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The Cullens Go Camping, For Real

The Cullens take Bella camping. Not to be confused with hunting. what will they make Bella do. NO ANGST. Im not good at summaries so just read it. May contain up to Eclipse spoilers.


1. Prologue

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“You’re sure you want to go camping?’ Charlie asked. I didn’t want to go camping. Bugs all over my things, and all the itchy bug bites. Funny how I was scared of bug bites and not Vampire bites. Also having to sleep on the uneven ground. And the worst part, having to got to the bathroom... in the woods. I’d never go to sleep in the woods on my own free will, but it was a three day weekend and Edward wanted to do something that I’d never done before. Unfortunately, camping was that thing. I could already see the times I would trip and fall, and suffer Emmett’s teasing. All the Cullens were going. Even Rosalie. Great. The only reason I was going was I would be able to spend time with Edward.

“Yeah Dad, I’m sure. You can stop asking me” I answered for the millionth time. My dad didn’t want me to go because of Edward, but it had been Alice who had posed the question, and Charlie would do anything for Alice. It was Friday and school had just ended, I was finishing up on packing. Alice would be picking me up at four to take me over to the Cullen house.

I was just about done, I was putting my toiletry bag in my luggage, when Charlie called up to say Alice was here.

“Coming,” I called down. I grabbed my backpack and my small duffel bag, and was ready to go. I met Alice at the bottom of the stairs, “Hey Bella,” Alice said as she peeked into my bags, her face turning into one of disbelieve. “That’s what your taking?”.

“Alice, I knew you were going to say that! May I remind you that we’re going camping, not to a fashion show. And also,” I lowered my voice so Charlie wouldn’t hear, “ I’m human, and it’s cold, and there are bugs, and... and...” I finished in exasperation. Alice looked hurt, witch quickly turned into anger.

“Gosh Bella, I forgot that humans PMS.Sorry,” she added sarcastically, “ I just meant to say that maybe it would be a good idea to not look like an oversized Caterpillar!” I couldn't help but to be a little frightened.

“Sorry Alice, It’s just I’m just not an out-doorsey person, as you may have noticed, I–” Alice finished my sentence for me, “trip over air”

Alice smiled at me, and grabbed me into a hug, “It’s okay Bella, I know your not excited to go camping with us”

“Being with you guys is great, but camping, well... not so great.

“Don’t worry, Edward and I will make sure you have fun, you’ll see” Alice said almost threateningly. “We should go we don’t want to be late,” Alice grabbed my hand and yelled out goodbye to Charlie. “By girls, have fun”.

As we were walking to the car, I thought I heard Alice say “Oh, trust me, we will”

What have I gotten myself into.