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Bella and Edward had a beautiful wedding and very passionate honeymoon. Now, it seems, they are paying for all their happiness. Bella is pregnant with Edwards child but he doesn't want it. This is Bella's POV of her pregnancy. We know what Jacob saw but what did we miss behind Bella and Edward's closed door? Rated adult for later chapters.

Hello all you wonderful readers. As the summery says, this is the pregnancy from BPOV. Some of it is sad, some is a little kinky, but mostly, it's revealing. I usually don't post unless I have the entire story mapped out but this time, I'm posting as I write. Hopefully you like it. Also, please review and help with ideas. Finally, I do not own the Saga or it's characters, those honours belong to SM.

5. Chapter 5

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Edward continued to rub the bruised welts on the lower part of my stomach while I leaned against him, getting more and more anxious about the “treatment” suggestion. Now I was not only in pain from the headache, but I was also stressed and nervous, which was causing pressure to return to my temples.

I didn’t want to push Edward though; he seemed awkward enough about what he, or we, were going to do. So I just waited, letting the pressure slowly rebuild inside my head. After about a minute of nothing but our slow breathing and Edward’s gentle messages, Edward started to slowly slide his left hand lower down my stomach, while entwining the fingers on our right hands and resting them on his thigh. His left hand didn’t stop though; it kept plunging lower and lower down my stomach, to my pelvis and to my surprise, in between my legs.

The sudden feel of Edward’s hand caressing me, rubbing me gently and tenderly, sent an instantaneous jolt through my body. I had wanted him to touch me like this all morning, but he had refused. “Edward?” I half moaned and half questioned, almost too quietly for my own ears. I didn’t understand where this was coming from. A couple of hours ago, he literally pushed me away, and now when I’m in immense pain, he’s ready to pleasure me?

“It’s supposed to help,” he whispered into my left ear.

“But… this morning…”I challenged in between breaths. I was already feeling the effect of his movements over me.

“I know, but you’re in pain. We at least have to try.”

He slowly slid his finger in at the top of my slit, making tender circles over my bundle of nerves. The pleasure was instant and I could feel warmth running through me. There was an immediate new centre to my body, pumping liquid lust through every vein and all my extremities. I felt strange being excited and yet still in extreme pain.

I could tell that Edward was hesitant. He didn’t like touching me this way when I was in pain. He especially didn’t like touching me sexually knowing that it was a situation like this that got me into the current situation that I as in. But Edward continued to rub my spot with careful and gentle touches, his soft fingers knowing exactly what I wanted, what I needed.

He was teasing me though, touching me so lightly. He would sporadically put the slightest pressure on me and it would send a quick rush through my system. And although right now, in this situation, it was better that he went slowly and carefully so that I would remain somewhat in control of my body and not end up making my pain worse, all I wanted was his hands all over me.

“Harder”, I whispered lightly, while lifting my left arm to wrap around the back of Edwards neck, pressing my back closer into him. I could feel his touch increase in pressure while he quickened his movement. My back was arching slightly as my breath was coming deeper and quicker. I knew that Edward could hear my heart starting to race.

My body started rocking with the movement of his hand. I could feel myself rubbing up against Edward and I could feel him reacting to my motion. He was getting aroused. His breath was coming faster and was blowing sweetly across my face.

He pressed his cold lips into the side of my neck, kissing me softly and slowly letting his tongue slip out to taste my skin. His right hand slid away from mine and moved to my hips. Edward gripped the right side, as he slowly started moving my hips against him with more pressure. He was grinding me against his now obvious and throbbing arousal.

Before I realized what he was doing, he removed his left hand from pleasuring me, and slid it up to the other side of my waist. Edward stood up, picking me up with him, turning me around at the same moment to face him. He slid both hands down my waist to the top of my legs, lifting me up to wrap my legs around his waist while he carried me out of the tub. As soon as I was in his arms, I pressed my urgent lips against his, wrapping my arms around his neck and forcing our wet bodies tighter together. I could easily feel his arousal against my leg and knew that this was a battle for him as well. Although mine was a battle between ultimate pleasure and searing pain, his was a battle of right and wrong. I knew Edward well enough to know that he believed it was right to help me no matter the cost, but to him, this felt very, very wrong.

But Edward didn’t relent. He kissed me back just as fiercely, causing low moans to flow out of my mouth and into his. As he walked out of the bathroom, he removed his left hand from under me and slid it between our bodies to once again start to pleasure me. My body shook slightly in his arms as he continued to rub me with more intensity than before.

Edward removed his left hand after only a few seconds, causing a whimper of protest to escape my lips. I felt him slowly lean me back against the bed and climb on top of me. I opened my eyes for the first time since we entered the bathroom. Although it still hurt to focus my eyes, I had to try and push the pain away. I needed to look at Edward. We said nothing to each other as our eyes locked together. He saw pain and lust in mine and I saw suffering in his. Neither of us wanted this to happen this way. And although this pleasure was helping my headache, it was causing Edward so much agony and distress. To me, it wasn’t worth it. I would give up the greatest pleasure in the world and suffer each and every day with this pain if it would keep that look from Edward’s eyes.

I slowly reached up my right hand and softly stroked his cheek. As soon as my hand touched his face, his eyes fell closed and he leaned into my hand. “It’s not worth it Edward,” I whispered, “not if it’s torturing you this much”. He took in a deep breath. “Are you still in pain?” he asked with his eyes still closed. I didn’t answer. I didn’t want to tell him that my head was still pounding and it felt like my eyes were bleeding just looking at him. But he took my silence as a confirmation of his thoughts. He opened his eyes, looked at me and lovingly whispered “then it’s worth it.” He leaned down to gently kiss me.

As the kiss got deeper, I felt him reposition himself on top of me, placing both of his hands beside my head and slowly lowering his still wet body closer to mine. He pulled his lips away from me, taking another deep breath and then ever so slowly, he slid inside me. He was more careful and more cautious than our first time together, but as soon as he entered me, my back arched up at the welcome intrusion and I let out a soft groan. My eyes snapped back shut as my arms instinctively wrapped around Edward’s neck, pulling him closer and deeper into me. With our foreheads pressed together, Edward moved slowly in and out of me. My breath was already ragged from earlier in the bathtub, but it continued to flow quickly, causing my chest to rise and lower at a faster than normal pace.

It felt amazing finally having Edward inside me, it seemed like forever since we were together and my body had been yearning for him. With each slow and measured thrust, a new and electrifying pulse ran through my body. The feeling of Edward, my husband, my life, giving me such an intense pleasure during such an intense time made this moment even more passionate. The feel of his arousal rubbing inside me, sliding slightly faster and pushing harder into me was pushing me close to the edge. I was getting to my finale faster than I wanted to. I wanted this moment to last all night (minus the headache, the pressure behind my eyes and the ringing in my ears).

Edward pulled his face away from mine as he slid his right hand across my left shoulder, up the side of my neck and cupped the side of my face. He gently pulled me into a very deep and passionate kiss. The feel of his lips, somehow hard and yet soft against mine, pushed me even further into the moment. I absorbed every thrust he made, savored every kiss and laid to memory every sensation of him touching me. I felt the walls inside me begin to shutter as every inch of my body seemed to flex with the intensity of my climax. The wave of pure pleasure seemed to wash away the pulsing pain in my head, as if my body and brain were only capable of housing one of these feelings at a time.

My chest heaved up into Edward’s and he snaked his left arm under my back, pressing our bodied closer together. I was only able to get out “EDW…” before breathy, erratic moans took over my voice. My walls were pulsing against Edward as he slowly continued to push deep inside me. With one last movement, Edward went tense and still on top of me and I could feel his climax begin as mine was ending. It was as if our bodies knew each other and worked together to prolong this moment of ecstasy.

My body fell limply back onto the bed while Edward kept himself propped up on top of me, both of us struggling to control our breathing. I opened my eyes to look at Edward’s face, still twisted and distorted. I couldn’t tell if it was still from his orgasm, or from his earlier torture, and to be honest, I didn’t want to know. His “treatment” plan had worked, killing two birds with one stone; my headache was almost completely gone, although I could still feel it slightly lingering, and my yearning and desire for Edward was fed.

Edward slowly slid his body out and off of mine, lying down beside me. I automatically rolled onto my left side and curled my hot and sweaty body into his beautifully cold one. I ran my right hand over his chest and I cradled myself into his side, kissing his shoulder, neck and jaw. I was quickly being pulled under by the feelings of completion and exhaustion. “Thank you” I softly whispered into his shoulder, “I love you”.

Edward said nothing, as I slowly drifted to sleep.