesmee's new unknown life. They all set out to find Renesmee but what will they find? Sequel to After Dawn!


4. Dawn: The truth in a Mistake

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Dawn’s Point of View

“You know, I also knew my father was hiding something from me. Whenever he’s touch me I could sense it- he was cautious. I just can’t see how he could find away around my power, I know it’s not as strong as Aro’s, since it’s secondhand and stuff, but I didn’t think he could hide anything from me. My mother too.” I found myself telling Jacob. He had just revealed the worst news possible. I was a mistake- no even worse! I was an abomination!

“Don’t worry about man. Ugh…it looks like he loves her now…I guess. Shit, I don’t know! Don’t listen to me! A second ago I was ready to waltz in there and rip his head off. I don’t know what to think now! Maybe you should go ask…your mom or something.” I could see him grimace at the word mom and I could sense the awkwardness.

“You can just call her Vanessa if you want. Or Renesmee. Whatever suits you.” I jumped off the balcony to start heading back. My mother and father and I have a lot of talking to do. But first I had to ask Jacob one thing.

“Do you still love her Jacob?” I asked apprehensively. He sighed and stared off behind me.

“Of course I do. Why did you think I came here?” He said.

“To kill my dad.”

“I didn’t even know we were coming here until I got on the plane. Edward was trying to keep it a secret from me, so I wouldn’t wig out.” He laughed but it was weak. I breathed in but it felt weird, like I was breathing in mercury.

“Why did she leave you? All those years ago? I want to know what you did so I’m not surprised or as angry when she tells me.” He looked me square in the eye and it almost gave me chills despite my body temperature.

“You were trying to kill me. She got mad at me and I was trying to make it better but you were angry because she was mad and sad- you were trying to kill me when you were still in her womb.” He laughed again but I wasn’t laughing this time.

“So it was all my fault.” I said but it wasn’t a question it was a fact. Jacob’s eyes became panicked.

“No, no no. This all wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for me- but I guess you wouldn’t have happened either. I should’ve done something, but I couldn’t and I still can’t.” He looked like he wanted to cry but had too much pride to follow through. Poor guy.

“I have to go speak with them now. Tell them that I know.” I started to walk away but Jacob stopped me.

“You know you could’ve been a shape shifter instead. A werewolf like me. That was our plan.” His laugh was tight and weird, like he wished it was true. I continued to walk away but I couldn’t help but thinking about those last words. They made me think what if?***

I walked hurriedly back to the grand room where I was sure everyone was waiting. When I opened the familiar wooden doors, there was no one but I could hear laughing and talking in the one of the other smaller rooms. I walked in, skin feeling like it was on fire- but when I saw all the happy faces and heard the friendly voices, I was quickly extinguished. Damnit. Edward, the mind reader, looked over at me quizzically. I tried to ignore his thoughts but they were so persuasive I couldn’t help but listen.

“Not right now Dawn. Please. Just give me a second with my daughter.” His daughter, my grandfather, my grandmother, my aunts, uncles, great grandparents. They were all staring at me now. A blonde haired one, Carlisle my great grandfather and clearly the leader, stepped forward.

“I’m Carlisle, but you must already know that from capturing Edward’s power. We’re you’re family Dawn.” He was talking to me like I was a baby, which technically I was if you counted years I was alive but mentally I was way smarter then I looked. Edward laid a hand on Carlisle’s shoulder.

“Carlisle, no need to talk to him like that. He’s not a child.” Did I just see him wink? “Now let’s all get to know each other shall we?” He started to say but I interrupted.

“No! I don’t want to get to know each other… I have some questions I want to ask first.” I turned my gaze upon my father. He looked back at me knowing exactly what was about to happen. “Why?! Why would you do that?” I walked up to him fist closed but stopped when my mother stood in front of him.

“No Dawn.” Her lips were pressed into a hard line and I knew she was serious. I just wanted to get past her- to show him what I saw- everything.

“Just let me mother. I’m not going to hurt him. I know better.” She shuffled to the side warily and whimpered when I laid my hand on his shoulder. Pictures, sounds- things that no one should see and especially do. He didn’t seem surprised though, sad yes, deeply depressed but not surprised, he had seen it all and done it all before.

“I’m sorry Dawn.” He said before he got up to excuse himself. “I’m sorry, all of you.” My mother let out a heart-wrenching cry but I was satisfied. Kind of. No actually not really. She collapsed in my arms, weeping like dying animal. I couldn’t take it. I fled the scene of my truth searching for the only person I could think of.


“Hey Jacob?! Wait up!” Jacob turned around and cocked one eyebrow up.

“What are you doing here kid?” He asked.

“No place else to go. Moms crying and dads miserable, you’re the only person around here that seems at least a little sane.” I shrugged. We were walking aimlessly down a cobblestone road.

“Yeah right- I don’t have a clue where im going.” He paused for a minute. “Hey well I don’t want to be a bad influence or anything but, uh, you drink kind?” My eyes grew wide. Drink? Drink what? I smiled.

“No, no, no…not blood! Trust me my blood wont taste even a bit appealing to you. Have you even smelled me yet?” I thought for a second.

“Oh that’s you? Ugh man get some cologne or something sheesh!” Jacob laughed again but I sighed. “What do you mean then drink?”

“Oh man… I don’t know if I should be doing this.” He sounded a bit scared. “Your mother’s going to kill me. And if you get to drunk you might kill me too.” He laughed nervously.

“You mean alcohol? Like beer?”

“No not beer something a lot stronger. You know any places around here?” I tilted my head again listening to the voices inside my head.

“I think there’s something up here.” We wandered up another brick road until we got to a ram shack building with no windows.

“Is this the place?” Jacob asked.

“That’s what they say.” I answered.

“Alright then if ‘they’ say so.” We entered the dimly lighted bar and sat down on fairly uncomfortable bar stools. “Two whiskeys.” Jacob said. But that man just stared at him dumb founded.

“Due Whisky.” I repeated in Italian. Jacob looked at me flabbergasted and then shook his head.

“So…what’s going to happen now?” I asked.

“Well im going back to my pack in La Push. Here’s your Whiskey but I don’t know about you. I got things to take care of Dawn- some chick named Leah and my best friends in the world Quil, Embry and Seth are all waiting for me. Hey, you kind of remind me of him you know.” I smiled and looked at the amber drink. It smelt horrible.

“Leah…hmmm, that’s a nice name.” Jacob looked at me like I was crazy. I took a big gulp out of the glass and inhaled fire. Woah! It burns worse then being incredibly thirsty! I started to cough up my insides while Jacob pounded my back.

“Alright, alright just cough it out. Just a little whiskey- no need to die.” When I finished hacking up I set down the drink.

“La Push huh? Sounds interesting.” Jacob grinned and took another gulp of his drink.

“You wanna come or what?” He asked. I thought for a minute, of course I do!

“Yeah let’s go.” I rose my glass in the air. “Cheers to Vendetta eh?” Jacob cocked his head back in surprise and then laughed.

“Vendetta!” He yelled, clinking his glass on mine.

Meanwhile with The Volturi…

Felix slammed his hand on the table cracking it in half. Renesmee and the rest of the Cullen family all stared tiredly. He had been ranting for what seemed like hours now.

“How could you let him leave with that mangy mutt?!!” He roared. Renesmee, or Vanessa, shrugged.

“He was mad Felix. I wanted to give him space. Who would’ve known he’d go running off with Jacob out of all people?” She sighed. “Oh this all my fault! If I would’ve just told him this would’ve never happened!” Felix growled at Edward.

“If they wouldn’t have told Jacob where you were…” His hands were shaking but Vanessa was quickly at his side.

“Felix love, it’s alright Jacob’s not going to hurt him.” Felix let out a loud sarcastic laugh.

“Vanessa dear! They were already seen getting drunk! Who knows what their doing now!” Carlisle stepped in.

“Jacob is a perfectly responsible adult. He knows when enough’s enough.”

“Send someone for him! Send the whole guard to find him! Now Demitri! Jane go!” The members of the guard all left to prepare. The Cullen’s made their way out saying sweet goodbye’s to their lost family member.

“I’m going with them, so I’ll be down there soon. I love you all. Goodbye.” She whispered.