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banner Heaven just moved to Eatonville Washington. Another move due to her "problems". She is dying inside as her parents distance themselves from there "freak" daughter. She doesn't know why she is freak, or how she ended up the way she is. Edward is bruised and broken after Bella chose a life with Jacob over him. Can Heaven let the Cullen's know her secret? Will Edward drop his walls and let this sweet stranger into his life? Will she ever find somewhere that she truly belongs?


17. Chapter 17

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The days passed slowly. After nearly the third day in bed, I began to get the strength in me to get up and walk around. Edward was with me all the time; he missed school the days I was in bed.

Graduation was looming around the corner. Alice brought us our homework and we sat in my room and did it together. He tried to avoid hunting so he could be with me, and his eyes started to turn black. I eventually forced him to go, telling him that if he didn’t I wasn’t going to eat.

It was as if he was really mine now. He made sure to tell me he loved me multiple times a day. He would cuddle with me a night, and sing to me when I had trouble sleeping. When tears poured over at the thought of my parents, he was there for me to cry on. He hadn’t spoken of Bella at all, but I knew when he was thinking about her. The pain in his eyes was not there often, but small things brought it back.

Edward had told Carlisle about what had happened at my mother and fathers home in New York. How I had lost all control, and according to Edward, and wrecked there entire living room. Carlisle’s theory was that it was due to the fact that I had lost control of my emotions. He told me that I was far more powerful than I knew.

I began to concentrate on working on placing my guard around specific areas of my body more, and I eventually got better at it. I managed to hold it in place when Edward and I were making love. I was ecstatic that I did it, but Edward didn’t like it.

“I like to know how you’re feeling when I am making love to you Heaven. I wouldn’t know if I’m hurting you or not if I can’t hear what you are thinking.” His face was sad, and I knew it reminded him of Bella when I did it. That was the only and last time I kept him out of my head while making love.

After missing nearly a week of school I reluctantly returned. It was different now though, because Edward and I were known as a couple. He kissed me between periods, and made it very noticeable that I was his and his only.

I loved it, and I cherished every moment with him. He did do everything in his power to make me happy, and slowly my happiness did return. I would still dwell on the memory of what my parents had done to me, but it began to fade. Edward assured me that we would make so many memories together, I would forget about it completely. Though we both knew that was untrue.

Nearly two weeks after we returned from New York, it was Friday and Edward and I were on our way home from shopping in Seattle when he told me something that surprised me.

“Heaven, I haven’t spoken of this with you yet, because I felt that you needed some time.” He began. I looked towards him.

I thought

“After you walked out of your parents house,” He began and I let the warmth flush over me. I felt safe with Edward and got used to him being in my head, but anytime my body even felt the slightest emotional turmoil coming on it sensed the urgency to protect itself.

“I stayed and had a small talk with your father.” He finished, I looked at him with wide eyes.

“Why Edward?” I asked. He glanced towards me and smiled,

“Only to watch after your own well being. I asked him to sign the title to your home into my name, due to the fact that you may never see them again.” I felt tears spring to my eyes,

“I had him put it in my name, because you are not yet 18. Well he agreed, and told me that you were free to do with it as you pleased. He also wanted me to mention that they will still pay for your credit card. Though living in a house of vampires who have no need for the amounts of money they have, I don’t see why you would need a credit card.” He laughed and it brought a small smile to my face.

“So, I think it would be best if, when you are ready, we talk about what you would like to do with your home. You haven’t lived there since well, since you met us.” He laughed again.

“I want to sell it Edward.” I said without hesitation. He looked at me surprised.

“Well I want to sell it if it’s alright that your home becomes my permanent home.” He looked away from the road to smile at me.

“Why would you even ask me a question like that?” I gave a small laugh, and I felt the vibrations of his hand hovering over my leg. I pushed my guard away but let it sit over the top of my head. I needed my thoughts to myself for awhile. I placed my hand on his cool one,

“I love you.” I whispered quietly. He gave my leg a gentle squeeze.

“I love you.” He responded.

We drove the rest of the way home in silence, enjoying each others company.

The next day, Edward left me to spend some time with Alice and went to see a real estate agent about getting my house up for sale. Upon his return he looked rather satisfied with himself, walking over to the couch and wrapping his arms around my shoulders from behind, he kissed me on the cheek.

“Well, we better get over there and start packing.” I turned my head and pressed my lips to his,

“I’m ready when you are.” He smiled sweetly, and pulled away from me. I stood up from the couch and looked towards Alice who had a faint smile playing on her lips,

“See you in a little bit Alice.” I walked to her and gave her a light hug.

I don’t want to do this. I thought as we were walking towards the door. Edward grabbed my hand and entwined my fingers with his.

“It’s okay, it will be the last time you have to be here. I promise.” He caressed the side of my hand with his thumb.

Upon arriving to my house, tears had already built into my eyes. I missed them, more than I ever thought I would. I missed my mother, the way she would sing to herself when she cooked us dinner. I missed the smell of the tobacco pipe my father used to smoke. I missed the way we laughed, and the way we were happy. I missed being a child.

Edward grabbed the sides of my face and kissed me softly. We continued into my house slowly. I looked around the kitchen, and more tears came to my eyes. The kitchen that hadn’t even been used, the couches in the living room that had hardly been sat on. I walked through the dining room and looked at the painting on the wall.

“I would like to keep that.” I told Edward. He took it from the wall and set it on the dining room table softly.

Continuing up the stairs, I walked to my parent’s bedroom door and stopped. I turned the knob and stepped inside. There was still the faint aroma of my mother’s perfume. I opened the closet which was still nearly full and gazed at the clothes that they had abandoned along with me.

“We can donate these.” I said to Edward who was standing behind me. Tears were flowing down my cheeks now, and I stormed out of their bedroom into my own. I grabbed the boxes I had stored in my closet; due to the fact I anticipated another move.

Opening it up, I began to throw things into it. Edward came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“I’m here.” He kissed my neck lightly, I turned around and threw my arms around his neck and began to bawl into his chest.

It hurts so bad Edward. I can’t take it.
He lifted me up lightly and carried me to the bed.

I needed him at that moment, worse than I ever had. I needed to feel him inside me; I needed to know that he was mine. I need to know I had someone.

He heard my thoughts and began to kiss me harder; I flipped over and climbed on top of him, my mouth never leaving his. Grabbing the bottom of his shirt, our lips parted for a moment to get it over his head. I kissed his neck softly, and he groaned into my hair. He grabbed the sides of my shirt and pulled it over my head roughly.

Before long we were both naked, and I took him in my hand and positioned myself above him. I thrust down onto him roughly, and threw my head back in ecstasy. He grabbed my waist and squeezed me hard; I could feel the bruises developing. I rocked my hips back and forth on top of him harder. I began to scream in pleasure, and I could feel his body shuddering under me. After we climaxed together, he grabbed my hips and flipped me over to position himself on top of me; he thrust into me hard, squeezing my butt roughly.

“I love you Heaven.” He sucked the blood to the surface of my neck. I arched my back, as he kissed down my collar bone. His thrusts became harder and faster and I began to scream out in pleasure again as he bit down on one of my nipples. I entangled my fingers into his hair and screamed out as I felt him climax inside of me.

Rolling off of me he collapsed onto my bed.

“You are so amazing.” He said turning his head to look at me. I laughed lightly, I’m sure you’ve had better. I thought. He looked up towards the ceiling again,

“No, Heaven. I haven’t. You’re the only person I’ve been with.” He caught me completely off guard, and I sat up quickly.

“What?” I asked. He looked towards me and smiled shyly.

“You heard what I said. You’re the only one I’ve been with this way.” I was shocked.

Not even before you were changed?

“Nope.” He smiled sweetly.

Why didn’t you ever tell me that?

“I don’t know, it just never really came up.” I let my guard encircle the top of my head.

I was so happy he had given himself to me, the way I had given myself to him. That meant more to me than anything. He sat up quickly.

“Why did you do that?” he asked, anxiety playing in his eyes.

“Because I like to think to myself for awhile. Trust me,” I said laying my hand on the side of his face,

“You have nothing to be worried about.” I could see that he didn’t fully believe me, but I decided to keep my thoughts to myself and stood up from the bed. He laid back down on his elbows and looked towards me as I was dressing.

“You are stunning. Did you know that?” I felt the heat rising into my cheeks and I smiled slyly.

I looked down his body, “Well you are beautiful, did you know that?” I saw the pain flash through his eyes, and I knew I had said the wrong thing.

“Sorry.” I mumbled. He stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist,

“I love you.” He kissed me lightly on the lips. Part of me felt that he told me he loved me so much, as if to convince himself that he truly did.

“I love you.” I kissed him back.

After we had dressed, we began to pack things more slowly and the sadness swept over me once again. Even though he wasn’t in my head, he sensed it and gave me small kisses every so often.

After I had cried my tears, and packed my things. Edward ran the boxes out to the car quickly. Looking around my empty room I began to cry again. I missed them so much. I walked down the hallway as if in a daze, and stepped into their room one last time.

I walked to my mother’s night table and grabbed the small bottle of perfume that she wore so often. I opened the lid and smelled it, memories of my childhood rushing back to me. Putting it in my pocket, I walked to my father’s side of the bed and opened his nightstand. I knew that this is where he kept his tobacco pipe, and I picked it up and put it in my other jacket pocket.

Tears streaming down my face, I walked to the doorway and took one last long look.

“Goodbye.” I whispered, and clicked the door shut. I knew that this was my last goodbye to them, and I knew that I had to lock the last of my memories of them deep in to my mind and my heart.

I found Edward waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs; I collapsed into his chest and cried. I cried the last tears I was going to shed for them. My real family was at home waiting for me. People who loved me for who I was, and I refused to shed anymore tears over people who abandoned me.

Returning home, Edward brought everything up to my room. As we were unpacking my things, Carlisle walked in.

“Hey you two!” He said cheerily, giving me a light hug.

“Finally getting you all settled in where you belong.” I smiled happily at him.

“You can always make me feel better Carlisle.” I said, he laughed loudly and noticed the painting from my house on the bed. Walking over to it he picked it up and studied it.

When he turned around I heard him gasp, “Oh my! Why didn’t I think to look on the back in the first place!” I felt my stomach jump with excitement.

“What is it Carlisle?” I asked walking over to him, I glanced over his shoulder to the back of the painting and I saw initials in the bottom right corner. B.J.

“B.J? Do you think that is my grandfather’s initials?” I questioned. He glanced towards Edward,

“Yes Heaven, possible. I need to go do some research. I will let you know when I find anything.” He said and bolted out of the room.

I turned towards Edward, excited.

“Can you believe it, what if he does find out why I’m different?” He smiled and encircled me into his arms,

“We will know one day Heaven. Personally I need to know what created the most magnificent creature I have ever met.” I giggled and pushed him away gently.

“Creature huh?” I pretended to be offended, and crossed my arms over my chest. He smiled and picked me up by my butt and kissed me passionately.

“Yes, my little creature. No one else’s.” He mumbled between kisses. I heard someone clear there throat in the doorway and turned to see Alice smirking.

I was surprised that Edward had not set me down when he heard her thoughts coming this way, but instead he held onto me tightly and turned to her.

“Yep, she’s all ours now.” Alice smiled and walked over to us,

“So you sweet little love birds, what do you want to do tonight. We need to celebrate.” I raised my eyebrows, and she knew what I was questioning.

“Celebrate your moving in permanently silly!” I laughed and I squirmed a little so Edward would set me down.

Alice and I began to talk quickly about what we could do, while Edward finished unpacking my things.

“We could go catch a movie or something?” She questioned, the thought of leaving again didn’t appeal to me.

“Well, can we catch it on the couch?” She laughed, “How about some Chinese food too?” I questioned. She smiled and nodded her head.

“Sounds like one hell of a celebration to me.” She said and bounced out of the room.

Feeling Edwards eyes on my back, I turned around to see him sitting on my bed. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. Pressing my lips against his cool ones.

“I’m happy Edward.” I said. He looked at me with sad eyes,

“Then why don’t you want me in your head?” He asked, I hadn’t realized it but I was still guarding my thoughts. I quickly pushed the warmth away from the top of my head and let him in.

When are you going to move into my room? I questioned in my thoughts.

“I already have,” He smiled, “But I don’t think all of our things will fit in one room together.” I kissed the tip of his nose.

Your right, as usual. He chuckled loudly. Suddenly he looked towards the doorway,

“Carlisle wants us in his office.” My stomach gave a lurch, I only had bad memories in Carlisle’s office, and I didn’t want to make more. Edward grabbed my hand,

“No, he has good news.” I smiled and followed him out the door and down the hall.