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The Fire...

big thanks to "Victoria" She helped this story is about Leah, Jacob and Seth caught in a fire at the Clearwater house. ENJOY!!!**** WE NEED MORE REVIEWS!!!!HELP US!!!Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

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1. Chapter 1

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He lay next to me in my large bed, his arm around my waist as it was every night for the past two years since he admitted he loved me. We were both on the brink of sleep, when his melodic voice spoke into my ear,

“Do you smell that?” he asked quickly taking a sniff at the air, i turned over annoyed at his attempt to wake me.

“Jake, there is nothing, go to sleep. I am really tired.” I respond to him, but not happily.

“No, Leah, i smell smoke! babe. Get up!” he calls frantically from my bedroom door, where he was holding his forehand against the door, feeling for the temperature, i think.

“Get up!” he says fiercer now. So i obey and get out of my warm bed, where he did lye two minutes ago, i go over to the door and scowl at him while i open the door,

“See... Holy!-“ i said as i was met with a bright yellow flames, licking up the innocent walls of the hallway.

“Where is Seth?” i scream at Jacob,

“In his bed... go and get him NOW!” he shouts back. Simultaneously i run towards Seth’s bedroom that is at the end of the hall, opposite of the opposing fire. I barge against his door, shouting “Seth! Seth! Get up now!” i found him lying wrapped in white sheets still asleep. I saw Jacob come in from behind me and grab Seth and headed towards the window, shouting at me to open it and throw his mattress out so we could land on it. I did as he said and flung the small mattress out of the window that was bigger, Jake told me to jump first, then he would throw Seth out and hope i would catch him, so i did; i jumped out and landed on the clean grass, letting the filtered air fill my lungs as it rushed to get in. I turned around and saw Jacob holding a still sleeping Seth out the window about to launch him to me; i had my arms ready for him to fall.

I caught him with grace, and then laid him on the cool grass that felt lovely against your feet, Jake then jumped from the window and landed crouched on the mattress, he began to cough harshly. I ran over to him and helped him steady himself.

I suddenly hear sirens filling the air, rather than the blazing of the fire, that sounded like it was fairly enjoying the taste of my house.

“Miss, Mr. What happened?” asked a firefighter, that came rushing over to us, as we sat and cradled a sleeping Seth.

“We just smelt a burning smell and my boyfriend went over to the door to feel it so hot that it could have burnt him, we don’t know where it has come from but we did our best to keep from collapsing.” I said in a hurried voice, whilst brushing my fingers through Seth’s matted, black hair that was spread over my left leg.

“What are your names?” The fire fighter asked us, as he watched his team mates try to put out the blazing house.

“Leah and Seth Clearwater and Jacob Black” it was probably the wrong time but i loved saying his name, Jacob Black, Jacob Black. Very nice indeed. Anyway, the fire fighter told me that an ambulance was coming so we could go to the La Push Hospital. I suddenly felt very wary of the ambulance. Jacob said it would be ok, but i was not that convinced yet.