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A change of heart; Edward's New Moon


A change of heart Banner done by the wounderful Eternitys_Charm After Edward is saved by Bella in New Moon, she leaves him for Jacob.... How does Edward cope with losing his love..... we shall see
Edwards POVThis is NOT a Jacob/Bella story, it's primarily Edward


3. Gone

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I raced through the trees, the scents of the forest surrounding me. I could smell everything. The hunger burned by throat still, the deer hadn’t even begun to ease the burn. As I ran, the familiar trees brought back once happy memories.

My head suddenly snapped up as a strong, delicious scent washed over me. It was the best thing I had smelt in three weeks, chocolate mixed with strawberries.


The passing wind blew the scent over my face. I put out my tongue to taste it. My inner monster roared with need and began to push through my human facade. I turned in the direction of the scent and ran. As I cut through the foliage I heard Alice’s distant shocked gasp when she saw what I was about to do. I sped up, knowing I now had only a few minutes before one of my family members caught up with me.

“Fine,” I thought to myself, “If that’s what the monster wants, that’s what the monster gets.”

I smiled evilly as I reached the source of the scent.


The girl was tall and had a dancer’s build, her blonde hair fell in gentle waves to her shoulders and her jade green eyes sparkled even in the murky light. I assumed that to most humans she would have been pretty, to me, however pretty was brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. I heard the distant running steps of my family getting closer. I had to act fast. I stepped out of the trees.

“Hello,” I said. She jumped and turned to face me, her shoulders tense as if she expected an attack. When she saw me she immediately relaxed, charmed by my looks, my voice and even my smell. I winced as my thoughts brought back painful memories of a conversation I had with a certain girl....... when my existence seemed to have purpose.

The girl in front of me smiled and her posture became flirtatious. “Hi”, she said, her voice was high and shrill, it hurt my ears. All her movements were seeped in grace, I wanted clumsiness. The girl flipped her hair, causing her scent to waft over me. The monster snarled in anticipation.

I took a step closer and her thoughts drifted to whether or not I liked blondes. She didn’t know how wrong she was. I smiled and her expression changed, the flirtatiousness faded to fear. In her minds’ eye my smile was just a little too wide and showed a little too much teeth, making me look slightly crazed. My family was closer now. I could hear their thoughts screaming at me to stop. Without another word I lunged at her.

My teeth dug into the soft, succulent flesh of her neck and the sweet flavour of her blood rushed over my tongue and down my throat. I barely heard the girl’s strangled cry of pain as I dug in deeper and drank...............

And drank........

And drank..............

I stopped when I realised I was only sucking air out of her. I held her away from me; her blank green eyes stared at ground. I hugged her cold, still body tighter when the reality of what I’d done seeped into my brain. As I set her on the ground, her head shifted and her dead eyes seemed to stare up at me, accusing me of what I’d done. I dropped her body and it hit the wet ground with a dull splat. I crawled frantically backward as her hair and eyes faded and darkened to brown. Her face morphed into one that was all too familiar, a face with full lips and pale skin, which caused me pain whenever I thought of its warmth.


I felt the last weak treads of my mind snap.

I went mad.


When my family found me I was curled into a ball on the forest floor, slowly rocking back and forth.

“I killed Bella, I killed Bella” I muttered under my breath.

“Carlisle” Emmet said, looking around frantically, “Why is he saying that, what’s wrong with him?”

In his mind he didn’t see Bella lying dead in front of me, with her throat wide open. He saw some blonde instead.

“Edward, Edward calm down”, Carlisle said, enunciating each word as if speaking to a child. “Bella is not dead. She’s fine. Everything will be just fine. Jus-.”

“What are you talking about?” I hissed flipping to my feet. “She’s right here, can’t you see? She’s right here!” I grabbed Bella’s body by the arms and shook her in front of Carlisle.

“SHE’S RIGHT HERE!” I shrieked, shaking her harder. “RIGHT HERE!”

“Edward! Stop, Edward stop!” Esme cried sobbing. “It’s not Bella it’s someone else!”

“LIAR!” I roared, throwing Bella’s body at her. Carlisle sprang at me knocking me down, “Emmet, Jasper, Rose, help me,” he growled.

Emmet and Rose took my feet, Jasper and Carlisle took my hands. Jasper sent wave, after wave of calm at me. It didn’t work. The four of them carried me back to the house. I kicked and screamed the entire way.


Why couldn’t they?