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Third Story in Can You Even Die Anymore Series!!! After all of the hardships Bella and Edward faced a miracle is placed upon them. They along with the other females are going to have a baby. Everything seems to be going perfect, a little too perfect actually. The truth of someone thought to be dead comes out and there are consequences. Who is this person? What role will he play in their lives now? Bella was brought back from love as everyone knows. Now as the person who brought her back from the dead because of her and Edward's love is made clear. Is this person just another gypsy with powers or is she something all together??? All of these twists and turns add to the confusing story of our precious Bella and Edward! *Please Read* Sequals to Cheating Death and Fighting For Love ~Isabella NEW IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE!!!!!!! READ!!!


4. Fate Destiny Love

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Gypsy Who Turned Bella Point of View:

Over one hundred fifty years ago I brought a dead human back as a vampire. Seventy years later, she found her love, again. Twenty-five years later I used my abilities to make them bring down The Volturi who were getting to powerful for my comfort and bring the rightful rulers back to their throne.

The head of the first vegetarian coven, Carlisle Cullen was the most recent person whose fate I tampered with. Originally, it was going to take him another two hundred years to figure out how to have vampires create children. I just sped up the process a little bit so that the destiny planned for one of the children will happen sooner.

I sped up the process for a reason. Bella and Edward Cullen will have a daughter. The name is undecided at the current moment but knowing Bella and Edward it will be very creative. That daughter will fall for a werewolf (which one of the two werewolves I have in mind now I am not sure of) and bring the worlds of vampires and werewolves together. She will if her father allows her to be anywhere near the werewolf once he figures out how strong there love will be. Edward Cullen will be a very over protective father that much is obvious to me.

How do I know all of this? Simple, I am Fate, I am Destiny, and I am Love. Everything you thought you knew about the world and the universe is about to change. I am the creator of vampires, werewolves, humans, and all magnificent creatures. I can do whatever I please with the universe if it does not go the way I want it to go. Frankly, sometimes all of the creatures mess up their plan and need a little... push in the right direction. If I am in charge of the universe it is not meddling it is the way fate and destiny are supposed to happen.

There are forces not quite as strong as I am that try to make evil things happen. Unfortunately, we are all related. Lying and Deception are my third cousins. Weather is my sister. Time is my brother. Murder and Hate is my first cousin. Earth is my other sister. Quite an unusual family I know. I try to love all of them but there are times that my cousins do thing in attempt to mess up my plans and I must make new plans for creatures.

As I am on the board of universe with my family, (we are the board). One of the things a creature (for we are not human we are the universe) on the board of universe can do is transform into any of our creatures. We are not encouraged to make everything about us known to creatures but sometimes we must be known not just the quiet girl or boy following people around. I have done so with Isabella Marie Swan Cullen in explaining why she was back from the dead (still have not forgiven my cousin for that one) and Edward Anthony Masen Cullen in telling him to go and find his sister, Mary Alice Brandon Whitlock Hale Cullen.

I am Fate Destiny Love and I make soul mates real.