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True Love

What happens when you find your true love


1. Chapter 1

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When I am apart from you

Half of me is missing

And when I am near you

I am whole again

I never knew what it felt like

being in love

until I had the privilege

of looking into your eyes

When I think of you

I'm flying high

And I'm walking on clouds

far up in the sky

When I go to sleep

at night

Your face is in front of me

And I pray every evening

That you will realize that

we were meant to be

I don't think

that I will be able to go

on living for much longer

without you in my life

Because I will die without

experiencing your love

not once in my life

No one ever told me

how it hurts

to love someone

But now that I've experienced it

I know that you're the one

I can't concentrate

on anything



You are always in my thoughts

I will continue

praying every night

that one day

you'll be mine