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A change of heart; Edward's New Moon


A change of heart Banner done by the wounderful Eternitys_Charm After Edward is saved by Bella in New Moon, she leaves him for Jacob.... How does Edward cope with losing his love..... we shall see
Edwards POVThis is NOT a Jacob/Bella story, it's primarily Edward


7. Chapter 7

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I leaped to my feet, my cell phone already in hand. I raced outside while dialing, as I was sliding behind the wheel Jacob answered.

“This is Edward Cullen. Listen Jacob. I’m coming. Bella’s in danger. Take her somewhere safe. Now.”

“What are you-

Just do it” I shrieked.

My hands tightened on the wheel as I sped up. I could hear my family behind me. “Just keep in control, just keep in control,” I chanted to myself. The madness of the past months threatened to wash over me again. I could feel the panic washing over me. If we didn’t make it to la Push in time, Bella would be dead and the blame would lie on my shoulders. Why? Because I had told her about us.

I had promised Aro she would be turned and since she was still human the Volturi were going to dispose of the leak, the danger to the secret, Bella. She couldn’t die; I would not let her be killed. I squeezed the wheel tighter, almost breaking it. I closed my eyes, even though I was driving, and began to do something I hadn’t done in over one hundred years. Pray.


Once we reached the border at La Push the pack was there waiting for us.

“Explain, bloodsucker.” Jacob said, as soon as we came into view.

“Where’s Bella?” I demanded.

“Not until you tell us what’s going on.” Jacob said, crossing his arms in front of himself.

A low snarl escaped my throat. This was wasting time. Carlisle placed a hand on my shoulder,

“They deserve to know Edward,” he said softly.

I sighed, and relaxed, looking Jacob square in the eye I said, “The Volturi are coming to k-kill Bella,” my breath caught on the word, “because she knows about us.”

The outraged thoughts of the pack hit me like something solid.

“How do you know this?” Jacob growled.

“Alice had a vision, now please Jacob let us help protect Bella. The Volturi are stronger than you think, we need each other’s help.”

Jacob sighed “Fine you can-

Just then Alice grabbed my arm, “They’re coming,” she said, her voice choked.

Jacob stepped aside and let us through the border.

“Where’s Bella?” I asked as we ran through the woods.

“Back at the house,” Jacob replied.

That’s the safest place you could think of!” I growled.

“She’s with our daughter. Besides blood sucker, we can’t afford to fly to a different continent whenever there’s trouble.” Jacob spat back at me.

We arrived at their house then. To my utter horror Bella stood on the front porch totally unprotected. I spun to face Jacob, ready to confront him about this, but he wasn’t looking at me, his eyes were glued to Bella’s.

“Where’s Sara?” He asked moving to put an arm around her waist.

“Over at Emily’s,” Bella replied, “She’ll be safest there.” Her voice was shaking, she was putting on a brave face, but I could tell she was frightened. Jacob’s arm tightened on her waist.

Bella’s eyes skimmed over my family, stopping on me last. Gazing at my face her eyes seemed to linger for a moment. They were filled with worry.

“The Volturi are almost here.” Alice said her voice a monotone. “They plan to meet us at our old house.”

Everyone in the clearing stiffened.

“Do they know that Bella is still human?” Carlisle asked, his eyes narrow with worry.

“I can’t tell,” Alice replied, “the wolves are blocking Bella’s future from my sight. I’m not sure if she is going to - to die…..or not.”

I was bouncing from foot to foot with anxiety; we were wasting too much time talking! We needed to do something and we needed to do it fast. Carlisle took one look at my face and shook his head.

“Calm Edward, calm. We need to figure out some kind of plan. Hiding Bella won’t solve anything. It will only aggravate the Volturi further.

“I know Carlisle, I know! But what can we do? There is no possible way to explain this to Aro. Once he sees Bella is still human he’ll kill her! And-

“There is one way to fix all of this,” Jasper interrupted softly, “the mongrels may not approve but it’s the only solution as far as I can see.”

My eyes widened as I read Jasper’s suggestion from his head. I didn’t say anything though; someone had to put it out there.

“What are you talking about bloodsucker?” Jacob asked his voice wary.

“It’s simple really; we just have to change Bella.”

There was a split second of pure silence in the clearing before Jacob snarled and threw himself at Jasper, his form blurring as he flew through the air. In moments a giant wolf was on top of Jasper snarling and trying to get at his throat. Jasper thrust his legs upward and kicked Jacob off of him easily, sending him flying into a tree. Before the fight could continue I stepped between the two them.

“ENOUGH” Carlisle’s voice cut though the clearing. “None of this is making the situation any better. Jasper we –

“They’ve almost reached the house.” Alice cut in, her face blank as she stared into the future.

“Then we have to go to them, if they come to the house and Bella’s not there they’ll start to search the town, and we defiantly don’t want that to happen.” Carlisle voice was quite, I could tell from his head that he was worried, very worried. None of new what Aro’s reaction would be when he found out Bella was still human. Carlisle and Aro were old friends, that might work in our favor… or it might not.

“We’d better get going” Emmet said, “Do we take Bella with us?”

Jacob growled menacingly.

“We have to mongrel. Would you rather the Volturi come here to search for her?”

“We don’t have time for this now. We have to leave now if we want to arrive at the house before the Volturi.” Alice said sounding on edge.

“I’m coming” Bella called from the porch. “This is my problem and I won’t be left at home like a child.”

Jacob whined and pressed against Bella’s legs as if trying to push her back into the house.

“I have to go Jacob, they can’t come here where Sara is, it’s too dangerous.”

“We have to leave now!” Alice yelled her voice shrill.

“Fine then, Bella if you’re coming go with Jacob. Everyone else we’ll plan on the way.” Jasper said curtly.

He took off into the trees and everyone else followed, with a quick look back at Bella’s face I followed too.


I didn’t like how this was playing out. It seemed too rushed. Bella’s life hung in the balance and here she was running straight into the danger. All too soon our house came into view.

“How long do we have until they arrive Alice?” I asked, my voice shaking.

“A few minutes.” Alice looked into my face, her expression torn between horror and sadness, I don’t know which one scared me more.