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A change of heart; Edward's New Moon


A change of heart Banner done by the wounderful Eternitys_Charm After Edward is saved by Bella in New Moon, she leaves him for Jacob.... How does Edward cope with losing his love..... we shall see
Edwards POVThis is NOT a Jacob/Bella story, it's primarily Edward


5. celebration

Rating 3/5   Word Count 985   Review this Chapter

Time passes, even for a vampire to whom time is an endless stretch of wide open road, with no limit, no boundaries. Where a month feels like a week and an hour passes in the blink of an eye. But passes it does.


10 years later

Time passed. We moved and strangely enough I began to heal… the whole in my chest now felt like a dull ache on good days and on bad days I was left on the floor curled in a ball. The bad days were becoming few and far between though. There was still a piece of me missing and that piece belonged to Bella and always would. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Bella had touched my life in a way that could never be repeated.

I sat up straighter in my chair, Alice had news. I knew because she was translating Germany’s national anthem into Arabic and Farsi simultaneously to distract me from reading her thoughts.

“What’s going on Alice?” I asked as she strode into the new living room. Her face was both happy and worried at the same time.

“I’ll tell you, let me get the rest of family” she said (still translating) then she began shifting from foot to foot something she only did when she had pressing news.

The members of our family flitted into the room after being called.

“What is it Alice?” Jasper said, sensing her mood.

Alice took a deep breath, shot a worried look in my direction and then said, “Bella’s getting married to Jacob.”

There was stunned silence for a moment. From everyone’s thought’s I could tell they were happy for Bella and worried about me. Part of me wanted to fall down and die… anther part wanted to rush over to her and beg her to rethink her decision, to forget about Jacob and take me back. I stood up, forced a smile onto my face and left the room.

Alice followed me, “Edward,” she said her voice worried, “I understand if you don’t want to go, but I really want to see Bella.”

“Who said I wasn’t going?” I said making up my mind in an instant, “Bella is still a part of this family, and we should all go and wish her well.”

Alice’s face brightened, “Are you sure?” she said.

I just nodded. She flitted out the room yelling for Esme.

I exhaled deeply though my nose. This wasn’t going to be easy, but I had to see Bella on last time. My mind was already thinking ahead, of course this would be the last time I would see her. After this she would start her new life with Jacob and soon I would be a distant memory. I grimaced, that’s what hurt me the most these days, the fact that she would forget me. That all the memories of us that remained bright and clear in my mind would soon fade and be replaced as she grew older. But maybe, maybe I could give her something, something to remember me by. I thought for a few seconds and then it came to me. I had the perfect gift.

The wedding day had arrived. Alice was practically bouncing in the seat of car as we drove up to the church. The wedding was being held at the church in Forks so the treaty was still in tact. According to Alice the service was going to be very small because of a lack of funds. Alice had begged Bella to let her help pay for a bigger wedding, but Bella had put her foot down to a very grumpy Alice.

The only people in attendance would be the members of the pack and their families and Charlie, who was in on the vampires and werewolves thanks to his relationship with Sue. Renee was the only one who was in the dark about us and thanks to the fact she had never seen any of us a story was concocted that made us ‘close’ friends of the Black family. The irony of that was almost funny.

My family and I entered the church. As we were taking our seats, on the mahogany pews, I noticed the members of the pack staring at us. Seth came over and began to chat animatedly with Carlisle and Esme. Alice flitted out of the room to go see Bella.

I just sat there in silence, a voice in the back of my whispering this is it, this is it. I nervously fiddled, with the long box in my pocket, I was thinking of the perfect time to talk to Bella (if she would see me) and give her my gift.

Just then Alice came back into the room. Looking down at me she whispered, “Bella wants to see you.”

I stared up at Alice in shock, “See me?” I whispered my voice cracking.

Alice placed a hand on my shoulder, “Yes, she wants to see you Edward, and don’t worry everything will be fine. I know remember?” she said tapping the side of her head, indicating her powers and trying to make me smile. “She’s in the bride’s room”, Alice said as I stood up to leave.

I walked down the hall towards the bride’s room rehearsing what I going to say, when her sent hit me… The lavender and freesia making the monster inside me roar with hunger. I stopped dead in my tracks. The sweet venom pooled in my mouth, using all my will power I swallowed. It was that day in biology all over again. Calm down Edward I told myself you’re stronger than this. You have to see her. You have to. I stood in the hall way wrestling with my inner monster, shoving it deep down inside me. I had to see Bella and nothing was going to stop me. With my self-control intact I walked to the bride’s room door and knocked.