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banner Heaven just moved to Eatonville Washington. Another move due to her "problems". She is dying inside as her parents distance themselves from there "freak" daughter. She doesn't know why she is freak, or how she ended up the way she is. Edward is bruised and broken after Bella chose a life with Jacob over him. Can Heaven let the Cullen's know her secret? Will Edward drop his walls and let this sweet stranger into his life? Will she ever find somewhere that she truly belongs?


13. Chapter 13

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The week’s passed quickly, and Edward made love to me nearly every night after our first time. Each time was better than the last. We were only lovers at night, when we both needed someone the most. During the day we pretended as if nothing was different. Our friendship did grow stronger.

I would wake up in the morning, fearful for how he would treat me that day. Every day was different, some days he avoided me completely, others he hung around and spit hateful words at me. Sometimes everything was alright. Eventually I got used to his mood swings and dealt with them better than I had before.

I’d still cry, but I would do it privately away from everyone. I didn’t want to hurt him worse than he already was hurting. I knew if I wanted him, that I would have to take him as he was. Damaged goods. We no longer spoke of where we stood with one another. I knew Bella still had her hold over him, he would still break down to me about her and I would see the pain in his eyes. I accepted it the best that I could.

During our lovemaking, and snuggling close to each other afterwards I kept my thoughts hidden away. I had gotten good at this by now. I lived in the present, and didn’t bring my real feelings to the surface, but when I was alone I ached inside.

I cried for the way he treated me, I cried for the fact that he would never be mine. I knew all along he was right, that I would only have more heartache. Though to me it was worth it. The feeling I got when we were together, when we were lovers was worth ten times the heartache I got afterwards.

I knew Alice was aware of going on, as well as everyone else in the house, but no one said anything. I knew Edward heard it in there thoughts, because he would grumble about it occasionally. When Edward wasn‘t around, Emmett or Alice would kid with me about my “midnight” lover. Though they were sure to remind me how thankful they were for being there for Edward, getting him closer and closer to returning to “their Edward”.

I did see some improvement in his attitude towards his family. His laugh would ring out loudly and happily on occasion. Sometimes he would catch himself and stop abruptly, almost as if he didn’t want himself to allow any happiness to sneak into his life.

At school, if I would talk to some other boy, Edward would shoot them dirty looks. He draped his arm around me sometimes, as if to show possession. As badly as it irritated me, I loved it. Other times he would act as if I wasn’t there.

There was talk about Chris and I, and after about a week they finally gave up. Chris didn’t even so much as glance my way any longer. Eventually he got his schedule changed to avoid me completely. Edward was feared greatly, even more than he had been before. Rumors flew, but I brushed them off. I had my family, I didn’t need anyone else. I didn’t care what any of them thought about me.

Still, I went to my house everyday after school to hope for some message from my parents.

My mother never called to leave me a number for her or my father, and it had been over a month that they had came home. I got the receipt in the mail that my mother had paid my credit card bill for me. I felt something was wrong, because they had never left me this long before.

Carlisle traced my family history as far back as he could on my mothers side, and found nothing. My father’s side of the family was much harder, he found my fathers parents names, and the line ended there. He searched and searched, and found nothing.

We began to suspect that if there was a vampire in my heritage that it came down from my father. He worked with me on my abilities every time he wasn’t at the hospital. I began to love Carlisle greatly, and came to look at him and Esme as the mother and father I had never truly had.

Carlisle pushed and pushed me. It got to the point were I could keep a person in the air for more than thirty seconds, without getting a headache. He helped me concentrate on moving things that I wasn’t looking at, just by simply willing it to move. This was much harder, and I would always end up glancing back at the object.

I told him about how my guard was in patches all over my body the night of the dance. This inspired him, and we worked with my guard, concentrating on having it cover only certain parts of my body. I was able to hover it over specific parts of my body with deep concentration.

Carlisle told me he was sure with enough practice it wouldn’t take as much concentration, and my headaches would reduce. I began to try it when Edward and I were making love, but our passion threw my concentration on, and eventually I gave up on the effort. I knew it would take much more time before I could do it on will and without deep concentration.

Then came the day that I got the largest shock of my life. Edward and I were walking through the woods nearby the house when he stopped and looked back.

“We need to go see Carlisle, Heaven.” He grabbed my hand and started pulling me along.

“Why?” I asked, he looked back at me,

“He asked me to bring you to his office.” I raised my eyebrows,

“You can hear him from this far away?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard his thoughts for so long; I can hear him from miles.”

“Well what’s going on?” I asked,

“I’m not sure.” he turned around and picked me up, and began to run fast. Nothing but green blurs streaked past me, but I felt safe. I knew Edward wasn’t going to let anything happen to me.

When we stopped, he set me down in front of the door and pushed it open. Carlisle was standing in the doorway waiting for me.

“Heaven, please come with me up to my office.” Alice was standing next to him; I saw the anxiety on her face.

Once I was seated in his office, he did something unusual and sat next to me instead of behind the desk.

“Heaven, while trying to find your fathers history, I found something rather… well interesting.” I looked at him, anticipating something that I wanted to hear.

“Have you ever lived in New York, Heaven?” He asked, I shook my head. He looked down.

“Well, being a doctor I have a slight advantage to find the information I need. While looking through some of your fathers medical records, I found a permanent address for a Mr. and Mrs. Timothy James, in New York City.” I opened my mouth to speak, and no words came out. He continued,

“They are residing in New York, with there two small children, Samantha and Alexandra.” I let the warmth flush over my feet, as a knot built in my stomach.

“It isn’t them; my mother can’t have any more children.” I felt the need to reassure myself.

“Yes Heaven, I understand that. The two children living with them, are twins who were adopted from Florida only a few months ago.”

I shook my head vigorously.

“No, no that can’t be. They wouldn’t do that. NO!” I shouted.

“I’m afraid that it is your parents Heaven. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but I felt it was something you should know.” I shook my head again,

“Can you give me there address Carlisle?” I asked, he looked down.

“That would be improper use of my stature Heaven.” I looked at him angrily.


He shook his head; I heard someone step in the door behind me.

“Give her the address Carlisle.” Edward said as he stepped into the room, “Or I will, that will not be unethical. You know there is no way for anyone to find out where it came from.” Carlisle looked back to me, standing up and walking behind his desk he jotted something down quickly on a piece of paper.

Edward walked up and took it from his hand. My stomach felt as if it was full of rocks. Standing quickly, I turned to Alice. “Do you have a suitcase I can use?” She nodded her head and ran out.

Once Alice had given me the suitcase, I continued into my room and began to throw things into it quickly. Edward walked in and sat on the bed,

“I’m going to come with you Heaven. Alice is already on the phone to schedule our flight, she has already seen that it’s going to be raining and overcast in New York City for the next week.”

“I don’t need you or anyone to come with me Edward.” He stood up and walked over to me, I knew his intentions and I pushed the warmth down to my knees. He wrapped his cool arms around me, and buried his face into my hair.

I’m sorry Edward, but I cannot deal with your mood changing so dramatically and your pain over Bella. This is going to be hard enough for me as it is, I don’t need it to be any harder.

He shushed into my hair.

“I’m going to be there for you. I’ll be there for you this time, as I have never before. I promise I will do nothing to make this harder for you, only easier.” He held me tighter, and we stayed this way while I cried my heart out into his chest.

When we boarded the flight to New York a few hours later, I felt my legs trembling underneath me. As badly as I wanted to confront them on what they had done to me, part of me wanted to stay in my safe secure home with the Cullen’s.

Edward squeezed my hand, and we found our seats. I let my guard flush over me and curled myself into a ball. I began to plan what I was going to do, and say to my parents when I seen them. I considered destroying there home, and there lives. Did I want to hurt them as badly as they had hurt me? I wasn’t sure yet.