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banner Heaven just moved to Eatonville Washington. Another move due to her "problems". She is dying inside as her parents distance themselves from there "freak" daughter. She doesn't know why she is freak, or how she ended up the way she is. Edward is bruised and broken after Bella chose a life with Jacob over him. Can Heaven let the Cullen's know her secret? Will Edward drop his walls and let this sweet stranger into his life? Will she ever find somewhere that she truly belongs?


9. Chapter 9

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In the dining room, Carlisle was studying the painting on my wall. He turned to Edward and nodded his head, “Yes, this is Aro and Caius alright. That I’m sure of.” He turned to me,

“So this was passed down from your great-great grandfather I understand.”

“As far as I’m aware.” I replied.

“Interesting. That would lead to assume that your great-great grandfather was a one of us, but I believe that would be impossible.” He took a seat at the dining room table, and motioned for me to take the one at the end. Edward was standing behind Carlisle studying me.

“So Alice and Edward have both informed me of your abilities, I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, of course not.” I smiled to reassure my reply.

He reached out to touch my arm, “May I?” I nodded my head. His hand ran over the air, I felt him apply a bit more pressure. He then pulled his hand away.

“Amazing! Would you mind showing me your other abilities?” He questioned, I smiled.

“Not at all.” I focused my attention on a cup of water, that was left over from a few days previous, sitting on the table. I lifted it up, my eyes staying connected with it. I saw from the corner of my eye that Carlisle was watching it closely.

I moved it towards Edward, positioning it above his head. I flicked my eyes quickly and the cup tipped over and the small amount of water in it spilled onto him. He jumped away quickly,

“Hey!” he shouted, wiping away the water that was dripping down his forehead. I heard Carlisle laugh loudly. Letting the cup drop to the floor I turned to Carlisle and smiled proudly.

He continued laughing, I glanced towards Edward and saw a small smile playing on his lips. I pushed my guard away from me, it still hovered up to my waist.

Now were even. I looked towards him and smiled. He attempted to look angry, but I could see the humor in his eyes. I turned back to Carlisle.

“I heal very quickly also, and I bleed very little, if at all. I’ll show you if you’d like.” He nodded his head; I stood and walked to the kitchen to grab a paring knife. When I was reaching for it, I felt cold hands grab my waist and pull me away.

“No, you’re not going to demonstrate. I’m sure Carlisle will see it soon enough.”

I turned around to face him, “Your not my boss Edward, I can show him if I’d like. It will be gone in seconds.”

His face contorted with anger, “That doesn’t mean that is won’t hurt. You can wait until he draws your blood.”

Carlisle rounded the corner into the kitchen, “He’s right Heaven, I’ll see it when I draw your blood. I shouldn’t have requested such a thing.”

I looked up at Edward.

“Fine. Now let go.” I tried to push his hands off of me but they didn’t budge. He looked down at his hands for a second, then let go quickly.

“So when do you want me to bring her to the hospital?” He asked, Carlisle shook his head.

“I’d rather do it at home; I need to go do my rounds at the hospital right now, so perhaps I can do it when I return.” Edward nodded and walked Carlisle to the door; I heard Carlisle mumble something unintelligible and then the door close.

Edward returned to the kitchen. I had positioned myself comfortably on the island counter. He leaned against the counter next to me and studied me for a short moment. I felt the warmth traveling up over me, and I shut him out of my head.

“What are you thinking?” He asked. I looked at him in surprise.

“I shut you out of my head, because I don’t want you there Edward. What makes you think I would tell you?” He laughed and ran his hand threw his bronze hair. I looked more closely at his face, at his lips. I remembered the dream I had and my cheeks flushed.

“Blushing? I can only imagine what you’re thinking about.” He smiled at me again. I shoved him playfully, not moving him an inch.

“Well, I need to call Alice to see if I’m staying at your house again.” I hopped off the counter and walked towards the phone.

“You are,” he said “Alice needed to stay home to go buy a bed for the spare bedroom. I believe she thinks you will run away if one of us aren’t with you at all times.” We laughed simultaneously.

“So are you ready to go back to the house?” He questioned, I looked around.

“Actually I need to go upstairs and grab a few things. I’ll be right back.” I turned and ran up the stairs, sadly not wanting to stay in my own home any longer than I had to.

In my room I grabbed a large overnight bag from my closet and began putting some clothes into it. I walked over to my vanity table, and opened the drawer to grab my I-pod. While shuffling through things to find it, I heard Edward in the doorway,

“Wow you have a really nice room.” I turned and saw him stepping inside and looking around. He approached my bed and placed his hand on it. He surprised me by turning around and falling back onto it.

Staring up at the ceiling, his voice was pained, “The last time I laid on a bed was with Bella. Before I even began to speak to her, I would climb into her window at night and watch her sleep.”

I thought about the two nights I had awoke to him sitting near my feet.

“Before long, I was lying in bed next to her holding her. Though I would always have to keep a blanket between us, for otherwise she would start to shiver.”

He turned his head to look at me, “When I was holding you last night, you didn’t start to shiver. Didn’t the cold of my skin bother you?”

I felt a few butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t understand why he would refer to our friendly hug as him holding me. I walked over to the bed and sat down.

“Your skin is not that cold Edward. It’s a comfortable chill, almost like dipping my hand in room temperature water. I don’t see how it could make anyone shiver.”

He grimaced, “No Heaven, my skin is cold. I do not see how you can compare it to room temperature water. Bella would always shiver, even her teeth would begin to clatter. She’s kept warm every night now though, I‘m sure. The animal she is with, his body is always hot, degrees above the average persons temperature.”

I could hear the hatred falling from his every word. Silence fell upon us for minutes, we both sat wrapped up in our own thoughts. After what seemed like nearly half an hour I stood up from the bed. Edward’s eyes did not leave the ceiling, he didn’t move at all. I continued to gather my things and put them in the bag. Before long I was standing at the foot of my bed, my bag in hand.

“Ready to go Edward?” He didn’t reply, “Edward?” He sat up slowly and looked at me, the pain in his eyes evident.

“Why did God have to punish me like this? Why did I have to become a monster?” He cupped his head in his hands. I pushed my guard away from me and sat next to him on my bed.

I put my arms around his shoulders, “Your not a monster Edward. You are a beautiful person, someone who deserves so much more.”

He laid his head down in my lap and screamed a low guttural scream. It came from deep inside of him. I ran my fingers through his hair while he let out more disturbing, painful sounds. I knew there were no tears running from his eyes, yet he was crying. We sat like this for awhile, until he sat up and let out a deep breath of air.

We stood up and walked down the stairs in silence. The entire ride home was silent and slow. We enjoyed the scenery around us, and the comfortable silence that we held between us.

When we arrive back to the Cullen house it was near dark, and the lights were on inside the house. Once inside, Alice came bolting down the stairs.

“Heaven!” I could see the exuberance in her face, “Come upstairs. Look what I got for you.”

I turned around and looked back at Edward, he was smiling an “I told you so” smile.

I followed her up the stairs, nearly running to keep up. She stopped me in front of the last door on the right and smiled widely.

“Okay now close your eyes.” I closed my eyes and felt her grab my hand, I heard the click of the doorknob and I took two steps in as she pulled me.

“Okay open them.” When I opened my eyes, I was shocked.

The room was large, the walls were a light beige. The carpet was fluffy and only a shade or two darker. In the center of the room was one of the largest canopy beds I’d ever seen. The comforter was pink, matching the canopy that hung around it.

On each side were dark mahogany side tables. Eight to nine feet away from the end of the bed was a matching dresser, it was long and short with a large mirror sprawling across the top of it. On the right wall next to the doorway were two ceiling high mirrors, which I discovered were the doors to my closet Alice had filled for me.

“Oh my..” I was speechless.

“This is your room now, so feel free to make whatever changes that you’d like.” Tears of happiness came to my eyes. I turned to her and threw my arms around her neck.

“Thank you Alice, Thank you so much. I don’t deserve any of this.” She held me out at arms length,

“You deserve all of it Heaven. More than you could know yet.” I looked at her in question, but before I could ask, she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and bounced out of the room. I took a few more steps into the room, looking around, studying the beauty of it all.

I ran my hands over the comforter on the bed, and climbed up on it. I felt like I was sinking into a giant marshmallow. I had been laying in my new bed a few moments when I felt the warmth rising up my feet. I lifted myself up on my elbows to see Edward walking into the room with my bag in his hand. He was looking around, though no surprise showed in his eyes.

“Alice really went at it this time didn’t she?” He looked at me, “Here are your things, you forgot them in the car.”

“Thanks.” I mumbled in response.

When he was walking out he turned back to me, “Carlisle is going to be home soon, so I’m going to go and get everything he needs set up for him to draw your blood.”

He was gone before I had the chance to reply.

I woke up with a cold hand gently shaking my arm, “Heaven, Carlisle is here.” I rubbed my eyes and looked up to see Alice hovering above me.

I sat up and stretched my arms, “Man Alice, you sure can pick them. I don’t even remember falling asleep.”

She laughed, “So you like it?”

“Of course, I love it.” I stood up from the bed and followed her out. She took me to the first door on the right of the long hallway.

I walked in to a room that was much larger than the rest I’d seen in the house. There was a large desk in the center of it. I saw a metallic metal table set up next to what looked like a phlebotomist’s chair. Carlisle was seated behind the desk, and Edward was laying things out on the metal table.

When Carlisle looked up and saw me he stood.

“Hello Heaven, go on and have a seat over there.” He nodded his head towards the chair. Sitting in the chair I fought to keep my guard down and began to sing a song in my head. Edward looked at me and smirked.

“You need to switch it up; I’m getting sick of the same old songs Heaven.” Everyone began to laugh.

Carlisle walked over to me, and slid rubber gloves over his hands.

“Alice you might want to leave the room for a few moments.” He said.

She smiled and pranced out the door. I glanced over at Edward and Carlisle noticed and chuckled,

“Edward is much more tolerant, he’s dealt with extremities.” As soon as he said it I could almost feel Edward wince. Carlisle looked at him apologetically.

“Alright Heaven, I’m going to use a butterfly needle, so your not going to feel anything more than a pinch alright?” I nodded my head in response. I watched as Edward carefully tied the band around my upper arm.

Carlisle gently tapped on my arm, “Okay you ready?” I nodded my head and looked at the needle, he brought it up to my arm and I felt the prick, but before it could puncture my vein, I watched the needle bend in half. I glanced up at Carlisle, “What’s going on why did it do that?”

He looked up at Edward in surprise, then gently pulled the needle out. The hole in my arm sealing quickly

“I don’t understand.” He shook his head as if trying to dismiss a thought, “Edward please hand me another butterfly. Edward walked over to a cabinet and got the needle, handing it to Carlisle.

Carlisle tried again, and the needle did the same thing this time also. I began to get confused. Is there something wrong with me? More than there already is? I questioned in my thoughts.

“No, there is nothing wrong with you. It’s alright. We‘ll figure it out.” Edward said. I looked at him, grateful for him being in my head for once.

“No Heaven, there is nothing wrong. Edward go ahead and hand me a 21g, it’s the green top.” Edward returned to us with a needle that was much larger and longer. He pulled the band on my upper arm tighter and I could feel it pinching, “Sorry, I know it hurts a little.” I watched as Carlisle tried to insert the larger needle into my arm.

This one too barley punctured my skin, and before it could enter the vein the needle snapped in half. Tears sprung to my eyes, “What’s wrong, why can’t you get it to work?” My voice was shaking. Carlisle pulled the broken piece of needle out of my arm.

“Heaven, I’m not quite sure what is going on. I would like to try something, but I can only do this with your consent.”

Edward interjected, “Carlisle I don’t think that’s a good idea, we don’t know what would happen if it were to enter her blood stream.”

I looked back at him, “If what…”

Carlisle cut me off, “Edward, if I can get a puncture into the vein, any of it that would have a chance to enter her blood stream will be pulled out with the blood that I’m drawing.” I looked back and forth between the two of them,

“Still Carlisle..”

“I’m requesting her permission Edward, if she consents then I will try. I need a blood sample. If she or we ever want to figure out why she is different, then this is how I need to begin.” Edward let out a defeated sigh.

Carlisle turned back to me, “Heaven, I’m not sure if you have been made aware that we, as in my family and I and those who are like us, have venom. Venom is the only thing that can puncture our skin.” I nodded my head, still not catching on, he continued

“So, I would like to use just a small bit of my venom to try to puncture your skin, only enough to get through to the hypodermis and get a vein.” I looked between him and Edward, and I saw the concern on Edwards face.

“What’s the catch? What could happen?” I asked.

“Edwards concerned of what could happen if my venom were to enter your bloodstream, which I can assure you it will not. It will be pulled out with the blood. That is, if I can even break through the dermis.”

“Why would I need you to use venom though, I’m not like you. I don’t understand.”

“I would just like to test out a hypothesis, and hope that it will be successful. If it is not, then we can move on to something else.” I looked back to Edward and seen the pained expression on his face when I thought of my decision.

“Alright, give it a try.” I watched Carlisle walk over to the cabinet and retrieve another large needle, this time though I saw him dip the point into a small vile.

When he returned, I took a deep breath of air.

“Alright, are you ready?” I nodded my head nervously. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Edward staring at the needle getting ready to penetrate my arm.

This time, when Carlisle inserted the needle I felt it break through my layers of skin, I screamed out in pain. I had never in my life felt pain so excruciating. I felt the warmth begin to rise up my legs, trying to rid whatever was hurting me. Tear’s came to my eyes.

“Breath, Heaven.” I heard Edward from behind me. I took a deep breath of air, and pushed my guard down. I watched Carlisle put a new vile on the end of the needle and more blood flowed out into it. I screamed again. Edward put more pressure on my shoulder with his hand, a failed attempt to distract me from the pain.

“Were almost done Heaven.” Tear’s flowed freely from my eyes now, and I felt dizzy. The room started spinning around me, I heard Edward and he seemed far away,

“That’s enough Carlisle, she’s about to faint.” I felt the needle being pulled out of my arm; the pain diminished, but did not go away entirely. It was radiating up into my shoulder and down to my fingers. The room was still fuzzy, and I felt my stomach churn.

The bile rose up into my mouth, Carlisle put a bucket in front of me, and I leaned over it and vomited profusely. I felt a cold hand on my cheek and leaned into it, resting my head. The sensation on my clammy skin helped my nausea; I felt my stomach begin to settle slightly. I looked up; it was Edward’s palm I felt on my cheek. Carlisle was writing something quickly on a notepad.

“Can I have some water please?” I felt my stomach turn over again. Edward nodded his head and ran out the door. He was back in no more than a minute with a bottle of water for me. I put it up to my lips and took a long drink. Edward put both of his cool hands on my cheeks, and I took a deep breath.

Thank you, it’s helping. He nodded his head in understanding, I looked over at Carlisle and he was still writing on the yellow notepad.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Terrible.” I replied.

“I’m going to run these samples to the lab and get them in for testing. I’ll be back in a few hours to check up on you.” I nodded my head and watched him walk out.

I need to go outside, fresh air. Edward took his hands away from my face and stepped back to let me stand. I pushed myself up and when I stood I felt my legs begin to shake. As they collapsed out from under me, Edward threw out his hands and caught me.

The room started spinning again. I felt him pick me up, and hold me like I was an infant. I nestled my face in the crook of his neck savoring the cool sensation. I felt a slight warmth near my feet, but this time it didn’t travel up my legs.

He carried me to my bedroom and laid me down on my bed. I closed my eyes, sleep getting ready to take me over. I heard the window open, and felt the cool wind on my face. Inhaling deeply, I soon fell asleep.

After hours of nightmares about the needles, and the pain I had experienced, I felt a slight shift of the bed. Seconds later I felt cool arms wrap around me from behind, and a cold body mold against me. For a moment I thought I was still dreaming until I felt his icy breath on the back of my neck. I inhaled his scent deeply, and snuggled my body closer to his. I listened to his steady breathing, not saying a word, nor thinking a thing. Before long, I fell into a dreamless, comfortable sleep.