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Third Story in Can You Even Die Anymore Series!!! After all of the hardships Bella and Edward faced a miracle is placed upon them. They along with the other females are going to have a baby. Everything seems to be going perfect, a little too perfect actually. The truth of someone thought to be dead comes out and there are consequences. Who is this person? What role will he play in their lives now? Bella was brought back from love as everyone knows. Now as the person who brought her back from the dead because of her and Edward's love is made clear. Is this person just another gypsy with powers or is she something all together??? All of these twists and turns add to the confusing story of our precious Bella and Edward! *Please Read* Sequals to Cheating Death and Fighting For Love ~Isabella NEW IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE!!!!!!! READ!!!


2. Bella Would Kill Me If She Knew

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I should be dead. I've been alive for over two hundred freaking years with a beating heart. I am not aging either. A freak I know.

If Bella knew that I lied about my death and imprinting she would not be happy with me (okay she would be furious and would probably kill me) that I lied to her. It's just I knew she and I were not meant to be, even though I wanted us to be. When she explained that, the bloodsucker's love brought her back I realized she could never be mine as much as I want her to be mine. Sometimes when you love someone the best thing you can do is let them go and that's what I did.

I lied to her when I saw her. I never actually imprinted, I just wanted her to be okay and have the feeling I had moved on and was happy. Never did I date anyone else, I mean I went on a few dates but never actually imprinted or met someone I could be serious with (I probably should have tried harder but whateves) so I stayed single (much to Embry and Quil's disappointment not to mention Billy's).

When I and if I had continued aging would have been ninety-five, I had Seth (or was it Quil?) call her and tell her I died. Now I don't know why I did that and now I'm sorry I did. At the time, it just seemed like the best thing to do at the time.

I think I told her I had imprinted because I was scared and freaked. If the girl you love came back from the dead after five years, wouldn't anyone be freaked out? I was scared and confused as to why she was there standing there and talking to me. Being the scared little twenty-one year old boy I was at the time, I said the first thought that came into my head. She believed me though and I never corrected myself. God, Bella would be so pissed off if she knew I was alive, most likely, if I told her she would strangle me and I would die, then she would bring me back to life and kill me again.

What do I do in my two hundred years? Well I am really pretty good with cars. I move around a lot and work at different garages across the country. Sometimes I work with different car types of jobs but I enjoy working in car garages.

I keep phasing. I don't know why, it's just like, a second nature to me now so I do it on habit more than on my own will. Back in La Push periodically the wolves reappear and I am asked to come back. Seth also doesn't age. His reason is that he refuses to age until he has found the one he is destined to be with or some mumbo gumbo fluffy warm mushy gooey stuff like that. He also reasons that he doesn't like to be like Sam, when he has another option. Therefore, the little twerp is still around and moves around with me.

Sam and Emily. They were without a doubt our reasons for looking for our imprintee's before stopping to age. Sam and Emily had six kids (3 boys, 3 girls) and had the perfect relationship. They died at age ninety-four within minutes of each other.

Leah ending up imprinting on someone from her high school class. She had twin girls and died a few weeks after her husband. Quil and Claire got married when she turned twenty-two. They had a set of triplets and twins three years later. They died when she was one-hundred two. Jared and Kim had a boy and later had a little girl. They died in a car accident when they were sixty-nine.

Lately though, I've had this feeling to start looking for Bella and I am. It's like, a feeling telling me that good things will happen if I go and find her. I figured it won't hurt anything to know what happened to my best friend and I'm looking for her.

I'm going to find her.