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banner Heaven just moved to Eatonville Washington. Another move due to her "problems". She is dying inside as her parents distance themselves from there "freak" daughter. She doesn't know why she is freak, or how she ended up the way she is. Edward is bruised and broken after Bella chose a life with Jacob over him. Can Heaven let the Cullen's know her secret? Will Edward drop his walls and let this sweet stranger into his life? Will she ever find somewhere that she truly belongs?


14. Chapter 14

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Apparently I had dozed off, and I awoke to Edward’s cool hand on the side of my face.

“We’re here Heaven. In New York.” I looked up and saw the other passengers walking off of the plane. Edward grabbed my hand and held it tightly as he led me off of the plane into the airport.

My entire body began to tremble when he was at the desk renting a car for us to use. I pushed the growing warmth away from me, scared somebody would bump into me in the crowded airport.

Looking around, I felt Edward’s cool arm slide around my waist.

“Calm down.” He hummed into my ear, “It’s okay.”

The walk to the car was a blur, I heard Edward talking on the way to the address Carlisle had given us, but none of his words connected or made sense in my head.

I had always wanted to go to New York, and now none of that seemed to matter.

Nothing in the world seemed to matter to me anymore. I watched the rain drops hitting the windows, and imagined them as all the tears my eyes had not yet cried. Edward placed his cool hand on my leg and gave a light squeeze as we turned down a street of beautiful, well established homes.

My body was tense and ridged and I let my guard flush over me; I felt Edward’s hand lift from my leg, and small vibrations where his hand still hovered over me. Taking a deep breath, I looked out the window at the beautiful homes we passed.

I felt the car come to a slow, and my eyes focused on a massive two story home. It was at least double of the size of my home in Eatonville. A sprawling green lawn, and rose bushes surrounded the front. Edward opened my door for me.

“Do you want me to stay here?” He asked quietly, I shook my head. Stepping out of the car, it felt like I had stepped into a different universe. Nothing around me made any sense. The short walk to the door turned into what seemed like miles. I pressed down on the doorbell, and I heard the chimes from inside.

Moments that seemed like hours later, a small girl who appeared to be around five years old opened the door. Studying her more carefully, I noticed how her blond curls cupped her face, and she had chocolate brown eyes, with happiness dancing through them. She was the complete opposite of me. I must have been staring for a long moment because Edward stepped up next to me, and leaned down to meet her height as best he could.

“Hello, is your mommy and daddy home?” He asked. I felt my heart skip a beat when he said mommy and daddy. The little girl’s eyes became curious, and she shook her head. Suddenly a young woman in a maids uniform rounded the corner, and grabbed the girls arm.

“Alex! What have I told you about opening the door?” She looked up quickly at us.

Edward stood and spoke in a polite tone,

“Are Mr. and Mrs. James available?” He questioned. She took no notice to me at all, as she scanned Edward up and down with her eyes. A small smile was playing on her lips,

“No, actually they won’t be back until morning, and you are?” I saw her attraction towards him in her eyes, and I cleared my throat,

“I’m the daughter of one of Mrs. James clients; you say she will be back in the morning?” Her eyes turned abruptly to me, and she glanced back to Edward and grimaced. Her tone became unfriendly,

“Yes they will be back in the morning. Around noon. Would you like me to tell them you stopped by? A name perhaps?” Her eyes shot back to Edward. I pushed my guard down quickly, and took his hand into mine. From the corner of my eye, I saw him smirk.

“No that’s fine, we will return in the morning. Thank you.” Edward squeezed my hand and we walked back to the car.

Pulling away he glanced back at the house with a disgusted look.

“That girl should not be watching anyone’s children, not with the way she thinks.”

Hotel? I glanced towards him and he nodded his head. I let my guard flush up over me again; I wanted to think to myself for awhile.

Nearly half an hour later, we pulled up to one of the grandest hotels I had ever seen. I looked at Edward in surprise and he smiled.

“Alice already made reservations. She had to pull some strings to get us into this one.” I looked back to the hotel. It toward high above us. When we pulled up Edward stepped out of the car and walked around to open my door.

A man walked over and Edward handed him the keys. Above the doorway, I saw a sign that said “The Pierre”.

Another friendly man came our way, “Welcome!” Edward nodded his head towards him politely; I dropped my guard for fear that someone would try to touch me.

Entwining his cool fingers with my own, we walked up to the desk. The young gentlemen looked up to us and stood immediately.

“Hello, how may I help you?”

“Yes, I have reservations for Cullen.” The man looked surprised and straightened up quickly,

“Yes, yes. Of course. Good evening to you Mr. Cullen and to you Mrs. Cullen.” Edward knew what I was thinking, and before I had a chance to correct the young man Edward spoke,

“Good evening to you also. May I have the key to our room sir?” The man jumped quickly,

“Yes, of course.” He lifted up some paperwork, and presented a small gold card to Edward.

He took it and nodded his head in thanks.

Walking through the grand lobby to the elevator, I couldn’t help but feel my spirits rise. I looked at towards Edward and smiled gratefully. An attendant operated the small and comfortable elevator.

Watching the floor level accelerate slowly, I was surprised when we reached the second to top floor of the hotel. The man kindly escorted us to our room down the long hallway. Edward inserted the key, and opened the door slowly.

Stepping in, I was amazing by the luxury of it all. It was a large and spacious room, with a beige color scheme. There was what an enormous bed set directly in the center of the room. It was all very classy, and took me back to another Era. Nearly nothing was modernized, there was no television.

There was what appeared to be a very old record player, on an antique cabinet. I looked at Edward and smiled,

It’s beautiful. I couldn’t help but get butterflies of anticipation at the notice of only one bed, but I held the thoughts away.

“Do you like it?” He asked, a hopeful smile on his face.

Love it. I thought. He smiled, and pulled me to him and pressed his lips softly against mine.

“I want you to enjoy at least one night in New York.”

Remembrance of why I was here brought a saddened smile to my face,

Thanks for trying. He knelt down and opened a door on the antique cabinet and pulled out a record. In moments classical piano began to pour from the large speaker connected to the player. Edward walked over and extended his hand to me, I took it and he pulled me from the bed.

He spun me in circles and twirled me slowly, exaggerating every movement we made in sync. After the music changed, he pulled me to him into a hug.

“Everything will be alright, I promise.”

No it won’t.

“Yes it will, that’s what you’re always telling me right?” I gave him a faint smile.

Pulling away, I walked over to the window and pulled the curtains open.

The rain was easing up slightly, and I could see the lights of New York turning on as the sun descended. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

Edward’s arms wrapped around me from behind and he kissed my neck,

“Your one of the most beautiful thing’s I’ve ever seen.” he whispered into my ear. I let myself believe that he meant it, and tuned my thoughts away from what I really knew.

“Are you hungry?” he asked between placing small kisses on my neck.

A little. I thought.

Releasing me, I turned around to see him on the phone, when he hung up he stepped back towards me.

“It will be here in just a few minutes.” I began to wonder about the urgency the young man at the desk showed when he knew who Edward was.

“Carlisle used to stay here often, as did Jasper and Alice. Our family is well known by much of the staff of the hotel.” he smiled, “Though they believe that we are the children and grandchildren of the people they once knew. Carlisle started staying here in 1930 soon after it opened.” I looked at him wide eyed, and he laughed.

I took a seat at the small round table that was placed next to the window, looking out at the light rain falling

I sighed, Why do our lives have to be so complicated? What made us deserve so much misery?

“It can only make you stronger.” he said, sitting across from me.

Well, maybe I’d prefer to stay weak. He laughed.

“You’ve never been weak Heaven. You’ve dealt with so much, from so many people.”

Yeah, when is it my turn to get a break?

“We’ll get our breaks soon enough Heaven, everything gets better with time.”

I laughed bitterly, Now your starting to sound like me.

There was a light rap on the door, and Edward stood to answer it. Gazing out the window, tears formed in my eyes. My parents had been leading a double life for months now, and I never even realized. They finally got rid of there freak daughter, and have a quaint happy home.

Edward returned to the table, and sat a covered dish in front of me. The smell of the food made my stomach growl. I lifted the lid to find a red rose lying across my dinner. I lifted it to my nose and inhaled the sweet aroma. I smiled at Edward sadly.

Thank you.

Reaching across the table he laid his hand over mine, and smiled sweetly at me. I began to pick at my food, eating little of it. My appetite was terrible, and I felt sick from eating nothing all day. Managing to force down over half of it, I pushed it away.

Glancing out the window it was dark now, and the sky was lit up from the lights of New York City. I looked back at Edward and he was grinning.

“It took you an unbelievably long time to eat, you know that?” Laughing half heartedly I stood from the seat I was in and grabbed my toiletries out of my suitcase.

Once in the bathroom I was again surprised. Unlike the room, the bathroom was modernized. There was a large rectangular tub at the end of the room, candles placed on each corner. Two ceiling length mirrors covered the right wall. To the left was a long counter top, and the toilet next to the door, the walls behind them were mirrors.

Walking up to the tub, I turned it on and the water bubbled out of the wall over the side. Undressing slowly, I saw my red puffy eyes in the mirror. Spilling some of the complimentary bubble bath into the tub, and lighting the candles with the matches that were left for them, I stepped in. I took a deep breath and let the warm water sooth my aching muscles.

After awhile, my body began to relax, but my thoughts were still in a jumble. Tears streaked down my face at the thought of the little girl that my parents were now calling there own. Hearing a soft tune begin to play in the room, I opened my eyes and looked towards the door to find Edward standing in the doorway. He wore no shirt and was smiling at me as he flipped the light switch down. The room became dark, and the candle light reflected off of the mirrors.

Walking into the room slowly, he began to unbuckle his pants. Standing still for a moment in the middle of the room, he slid them off. Until this point I had never noticed his true beauty. The mirrors reflected every side of his perfectly sculpted body, making his skin paler than it really was. He stepped to the top of the tub, and I sat up, inviting him to get in behind me. He climbed in slowly, and I leaned back against him.

I could feel every curve of his body against mine, and I pressed myself closer to him. Reaching his arms around me he began to caress my stomach, running his hands up and down my body. Kissing me lightly on the back of my neck, he whispered, “ I’ll be here for you forever Heaven, I promise.”

Emotions began pouring through my body, and I fought to keep my thoughts away. I concentrated hard, and felt the warmth encircle the top of my head. His kisses paused.

“Don’t shut me out, please Heaven.”

I couldn’t let him know what I was really thinking and feeling. The hurt it would cause us both was too much. I needed him, and I wanted him. Wanted him to be all mine, I didn’t want to have to share him any longer with the memory of Bella.

I loved him with all of my being, and couldn’t picture life without him. It would only cause us both heartache if I let him know this, because we both knew he would never be mine. Though I would forever, be his. Tear’s began to streak down my face again, and my eyes were aching from all those I had already shed.

“Why are you crying Heaven? Let me in, please.” I could hear the desperation in his voice, but I refused to lose my concentration. He kissed my neck more fervently now, and his hands roamed down my body, I felt the pressure of his fingers on my pubic bone.

“I’ll never hurt you again, I’m so sorry Heaven. Let me in, let me hear what’s going on in your head.” He flipped me over and lifted my legs so I straddled him. Grabbing the back of my neck he pressed his lips against my tenderly, his other hand stroking my back. I kissed him back, my tears still falling from my cheeks. He pulled away and grabbed both sides of my face.

“I’m here forever Heaven, don’t shut me out.” More tears began to slid down my cheeks at the lies he told. I knew if Bella were to ever return I would be a faint and distant memory to him. The thought terrified me and I wrapped my arms around him, clinging to him as if he’d disappear.

Grabbing me by my thighs he lifted me out of the bath and carried me into the bedroom. He laid me on the bed, his lips meeting mine again. His kisses were soft, and loving. He worked his way down my body, laying sweet kisses everywhere. He worked his way back up to my face, and kissed away the tears that were falling from my eyes. He entered me slowly, and I arched my back to him. His thrust’s were no longer frivolous and frantic as they usually were, they were slow and meaningful.

“Let me in.” He whispered into my ear. This time, I responded to his request, and let the warmth quickly dissipate from around my head. It felt as if a flood gate had been opened, and poured my heart and soul out all at once.

I need you Edward. He began to kiss and suck on my neck softly, I can’t keep trying to pretend that I don’t love you, that I don’t want every part of your being to be mine. I love you Edward, more than I have ever loved anything or anyone. I want you to love me like I love you. I need you to need me like I need you.

My breathing began to pick up speed as his thrusts began faster, and he moaned into my neck.

I love you so much Edward, you are part of me. I cannot live without you. I pushed my pelvis against him to meet his thrust, and he let out another moan.

“I love you Heaven.” His breath was cool against my ear, he groaned as I thrust my hips with his again.

“I love you so much, and I do need you. More than you could ever know. I’m so sorry I’ve never said these words to you. I’m yours, forever. For as long as you want me, I belong to you. My heart, my soul. All of me.” I arched my back, feeling my climax coming. His pace slowed and he thrust harder.

Oh god Edward, I love you.

I grabbed him by the hair, and pressed my lips against his hard. He kissed me back, our tongues dancing. I began to climax and moaned into his mouth. His body shuddered above me, and he thrust into me hard one last time. He kissed my lips again tenderly.

“I love you.” He said, and rolled onto his back. I rolled over on top of him, and tears began to spill from my eyes again. He shushed me gently and caressed my hair. I let the warmth encircle the top of my head. Thoughts of tomorrow and what still lay ahead of me began whirling around my mind once again. I laid on him quietly crying for what seemed like hours, before I finally dozed off into a dreamless, exhausted sleep.