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After Dawn: Vendetta

Renesmee,Felix and their child Dawn are now living happily in Volterra. But when the past comes back to haunt them what will be the fate of all the people she's ever loved? Dawn emerges as a member of the Volturi gaurd, Felix has now taken Marcus' place in the Volturi and Renesmee- now Vanessa has became one of the Volturi wives. That only leaves the Cullen's and Jacob in all his anguish over Renesmee's new unknown life. They all set out to find Renesmee but what will they find? Sequel to After Dawn!


5. Jacob: Long way Home

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1604   Review this Chapter

Jacob’s Point of View

Now how did I get from there to here? How did I get from wanting to murder this kid’s father to sitting next to him in this cramped plane above the Atlantic Ocean? Well I guess im a schmuck for kids who’ve been betrayed ‘cause hell im just a kid that’s been betrayed. I know it’s not the first time Dawn’s been on a plane but he sure is acting like it- hand rested on chine gazing out the window. Why couldn’t I get the window seat? Oh yeah ‘cause im the “nice guy” and I’d do anything for this kid because who his mother is. Renesmee… I can’t stop thinking about her. She looked like a queen back there, all majestic and royal, I didn’t even get to have one word with her before this kid dragged me on the first air plane out of here.

“Sorry about that…I just needed to get out of that place.” Dawn whispered. Shoot! He can still read my mind.

“When does it go away?” I asked timidly. He cocked his head to the side and only had to think for about a tenth of a second.

“It should be gone in about an hour or so, but powers like Jane’s, Alec’s, Dimitri’s and Aro’s I’ll probably have for the rest of my life. I’ve permanently absorbed them from being around their powers so much.” He shrugged and then looked at me with a mischievous grin on his face.

“I wonder if I could…” He shook his head. “Never mind.” I hate when people do that.

“Damnit kid, what is it? You got to be in my head all day but I can’t be in yours? Your just like your grandfather!” I through my hands up in the air as to give up and he laughed.

“Well I was just thinking, if the whole Werewolf thing is more connected to your body or mind. I can take in emotions and powers but I’m not sure about actual traits.” I rolled my eyes.

“Well you can try if you want but just not right here.” I replied. He was staring at me again but this time with a sad look in his eyes. Oh great, and I thought I had bi-polar issues!

“I was just wondering about the rest of them. My family. Can you tell me about them?” He asked and I couldn’t help but sigh.

“Well your grandmother is a lot like your mom. She’s always loving the wrong person- even me. Bella’s always had some kind of acute mental disorder where she only attracts danger…your grandfather being one of them.” Dawn’s eyes got wide.

“Did my grandpa…did he…” I was shocked at his assumption.

“God no! If he would’ve even thought of doing that I would’ve really killed him! Ha! Edward’s a pain in this ass sometimes but he isn’t nearly as bad as…never mind.” Dawn frowned.

“And the rest of them?” I thought I should go over the ones with the power first, just so he’d know.

“Well like I said Edward’s a pin in the ass ‘cause he can read minds but he really loves Bella. I know that for sure. Your mom got her a power from both of them- your grandma being a shield and your granddad being a mind reader. She can do the exact opposites of them both. Another one is Alice, she’s the tiny one who can’t keep her mouth shut. She can see the future but just not Renesmee’s or any of the wolves. Jasper, the blonde haired guy, is Alice’s mate and he can control the motions around him, it comes in handy when you have a temper like me. Rosalie is the blonde girl and she is a complete psycho bitch. Beware! The only way to get on her good side is to give her lots of compliments aka kiss her ass. Emmett is her mate and he’s the big, burly one with biceps the size of my head, he’s cool and pretty laid back compared to Rosalie. He sure knows how to crack a joke, that’s for sure!” We both laughed and an old couple in front of us stared sadistically.

“And my great grandparent? What are they like?” I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for taken off so quickly, after everything Carlisle and Esme had done for me. Dawn noticed. “I’m sorry again you know?” I nodded.

“Carlisle is a very good guy, almost too good! If he wasn’t a vampire I’d probably beg him to adopt me. But since he is I just have to accept that one of the only men I look up to is a stupid leech. No offense. Esme has a heart and soul of a mother- she even likes Leah who can’t hate vampires more. She’s a nice lady.” Dawn just starred. Thinking I guess. “What? What is it?”

“I was just thinking about why you hated us so much. Vampires. But it didn’t take me long to see why. We’ve taken everything from you- a normal non-werewolf life, two loves, maybe even a child. We’re vile beast don’t you think?” I could help but say “yes”.


We landed in Seattle right on time and I was a little surprised not to see an army of Volturi guard members waiting for us at the gates with cardboard signs the read “werewolf asshole” and “vampire traitor bitch.” We stepped out of the airport calm and eerily free, we didn’t have to answer to anybody for now. That’s until I saw the old beat up Rabbit screech into the parking lot. God can they be anymore unsubtle? Seth popped his head out of the passenger window and smiled us with that goofy lopsided smile. I turned to see if Dawn was fine but he seemed nervous and unsure. The kids that were supposed to be his enemies just pulled up to him in a raggedy junk metal car. His eyes narrowed and I told him to play it cool, they probably already knew he was coming since they were here, Edward probably called them to hold us hostage while they flew back.

“Hey man, are you getting in or what?? We got… places… to…go?” Seth’s sentence slowly turned into a question. He was probably thinking, who is this vampire who looks amazingly familiar? Then he shook his head snapping back to reality. “Is that-” He squinted his eyes even though he has perfect vision. “Is that Renesmee’s son?” His mouth nearly dropped to the floor and almost penetrated the earth down to the core. Leah poked her head out of the window gawking also. I rolled my eyes and laid my hand on his weirdly buff shoulder.

“Ugh…don’t worry about them they won’t do nothing.” Dawn shrugged his shoulders and then took a deep breath in.

“Alright let’s get this show on the road, man.” He finally said before we walked to the car. Seth immediately showered us in a chorus of over-excited greetings.

“Hey what’s up? You must be Dawn! I’m Seth and this is my sister Leah.” Leah glared at Seth.

“I can introduce myself!” She snapped.

“Hi, Seth. Leah…” Dawn wiggled his two eyebrows and smiled all teeth and smugness. Oh my god…did I just see Leah blush? No it can’t be.

“So Leah…hoe’s the patrols going?” I asked grinning ear to ear. She scowled at me in the rearview mirror and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“They’re going-“ Cough. Cough. Ahem. “Good I guess.” Her eyes were so transparent I could just see her falling in love right before my eyes. I can’t wait to see this later on when we phase into wolf form and our minds become…ha ha ha one! I pressed my lips together trying to keep myself from laughing and she rolled her eyes.

“Can we get something to eat?” Dawn said and everyone turned around horrified. “No not like blood…like food.” He snickered. Everyone exhaled and the car was silent.

“Yeah, I guess we cou-“

“So like, what do you do?” Seth interrupted and I could see the fire coming out of Leah’s ears.

“Jesus, Seth why are you always badgering guests about their powers!” I said playfully smacking him in the back of his head.

“Ow that hurt!” He rubbed his empty cranium before trying again. “Sorry if im intruding but im just curious.” Dawn shrugged his shoulders still looking at Leah. Now it was just starting to make me grossed out.

“Powers and emotions are my specialties. I know exactly what every one is feeling right now.” Leah’s eyes almost bulged out of her sockets but Seth didn’t notice it.

“Okay then, what am I feeling…..now!” He shut his eyes, I don’t know why and smiled like and idiot. Poor little Seth, who looked like a grown man (a skinny one but still) and continued to act like a fifteen year old.

“Hmmm…I’m thinking hungry. Yeah, definitely hungry.” Seth’s eyes got wide too.

“Oh my god that is exactly what I’m thinking!!” Seth turned back around in his seat and scrunched his face up in a thinking scowl. I wonder if Dawn can still read minds? I thought loudly to myself, “Hey Dawn? If you can hear me nod once! If you can’t…well don’t nod at all.” Nothing he just sat there like a cold statue. Good, ‘cause I doubt he’d want to know everything about Leah, he might be scared away which sucks for her.