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A Tale in Time

A story in a poem! About Bella and Edward, Of course.


1. Dreams

Rating 5/5   Word Count 143   Review this Chapter

Running for something?

But this time there is!

And if I can't save my life,

Then I have to save his.

They can't fight,

and Paris can't fall

Because he's still

my best friend after all

I have to get to them

To save them in time

Because if anyone dies

the fault will be mine

My breath is so short

Can i get there in time?

Do I have another resort?

THere they are

Screaming about

And my path is blocked

So I have to find another route

They are fight now

They can't hear my call

and I know one of them will fall

And with a start I jump awake

Realizing that my dream was just fake

SO real it seemed

but it twas my mind that dreamed

Edward rushes to me

he's by my side

like evey other

time that I've cried

Up all night I stay

not wanting to dream

because I don't want to think

of how real it'll seem