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banner Heaven just moved to Eatonville Washington. Another move due to her "problems". She is dying inside as her parents distance themselves from there "freak" daughter. She doesn't know why she is freak, or how she ended up the way she is. Edward is bruised and broken after Bella chose a life with Jacob over him. Can Heaven let the Cullen's know her secret? Will Edward drop his walls and let this sweet stranger into his life? Will she ever find somewhere that she truly belongs?


3. Chapter 3

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Alice was driving me crazy. Telling me she saw this strange girl in my future. I only wanted one girl, and that was Bella. I had lost her. Plain and simple as that. I had lost the one person I have ever loved with all of my being. After the episode at her birthday party with Jasper, I felt secure, and sure that I could leave her, for her own safety. I remember clearly the day that I saw her again, that day I had went to the Volturi. I felt as if my life was completed once again. I thought everything would be okay.

After we had arrived back to Forks, things were okay with Bella and me, perfect actually. She still persisted on being one of us, that was until she continued to be surrounded by Jacob Black and the pack. It was like they followed her every movement, was with her every waking moment of the day. I dealt with it to the best of my ability, and tried to be okay with it. I think that was the biggest mistake I made. It was a little over four months after we had gotten back, that Bella had decided her future, and mine as well. She wanted to be with Jacob Black. So as bad as it hurt me, I let her go. I told her to go find happiness with Jacob, and I would make myself disappear. That is exactly what I did. So my family and I moved, to Eatonville, Washington. Only near 200 miles away from Forks, but a comfortable enough distance for me to keep.

Losing Bella was the worst thing to happen to me. I was merely a shell of my former self. I wallowed in my own self pity, never leaving home, other than to hunt. I knew I was unpleasant to be around, so I avoided everyone to the best of my ability. I didn’t not care to hunt with the others, or play baseball during the occasional thunderstorm. I preferred to be alone, and made that clear to everyone who tried to change it. I know that it was wrong of me to act this way, to my family especially. But I could not help it. The world was no longer what it once was to me.

Nearly a week ago, Alice had entered my room and told me what she had seen happen to a girl in Math. How her finger healed on its own. A few weeks previous to this Alice had a vision of someone, who was non-vampire. She said it was someone with extraordinary abilities and power. She said I too was in the vision, but she did not know what role I played. This person, I assumed, was the girl who was standing in my living room. I too sensed something different about this girl. It was like she intentionally blocked me off from her mind, one second I heard it, the next it was gone. Although she could be just a plain and simple idiot with limited thoughts.

Frankly I was not quit sure what Alice was doing bringing this human into our home. Intentionally going out to “rescue” her from the storm. She would have been okay. Jasper was still not completely able to avoid the human scent. I was not fully sure I could anymore either. Thinking back to seeing the girl in the living room, I couldn’t remember a scent. Maybe I had forgotten to breath. I had been doing that often. No longer was I the controlled, composed person I once was. I thirsted for human blood more than ever now, it was much harder for me to control myself around them.

Although, I could admit that the girl wasn’t attractive, she was nothing like my Bella. She did have striking eyes, the lightest blue I had seen on a human. I shook the thoughts of the preposterous girl out of my head. I stood up from the couch I had in my room, and walked to the doorway. I could still here Alice talking to her downstairs. Listening only a little more closely I could make out there conversation. I heard Alice’s voice a turn serious,

“You know Heaven, I sensed it, I knew you were different,” I listened to the girl, Heaven, give a nervous laugh, obviously scared of being exposed.

“What do you mean Alice? You barley know me.”

“Well I know you aren’t like most girls, your different. For example, you didn’t immediately start swooning over Edward.” I heard Alice laugh, and I could almost feel the tension leave Heaven’s body. I knew Alice was simply testing the waters. She was trying to uncover what part the girl played in my future.

“Well really, he may be your brother, but to me he isn’t nothing special”

My body stiffened, and I grimaced. Nothing special? How can this girl find me as nothing special. She had to have been lying. It was natural for a human to think we are special. To be attracted to everything about us. To be unaware of how dangerous we really were. I began to wonder to myself, that maybe this girl really is different, maybe Alice was right. Although different or not, it did not matter. My heart, though it no longer beat, belonged to one person only.

I looked to the window, and noticed that the rain had slowed to barley a drizzle. Tired of the mindless conversation downstairs, I walked to the window and peered out. My mind drifting to Bella, I almost didn’t notice the two umbrellas that were side by side, walking away from my home. Curiosity got the best of me. I opened my window and waited for them to walk a good 15 yards away from the house, and I jumped down. Walking over to the tree line I climbed one, high enough to be out of eye site to both Alice, and the girl. Jumping through the trees, I caught up to them. Looking down, I saw Alice pointing out the path to her, and then giving her a quick hug and walking away.

Still curious about this girl, and hoping to get a glimpse of what Alice was telling me about her, I continued through the trees. Looking down at her, I saw her close the umbrella, the rain was still drizzling but she didn’t seem very concerned about it. I studied her a little more closely, the best I could from the distance I was. She was walking down the path slowly, gazing around at everything around her. Then I realized she was not getting wet. There was not a drop of water on her, and the rain was going around her. It was like she had an invisible bubble surrounding her. I dropped down a few branches to get a better look, and to maybe catch a peek into her head.

As my foot was landing on the last branch it cracked, only a little, but loud enough for her to hear. I saw her glance up quickly, just as I was sliding around to the other side of the tree. Taking a quick peek down at her I saw she had stopped walking and was standing still staring up into the tree. Trying to tune in to her head, I heard nothing. It felt like there were rocks in my stomach. The only girl I had never been able to hear was Bella. I clearly was just not close enough, because there was no way that she was not thinking. Peeking back around the tree I saw that she had resumed walking. More carefully this time I jumped to the next tree, only to still not pick nothing up from her.

She still had not gotten a drop of rain on her, and this spiked my curiosity about her more. Following her until she reached the road, I was unable to pick anything up. I stayed back a few trees to be sure I was not seen from anyone on the street. Still watching her, as she stepped out on to the road, the rain started to hit her. Then suddenly, I picked up on her thoughts. Only not soon enough because, in just seconds they were gone. She was to far for me to here them any longer. Frustrated, I jumped to the ground, and ran home.

Approaching my house I saw Alice sitting on the edge of the deck. She hopped down, and floated over towards me.

“So what did you think of her Edward?”

“I think it was a stupid idea for you to bring her here, and I hope it does not happen again.” I grumbled in reply.

“Well if it was such a stupid idea, then why did you follow her to the road?” She gave me an innocent smile.

I was enraged, “For your information, I did not follow her to the road. She is the least of my concerns and she should be the least of yours too. You should know that I will never be with another human. Not even for friendship, let alone a relationship. So quit your pathetic attempt at matchmaking, because it is not going to work!” I saw the hurt in her face, and I stormed into the house.

I knew I had lied, but I couldn’t bring myself to admit any interest in anybody else. I walked up into my room, and threw myself down on my couch.

The girl interested me, big deal. It wasn’t an interest of attraction. I was curious as to why she could do the things she could. How could a human have powers like that? Most Vampires were limited to only one power, never have I seen any with more than one. This girl was human, and she had two that I already knew of. All of this baffled me greatly. Amidst my thoughts, I heard someone step into my doorway. Looking up I saw Jasper, his eyes were filled with sympathy. I felt my body begin to relax, and my nerves calm. Knowing this was Jasper’s doing, I became frustrated.

“Get out!” I nearly shouted.

My mind traveled to his thoughts,
Come on Edward, relax. Just give in for a few minutes maybe it will help.

“No.” This time I spoke with much less resistance, I could feel my body loosen up even more. Whether I liked it or not Jasper was going to have his way. Closing my mind off to everything else, I heard Jasper speak,

“You know, Alice wasn’t trying to make you angry man. We are all just so sick and tired of seeing you moping around here like it is the end of the world,” he saw the anger rising in my face and paused,
“Don’t get me wrong here Edward. We all know you love and miss Bella, but you yourself knew how possible it was for things to end up this way. She decided this was not the life for her. You know that if you had the choice, you wouldn’t have chosen this life either. She has found happiness. It’s time for you to do the same buddy.”

I felt myself get angry again, but it was overpowered by a huge wave of sadness. No matter the strength of Jasper’s soothing, nothing was going to help. I knew I had to let go, and move on with my life.

If vampires could cry, I would have spent all of my days weeping. I sighed, and Jasper gave me a half smile,

“Maybe you should go back to school with Alice. It would help take your mind off of it. Don’t give the excuse that you can’t hold your thirst. Because you know who your talking to.”

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll give it a try.” my voice was filled with sorrow. He gave me a sympathetic look, turned and walked out. Sighing, wishing that I could sleep and escape all of the pain, I stood up. Hunting was my only option now, I needed to clear my mind of everything.

Walking into the living room, I saw Alice sitting on the couch reading a book. I felt bad for the way I had talked and acted towards her.

“Alice, I just wanted to apologize. I know your only trying to help me” She looked up from her book and smiled at me. That was the Alice I knew, one to never lose her smile.

“It’s okay Edward, I just want to see you happy again. We all do.” She, like Jasper, had the same sympathetic look in her eyes. I was really getting tired of that.

“Well I just talked to Jasper, and I’m thinking about starting school again with you. Maybe it will help me take my mind off things, I hope.”

She didn’t reply and only smiled back at me. I knew she saw what my decision was going to be. She also knew how, lately, I hated it when she told me these things.

“Well I’m going hunting,” I told her and headed out the door.

The rain had stopped, and the skies were overcast. After hunting for nearly two hours, and ravishing two deer, I had my fill, and felt a little better. I decided to just wonder around for awhile, thinking about my decision to start school again. After walking for nearly fifteen minutes I came up to a fence line. Hopping over it, I realized that I was in someone’s back yard. The house in front of me was a very large, two story home. I had never seen this house before, due to the fact that I had not gone exploring often, usually only hunting fairly close to home.

Suddenly I heard a door close, and looked up to see none other than the girl that was standing in my living room earlier today. I quickly shielded myself behind a bush, and this time, I picked up on her thoughts clearly.

Why can’t they just call me, and let me know that they are okay. Don’t they understand what this does to me? But why should they, what kind of parents would want a daughter like me, a freak. No wonder they never want to be around me. No wonder they take up every business trip they can. I hate my life and I hate this place.

I could see the sadness in her face, and watched her throw herself down in a chair on the patio.

Why me, why did I have to be born like this, it’s just not…

Suddenly her thoughts cut off, and I could no longer hear them. I knew this time it was not the distance, I knew it was something she was doing that was cutting me off from her mind. I saw tears streaming down her face now, as she curled herself into a ball and held onto her knees. Not being able to stand to watch someone else in hopeless misery, it only reminding me of my own, I hopped back over the fence and started on my way back to my house. I had made my mind up now, I was going to start school. I could not live in this misery any longer. I was going to find a life again. I was going to find happiness again, with or without Bella. As hard and trying as it may be.