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New Rising

Bella is learning to cope with Edward's PTDS...but is something more sinister lying behind the reason why he will never be in the sun, or eat, or sleep? Sequel to Right or Wrong?Reposted!


1. New

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Edwards been home for three months now and life couldn’t be better. My birthday is in another month and I’ll be twenty. Waking up next to him makes me feel like I’m still dreaming, like I haven’t quite woken up. Could this be real? Could I really have my happily ever after? Yes. At first it was hard to let him out of my sight, I didn’t want him to be taking away from me again. What if he got into some kind of freak accident? He laughs at me when I worry too much.

“Trust me Bella nothing is going to harm me now…” He would say after one of my panic episodes.

I can’t quite help but think that this is the end though, the end of the surprises, the hurt, something’s coming and im going to find out what.

November and Abel have become more calm now that their dad’s back. A piece of them was missing and now that the puzzle is solved they can just go back to their regular lives now. We can just go back to our regular lives. Edward got into a pretty heavy argument with a fellow soldier, breaking his jaw in the process. The officers seem to understand and let him do secretarial work for the rest of his time in the army. In a month he’ll be able to do whatever he wants. My worrying stopped after I found this out. What’s the worst that can happen? Him getting attacked by a stapler? I highly doubt it.

So now here we are. I work part time at a recreation center down in La Push, teaching art. Edward’s planning to go to college when he gets out of the army, they’ll pay for tuition. Life is just going so well I can’t even believe it! Saturdays me, Edward and the kids go to the beach, it’s always so dark but we don’t really care. We’re just happy to spend time together. On an early morning at the end of August me and Edward were laying calmly beside each other his arms were wrapped around me tightly and I couldn’t help but shiver. He was so cold.

“Do you wants some blanket or something?” I asked embarrassed that I always stole the covers. He stopped breathing for a minute and looked away, releasing his arms from my grasp.

“No Bella im just always cold you know…I think it’s some kind of weird side effect from being out in the dessert all the time. Other soldiers have that problem too.” He kissed my forehead and got up from the bed. Abel let out a cry from the next room and before I even attempted to get out of bed Edward was quieting him. Wow that was fast.

An hour later we were all seated at the table eating breakfast when the doorbell rang suddenly. Edward looked up at me questioningly and then looked at the babies smiling. The circles under his eyes were deep blue, almost as if he got punched in the face. I winced at it and then remembered the doorbell. I got up still looking at his face he watched me observing him and looked away ashamed. What was wrong with him? I opened the door to see Alice and Rosalie standing there.

“Did we have something planned?” I asked, a little irritated by the intrusion.

“Yes silly! You’re going shopping with us duh!” Alice sang as she walked pat me into the house. I slammed the door and smiled sarcastically.

“When did I agree to that?”

“You didn’t but we’re taking you so get dressed and meet us down here in ten!” Rosalie demanded sounding more like a drill sergeant then a sister. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

“Bella you need to get out of this house! Edward doesn’t need a babysitter!” Rosalie said.

“But the kids do so Ed can take care of them while you go have fun! What do you think Edward?” Alice added.

“Sounds good to me!” He yelled from the kitchen and I hear November and Abel laugh.

“Alright, alright I’ll go!” I reluctantly agreed.

Port Angeles hasn’t changed much in recent years except for a couple of clothing stores and restaurants. After roaming around for a couple of hours we sat at a lonely bench on the side walk.

“Pheeew! That was tiring!” Alice sighed and slumped down in the seat.

“Port Angeles is so boring it makes me sick!” Rosalie complained. “WOAH! That is definitely not boring!” She said pointing to a group of guys huddled in a circle across the street. In the middle was a familiar face- it was Sam. He looked over at Rosalie gawking and saw me. He waved me over at his friends smiled warmly, they all looked very masculine.

“Bella!” He yelled as I approached the small group. All of a sudden his nose wrinkled and his eyes grew wide, I could see him holding his breath. Did I smell? His tone grew serious as he stared into my eyes.

“How are you? Are you okay?” Just then all of the smiles around us faded and everyone looked around nervously, I could hear them whisper quietly behind him. They all glared at me as if they expected me to bite them or something, I blushed and they looked confused. I was the most confused.

“Yeah why wouldn’t I be?” I asked apprehensively.

“Well I don’t mean to embarrass you Bell but you smell.” He said sheepishly probably also embarrassed.

“Like what?” I asked a little offended by their rude behavior.

“Like a…like a…” He waved his hands in the air not sure what to say. “Well like a….” He blinked his eyes and they grew wide again coming to some sort of hidden revelation.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about so why don’t you just tell me!” I yelled definitely irritated. All the faces around us turned shocked as they looked at Sam frightened.

“You smell like a…” He continued a little scared him self.

“What? What are you talking about?” Alice and Rosalie we’re walking towards me probably concerned with the look on my face.

“Nothing. Never mind I have to go.” He said quickly walking away looking a little panicked. Him and his pack of friends started to pick up the pace as they turned the corner.

“Jeeze what was all that about?” Rosalie asked.

“Do I smell?” I asked.

“You smell great!” Alice reassured me.

When I got home I felt a little dirty and humiliated, I took a shower quickly trying to wash away any possible smell that was displeasing. I heard Edward and the kids arrive as I finished getting dressed, he walked in and kissed me on the forehead but I felt too awkward and saddened to look up. He eyed me curiously and his brow furrowed, even upset he was still so beautiful. It seemed as though he got more and more beautiful every day, even with the dark circles under his eyes.

“What’s the matter love?” He sat on the bed and looked up at me.

“I saw and old friend today…”

“Who?” He asked in his “protective” tone of voice.

“Nobody important.” I said quickly scared to admit the truth. How would he feel if he knew I was talking to Sam when he was gone? He would probably call it “unsafe”.

“What happened did they hurt you? What did they do?” He asked growing angry at my passiveness.

“They said I smelled…”I confessed and laughed uneasily. Edward looked up at me and started to laugh also.

“Smell like what? Bad or something?” He said holding his stomach as he chuckled. I looked down at the floor a little hurt by his reaction. He noticed my face and stood up cupping my face in his hand.

“I’m sorry Bella it’s just kind of funny. I actually think you smell quite delicious.” He purred as he kissed my lips carefully. Something about the way he said it made me believe him.

“Where are the babies?” I asked sheepishly still a little scarred from the day’s occurrences.

“Napping.” He whispered and pulled me back for another kiss. As we kissed I thought of the faces of all Sam’s friends, they looked terrified and angry all at once. What were they keeping from me? I gazed into Edward’s eyes and noticed how black they were. Where were the emeralds at?

“What happened to your eyes?” I asked interrupting the moment. He held his breath and looked away quickly.

“Nothing.” He kissed my cheek still looking away. “I’m going to go make you a snack!” He called as he walked out of the room. I stood there dumb founded by his quick side step of my question. Why couldn’t any one tell me anything anymore? I felt so outside the circle that the lonely room felt cold and lonely. I walked down stairs and saw Edward making a sandwich but only one. Everything seemed so shady that I looked down at myself to see if I was really there. What was going on here?