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Before Jasper met Alice he met a human girl named Amy. They fell in love. When she tragically and suddenly dies, Jasper finds Alice. Now, many years later: what happens when Amy is dead, but as a vampire instead of at the bottom of the ocean, bringing on new complications in the Cullen family. snowy forest This may seem familiar. I posted this story but wanted to rewrite it. Unfortunately, I deleted it before i realized i could just edit the chapters (...hehe... umm....) So yeah. ENJOY!


1. Chapter 1

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Amy’s POV

“You’ll write everyday right?” I said. Jasper and I were holding each other’s hands, just on the dock, next to my ship, why did my ballet recital have to be so far away? Why did I have to go to Hawaii for six months? I wanted to stay with him in Alaska. I wanted to stay home.

“Yes. Don’t feel so sad, Amy.” He said, “We’ll be together again soon.” He always knew how to make me feel better, how to comfort me when I was – so often – on the verge of hyperventilating.

“Despite the fact that I’m human I think you can read my emotions best.” I said smiling.

He lifted me up, just like he had when we had danced together so many times before, and kissed me. I tangled my hands in his hair and my heart stopped then restarted faster than ever. But there was nothing odd about that, it happened every time. Every now and then I’d think that maybe it wasn’t good for my health, and that maybe it wasn’t good that me – a human – was with him at all. But then I’d imagine life without him and it hurt so bad. He lowered me and I stood on my toes to get a better look into his golden eyes.

He did that for me. He went on that diet for me.

“Goodbye, love.” I said.

“Don’t say that, we’ll be together again sooner than you think.” He whispered against my forehead. It was already cold in that airport and smelled like new, but all that focus that came with it was lost when his cool sweet breath wafted in my face. I inhaled, enjoying the temptation it brought.

I smiled and reluctantly went on the ship.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. Every time I was near him I was overcome by an acute sense of him. He was the only thing that mattered and my face – so my friends say – would light up and my eyes would grow clouded with love when I was near him. Jasper was the only thing that mattered.

How long have we been together? I counted the months in my head, One? Two? Three, four, five… we’ve been together half a year. Only half a year.

Just as that thought finished processing – and we were halfway across the ocean – the boat creaked and began to sink. The rafts flew out and people scrambled for their life vests. There was screaming and I couldn’t think. It happened too fast. I hadn’t been paying attention. Everything was a haze as people scrambled for the doors and boats after impact with the water.

Someone grabbed my hand and jerked me up. The hand was cold, icy cold. I and I had this sharp want – no, need – for it to be Jasper, for him to have somehow come, but knew it wasn’t and I quickly smothered the hope like you would a fire with a rug.

It was another vampire, she had dark brown hair and red eyes behind the sunglasses she wore. The only reason she came for me was because I smelled like a vampire, I smelled like Jasper.

I knew I wouldn’t make it, “Bite me.” I whispered, begged really. I had never considered being a vampire before, and I wasn’t entirely sure it was a good idea. Jasper often talked about that pain, and the temptation, but I did want to stay with him forever.

It didn’t matter, because my mind was made up then. She nodded and bit me right on the neck, carefully, but it hurt. When she pierced my skin it felt easy, but there was too much pressure. Too much sharp, acute, cruel pain. I clamped my lips together but the screaming came anyway. The fire was everywhere, like I had bathed in gasoline only moments before. She ran out of the plane and swam to the island, but by the time we got there I was changed.

The three days were Hell, and I longed for the day I’d get to see my Jasper again.

Jasper’s POV

Fifty years later

I swallowed down the venom as fast as I could. It was hard to have Bella this close to me, even outside. She was so tempting, just a little more than a normal human. Someone like her was not meant to be around us, something could happen. Just like it did on her birthday. I shuttered at the memory. I felt stupid, weak. When it came down to it, I was responsible for her pain, those long months. But at least I knew how she felt.

My mind wandered and I thought about how wonderful her blood would taste as it ran down my throat, soothing the burning. Cooling me like ice cream does for humans on a hot summer day. How easy it would be to rip through her transparent skin. Her cheeks filled with blood as Edward came and took her hand, so easy –

Edward whipped his head around and growled at me. I looked down with shame as Bella turned to try and find out what was wrong. What was wrong with me, I was so good at resisting all those years ago –

No. Block the thought, it only brings despair. Edward stared at me curiously and I started to hum the first song that popped in my head – go figure it was Bella’s lullaby, he plays it so much – to block him out, it was private.

As soon as he heard the word “Private” in my head, he turned his attention to Bella, humming his own song.

Out of nowhere Alice gasped. Edward jerked up and I ran to her, “What is it?” I took her hands in mine. She was panicking, looking like she was going to hyperventilate. Edward’s eyes widened and shock flooded over him. Bella looked over him in confusion to Alice as she recomposed herself.

“Nothing.” She said with fake happiness. But I could feel anger and worry. And it was strong, nearly over coming her as it stretched to her core. There are different levels of emotion. You can feel many things at once, each with its own level of strength.

Bella, for instance. That “fierce love” she feels for Edward, is nothing compared to her potential. The thing is she doesn’t even notice. She also currently feels confusion, though it isn’t deep. There’s a fear, but that has been there since Edward left her. A strong sense of friendship – stronger than her love for my brother – is there, directed towards Alice. For Carlisle, there’s a deep level of admiration. For Esme, a soft spot. For Emmett, a friendship. For Rosalie… well, you can’t expect much for Rosalie. At least it’s not hatred.

There’s a warm emotion there for me. It has been developing for a while. At first I thought it was sympathy, but that didn’t feel right. It didn’t smell like sympathy – though she does feel that for me, it was different. I’m not sure what it is entirely.

Edward looked at me, and opened his mouth to speak.

“No!” Alice squealed, interrupting him. She looked livid. She felt livid.

“He needs to know.” He said firmly, determined.

She glared at him, “He does not!”

Bella was confused, we were talking fast, but as soon as Alice screamed she winced and flinched. I cringed, Alice’s anger hurt. Edward went to take Bella away from her, only halfway there before turning to me and simply saying, “Amy.”

For a moment I wanted to kill Edward, I was finally starting to forget her, finally starting to get over the pain, but a hundred different memories flooded over me. The ease of being around her, her warm touch, her wonderful lips, her “dazzling” eyes, her perfect dances. All that mattered was her. My middle ripped open as I remembered the day I heard her ship sunk, no survivors, and few bodies, all wreckage. She wasn’t found.

Alice lunged forward and punched him, he almost dogged it. Bella screamed and put her hands over her mouth. She looked at me with a “Help him!” expression on her face, she was terrified, which surprised me, she should know that Alice wouldn’t really hurt him. I wasn’t afraid of that, my adrenaline was for a different reason. I raced for them though, doing my best to block the thought and Alice’s punches.

“Alice stop!” Bella and I said at the same time, though her’s was full of blind panic, mine was firm and demanding. I pulled Alice away from him, though he already had her wrists in his hands, pushing her away as she snapped her teeth at him. I blew gently in her face, trying to calm her.

“Amy is dead.” I said, hoping my tone was soothing Alice.

“No, she’s one of us,” His eyes darted to Bella, “But doesn’t share our diet.”

“How soon?” I said.

Alice half growled, have shrieked in frustration and anger. Bella cringed behind Edward as soon as she came up to us. Alice stopped trying to lunge at him when Bella came so I let go of her. She stepped away from me, repulsed.

“About an hour.” He said. It was amazing how that both excited me and filled me with dread.

Alice spun around and hissed, “So what? You’re dumping me now that you have that stupid human thing back?”

“She’s not human anymore.” Edward said quickly.

“Alice.” Bella said, hurt. Every now and then, with certain people, I not only feel what they feel, I feel what they feel. I know it’s an odd way of putting it, but it feels more deep than most. Like her hurt. It hurt me too, affecting me painfully. I had the urge to go comfort her. Then again, it may be because she’s so weak and small that I want to protect her.

I stopped. Look at me, I’m acting like Edward. Without the pointless self-loathing part.

“What?” Alice snapped at Bella.

Bella turned and ran as fast as she could without tripping away, her eyes watering. Alice was her best friend. Edward scooped her up and ran with her to our house.

Alice seemed to realize, “Bella! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it!” and chased after him. She was mad, but Bella was more important, and the less she’s angry, the better.

I was flying. Amy was alive, and coming back!

I sunk, Amy was coming back, and I have Alice.

“This could get complicated,” I muttered to myself.