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Selfish in Biology.....Edward

Edward, thats the most appropriet word for this poem is Edward. This story will lift your spirits (ignore what it says under Series cuz it is not true i am not a computer genius and cant get it off. HELP!

dont drool

1. Chapter 1

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The way his lips part as he breathed, how his snow white teeth were perfectly straight. His muscles bulging through his shirt, his large bicept streching it. His golden eyes were filled with fire. The way he looked at me with that half restrained look, his fingers tapping waiting till the bell rings... the curve of his promanent jaw, the arch of his eyebrows, teh way his nose was perfect, and flawless just like the rest of him, his wide shoulders, his carefully mussed hair, carmel shining even with the yellowish lighting of the school. His pale skin, so cold. So beautiful I could never tear my eyes away, I would sooner die.

The best part, He is all MINE!