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A Tale in Time

A story in a poem! About Bella and Edward, Of course.


2. Graduation

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Last week of school

And I can't wait

seven more days till

I graduate

And now that day is

Finally Here

I scream and shout

And yell and cheer

The graduating class

of two thousand and eight

And soon I'll meet my fate

At graduation

I walk into the school

As I look at Edward

I started to drool

Then I saw Alice

to my right

And when she took me shopping

it lasted all night

With Edward and Alice

By my side

And luckily the sun

decided to hide

The rain falls

Down to the ground

And the thunder adds

A spooky sound

As we take our seats

In the gym

I look into the crowd

and See HIM

Whats he doing

He can't be here

Oh no

This is my bigist fear

Coming true

Uh-oh what am I

going to Do?