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A Blessing and a Curse

Jacob comes back just before Bella's wedding and she is quite excited to see him. When she gets sick on her honeymoon, everyone believes that it's Edward's baby... but Bella isn't so sure.

Mwahaha. This is a test for myself... thank goodness I have a friend that can come up with loverly ideas.

1. Welcome Home

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“No, he's still not home,” said Leah impatiently. I sighed. Jacob had been missing for six weeks, and I couldn't stop thinking about him. The werewolves had told me that he had gone as far as Canada, and had assured me that he was okay, but I had to double check whenever I had the chance.

“Thanks,” I said, defeated. “Let me know-”

“If anything changes, I know,” interrupted Leah. I hung up the phone. Even though Leah was insufferable, I knew I had to be civil. The only reason I was talking to her was because Seth wasn't home. He was usually the one I talked to about Jacob. They were my only connections with the werewolves.

The only reason I could call them in the first place was because the Cullens were out hunting. Edward didn't like it when I called about Jacob. It was rare that he even let me stay at my own house anymore. Charlie didn't mind, though. He knew that half the time I was at the Cullen's planning the wedding with Alice. At the moment, he was at Billy's watching the game. He'd be out late.

After I hung up, I decided to take a shower. I turned the water as hot as it could go. For some reason, the everyday task of washing my hair took my mind off of everything that was wrong. I didn't think about Jacob, or the fight that Edward and I had got in before he left.

I had been trying endlessly to convince Edward to change me. I knew that I couldn't wait until after the wedding. The Volturi were not going to give us a second chance if they checked up on us and I was still human. He insisted, though, that I could wait just a little longer. It seemed that our fights were getting more intense lately, and happening more often. It was rare that we ever said goodbye to each other when we were angry, but this time we certainly did. He didn't even drive me home; Alice was the one who had to do it.

When I was out of the shower and ready for bed, I couldn't seem to calm down. I was infuriated at Edward, and I knew that it would be too easy from him to calm me down when he got back. He knew how to make me forgive him, even when I didn't want to. I was also anxious because I was missing Jacob. I wanted him to come back more than anything. I hated myself for hurting him.

I sat in my bed for what seemed like hours, but when I glanced at the clock, less than five minutes had passed. I was more than relieved when I heard a tapping at the window.

“Edward, I'm still not sure if I'm ready to talk to you yet,” I said as I hopped out of bed and threw open the window. I automatically stepped aside, expecting him to leap gracefully into the room.

“You're not talking to the bloodsucker?” asked someone who I was not expecting. He jumped into the room. “Speaking of, where is he?”

“Jacob?” I gasped.

He stood up straight, and I saw what he'd been through just by looking at him. His hair had grown out considerably and there were still raindrops on his bare chest. He smiled. “You look like you've seen a ghost,” he laughed. “Now where is Edward, again?”

I was so, so happy to have him back, but that was not the prominent emotion. I was livid. “Hunting... Jacob, how dare you leave without telling anyone where you're going? You had me worried sick! I cannot believe that you just left me, especially without saying goodbye!” I yelled. I was just glad Charlie wasn't home. He'd be quite alarmed to see Jacob, who everyone thought was dead at this point, standing in the middle of my room.

“Woah, Bella. You have no room to talk! I can't believe you're honestly mad at me right now. You're the one that is marrying the leech. No, you have no right to be mad at me,” said Jacob, throwing his hands into the air.

I turned around. “Jacob, stop. I'm not even sure you're really here.” It was true. I had been known to hallucinate before...

Jacob laughed harshly. “You're kidding, right?”

“No!” I exclaimed. “Shut up, Jacob.”

“No, what makes you think this isn't really me?” he pressed.

“Because... because you were away for so long and everyone thought you were dead and the wolves wouldn't talk to me and I was worried, and I miss you, so I could just be dreaming!” I explained quickly.

“Really? It's not like I would leave you alone with a clan of bloodsuckers. I did check up on you.”

Quit calling them bloodsuckers.”

“But that's what they are,” insisted Jacob.

“Oh, well forgive me if I'm in love with someone that you don't approve of,” I said sarcastically.

Jacob put his hands on my shoulders and spun me around. “Okay, Bella. I didn't come here to fight with you.”

I closed my eyes. “Okay. I'm going to wake up now.”

“Bella, I am real!” he exclaimed. “I am here, right in front of you.”

I sighed. “Prove it, then. Prove to me that I am not dreaming.”

A moment later, Jacob pinched my arm. My eyes flew open. “Ow, jerk!”

Jacob smiled. “See, I'm real! You are awake. I proved it.”

“That just proves that my dream Jake is kind of a jerk,” I retorted.

“You're driving me crazy...” sighed Jake. “Maybe I should just leave.”

“No!” I exclaimed quickly. Even though I knew I was dreaming, dream Jacob was better than nothing... even if he was being beyond irritating.

He smiled. “Oh, so you'll miss me then?” I lifted my hand to slap him. He caught it before it hit him. He pulled me into his chest. His face was inches from mine. “So you'll miss me then,” he repeated.

I looked into his eyes. “Yes,” I breathed.

“Do you still think you're dreaming?” he whispered.

I nodded. “I've done it before.”

“Is there anything I can do to change your mind?”

I shook my head.

“There has to be something.”

“No. The pack said that you were gone! Leah just told me you were in Canada. I didn't know whe-”

He interrupted me by pressing his lips to mine.

I pushed his away gently. “Jacob,” I warned.

“No,” he growled. “I just proving to you I'm real, just like you said I couldn't.”

He kissed me again, and this time I didn't fight back. I had missed Jacob severely, and if kissing him made him real, then I was fine with it. He put his hands on my hips and pushed me onto the bed. I knew it was wrong, and I knew where it was going to lead, but I didn't care.

After all, it was only a dream... right?