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New Rising

Bella is learning to cope with Edward's PTDS...but is something more sinister lying behind the reason why he will never be in the sun, or eat, or sleep? Sequel to Right or Wrong?Reposted!


3. Truths

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The week went by slowly and I tried to forget about that day. Edward replaced the table by the time I came home from work the next day. Still, I couldn’t help but notice all his little changes. He was so pale. He was practically see-through. He never ate in front of me and when he did he didn’t seem to like it much. His eyes were not green anymore; they were just a golden amber color. I also noticed that he pretended to sleep and once he even held his breath for longer then thirty seconds. Everything was shouting to me, all his little adjustments and no one seemed to notice but me. I was beginning to think I was crazy or something.

“Umm can you make my steak very rare?” He asked the waiter one day at dinner. That’s all he ate, just a steak, no water at all! My curiosity began to grow into fascination and I started writing down all the things he did. I felt sort of like a stalker.

One day in early October I came home to see him sitting on the new dining table staring at something. It was my notes. I ran up to him and snatched it up in my hands. He looked up at me confused, angry, sad and shocked. I bit my lip and rushed up stairs. I was so embarrassed by getting caught that I started to cry. Edward followed me upstairs and saw me trying to hide my tears.

“You’re watching me?” He asked puzzled.

“You just have been acting so strange lately! I don’t know what to do! Are you sick or something? What can I do?” Edward put his head down and rested his hands on his hips.

“Stop this Bella. Stop this now.” Is all he said as he left the room. He walked back downstairs and an idea popped in my head. I flicked on the computer and it wheezed to life. I typed in all the information I had created and held my breath. A bunch of information pages about vampires popped up and I laughed. Suddenly the screen shut off and I was startled by Edward’s voice.

“I said stop it.” He demanded and I shot out of the chair hurrying to take a shower. He just stood there staring at the black screen.

After that day I tried to put my best foot forward in forgetting about it or rather ignoring it. November and Abel we’re getting bigger and I had to put them in they’re high chairs now. They were almost two. Edward and had token up taking them to the park and tried to keep them active. They were the one thing we never argued about. That was the one thing we looked forward to every other day. Sliding down the slides and swinging the two little babies in the swings. It was where we were the happiest. But one day the sun started to come out and the breeze blew swirls around us, Edward grew stiff and looked up at the sun slowly emerging from the clouds. He picked up November and ran to a nearby tree.

"Bella we need to leave." He said coldly. He was certainly terrified by something about the sun. I agreed, sad to leave the happy place behind but also worried about my sweet Edward. Something was definitely bothering him.

The next day I went to a Veterans Information Center and told them about his symptoms. A little old lady nodded and mm-hmm'd as I told her my story. She considered it for a minute and the typed something into the computer. The printer startled me by groaning and spitting out a piece of paper, the lady handed it to me and smiled.

"All you need to know is right there." I thanked her and walked quickly to the car. I glanced at the paper and saw the words POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER on the top. It all seemed to click, the insomnia, the lack of appetite, fear of normal things that bring back awful memories. I thought I had it all figures out but I was wrong.

That night I settled into bed as happy as a clam. Edward noticed my happy mood and snuggled close to me. He squeezed me tight and kissed me softly. I felt a charge of electricity surge gently through my body and I smiled.

"I love you Edward."

"I love you too Bella." He replied and I could tell that he was smiling too.

"Edward? You know im here for you right?" I asked trying to sneak my conclusion into the conversation. His grip on me loosened and I heard him holding his breath again.

"What are you talking about Bella?" he asked sounding tired and worn out by the conversation.

"I mean if you ever want to talk about... you know... What happened out there." His body relaxed and he refastened himself to me.

"It's in the past Bella, let's not go there. I hate to think of a time without you. When I couldn't be here beside you. Don't you feel the same?" I sighed and thought about this.

"Yes Edward I do because it nearly killed me when you were gone but- I think you may have some kind of problem. Like maybe PTSD or something." I admitted hesitantly.

"Have you been researching again? God Bella really that is the least of my problems right now as well as yours. I don't want to talk about this anymore Bella I want go to sleep." I let it go for that night knowing that most PTSD victims can't admit there's something wrong with them.

"You never sleep." I noted before closing my eyes again without him.

It was a week later when we went to the park. We were having some freak sun emergence in forks and the days were hot and bright. When it finally got cloudy again we settled for a play ground fifteen minutes from our lovely home. As I played with the kids, Edward sat on a bench a yard away. The air smelled clean and fresh despite the forecast. I looked up from November and saw Sam staring at me from across the park. Edward saw him and was beside me in a matter of seconds, faster then possible. The wind blue wildly around our staring contest and Edward and Sam both froze. Edward grabbed my arm harshly and whispered for me to get in the car. I was so bewildered by the scene that I didn't even protest. As I looked behind me to take one last look at Sam he looked as if he were shaking. He turned and ran into the nearby woods and I heard a loud crack come from the trees. I hope he's not hurt, I thought to my self. Edward slammed the door behind him as me and the kids sat in the car confused, he started the engine and the car screeched out of the parking lot. He was driving too fast.

"Edward, slow down!" I yelled scared for our lives.

"No we have to leave town. You have five minutes to pack all your things when we get home."

"What? No Edward! I'm not leaving until you tell me what's going on!" The babies were crying in the back when we reached the house. I grabbed them and ran inside placing them in their cribs. I walked to the room and Edward followed. He thorough a suitcase on the bed and started rummaging around for clothes, I just stood there and watched him move franticly around the room.

"Hurry up Bella we’re leaving." He demanded.

"No. I'm not leaving until you tell me what's the matter with you. I'm tired of all the games and I'm tired of all the lies. Tell me." He looked up at me and slammed the suit case shut.

"God dammit Bella I don't have time for this!!" He snarled.

"If you want to ever see me or the kids again you tell me what’s going on right now!" I screeched pure, raw anger rushing through my veins.

"I can't!" He yelled looking more hurt then ever.

"Then get out of my house! Get out of here now Edward we’re done!" I sobbed pointing outside. Edward sank to the floor and crouched down. He sounded like he wanted to cry but couldn't.

"God please don't make me to this Bella, please!" He begged. I collapsed beside him and held his face in my hands.

"Tell me Edward I love you just tell me."

"I can't they'll kill you!" He cried dried tears and I froze.

"Who’s going to kill me Edward? Just tell me already!"

"The others! The Volturi! Please, please don't make me!"

"I'd rather die for you then live like this Edward! Because everyday I'm slowly dying anyway!" He looked up at me and got up slowly walking to the window.

"What’s the matter with you? Where's is my Edward? Where is my husband?!" I cried. He grew calm and closed his eyes.

"It’s not who I am Bella. It’s what I am!"

"What are you?" I asked terrified by the look on his face.

"I'm a monster! A devil! A demon! Bella I’m a vampire!"