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Every Time

What happens every time you see that special someone


1. Chapter 1

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Every time I think about you,

my heart flies

Every time I think about you,

I can’t help but smile

Every night I dream about you,

But they never come true

Every second of every day

You are in my thoughts,

and never away

Can’t you feel the silent signals

my love is sending your way?

My feelings for you will never go away

I think we are meant for each other

But you don’t even bother

To glance my way

You have no idea how much it hurts,

Because I’m too big to cry

Every day I wonder,

If there is someone special in your life

And how I wish that someone could be me

I cannot live without you

You own my heart,

But you don’t even know it

Did you know that love can hurt this much

If I did, I would have stopped

But I can’t turn off my feelings

Do you know how much I love you?

Thinking about you hurts physically

And I know that everyone thinks I’m silly

But they don’t realize how I feel about youA

nd neither do you

I love you

But only

On my own