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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


1. Chapter 1 - The Party

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The lounge couldn't have been more breathtakingly beautiful. Ben and Angela's wedding reception was held at Brightwater House, a lush ballroom in Forks where a number of weddings and other social events were held. Angela's mom opted for a lush, romantic outdoor scenery. Cherry Blossoms circled the lofty garden with silk draperies entwined through their trunks. Mossy vines cascaded the roof and columns of the gazebo. Past the falling blossoms stretched an immense lake - silver under the moonlight.

"Having fun?" whispered an unmistakable voice from behind me.

Jacob's warm fingers filled the spaces between mine. Standing almost seven feet tall, with wide set shoulders and dressed in black-on-black suit and tie, Jacob looked like he was ready to walk down the red carpet on Oscar night. He had been looking forward to this evening for weeks now. Our first formal dress up date although our friends and family had already grown so use to our duet this past year. We were inseparable. Joined by hip.

He handed me a dry martini, as he pulled me close to his side.
"It sure is something." I nodded.

He rubbed my arm from shoulder to elbow twice and paused.
"Are you cold? Your arm is covered in goose bumps!" he chuckled.

I wore a long emerald silk chiffon dress with delicate spaghetti straps. Its neckline gathered elegantly across my chest and plunged deeply to the small of my back. My hair hung in loose waves. I was out of my element. Just the thought of the cozy warmth of my tattered sweat pants and time-worn tee waiting for me back home sent a small wave of impatience through me.

"I'm fine. Just wanted to step out for a moment and get some fresh air".

The reception hall featured a huge deck to allow room for dancing. It was even more romantically adorned than the garden. Flowery vines dripped from all around the roofing and the stage held a miniature orchestra consisting of violins, cellos and a few more musical instruments. On the corner, right before the stage, was a beautiful mahogany grand piano, covered in petals.

"You look amazing, by the way. Almost put the poor bride to shame" Jacob whispered in my ear.

I could feel his hot soothing breath wash over the right side of my face, and the heat from his arm spread along my back, down to my waist where it rested. This was definitely better than the thought of my sweats waiting for me at home. I nudged his ribs playfully, not that it would do anything to him. He looked stunningly handsome tonight.

Jessica, Mike, Lauren and Tyler all stepped down from the deck to join us. With school finished and college looming a couple of weeks away, I barely had the chance to see them. We exchanged polite hugs and kisses and then casually divided into to two groups, the men off to one side.

"OH MY GOD! Your dress is unbelievable! It looks great!" squealed a tipsy Jessica.

Angela picked out my green ensemble. She wanted a 20's inspired wedding and although the bridesmaids all wore a delicate and less revealing sage dresses, her maid of honor got the crème of the crop. I'll admit... it was beautiful and quite flattering against my less than flattering frail figure.

"Thanks Jess. You both look fantastic." I replied. Jessica managed to emphasize her bust line more than the dress intended...perhaps in an effort to stand out from all of the other bridesmaids.

I sneaked a quick glance over to the boys to find Jacob looking at me. He smirked knowing the torture I was about to endure from Jessica's rant, then winked and trotted off to the bar with the rest of the guys. I grimaced and braced myself for what was sure to be a non-stop blabbering from Jessica on every iota of the wedding ceremony. I kept my eyes on her and gave a mechanical smile or nod of the head every now and then though I couldn't honestly say that I was indeed registering what she was saying.

My mind drifted around the night's surroundings instead. Champagne glasses clinking musically, the falling cherry blossom petals swirling majestically on the ground, the laughter... all pleasant sounds muting the endless rant coming from Jessica and Lauren.

In the background, someone began to warm up on the piano... a slow and calculating prelude. The bride and grooms' dance I suppose. I shot a quick glance to the deck and sure enough, there were Ben and Angela, looking completely engrossed in love, taking the dance floor. Angela looked amazing. She wore a vintage slip that looked like it was crafted for the gods. Her hair spilled down her back in long waves. I smiled. Once they were in the center of the floor, Ben spun her once in admiration. Angela's smile was streched from ear to ear, but as she came around to face Ben, her head did not make a full turn. Her gaze was locked on something. Ben pulled her close to him and remained unaware of her reaction.

Angela wore an odd and surprised look on her face. Surely she can't be suffering stage fright with how well she dances. Years of ballet classes couldn't be matched by anyone here tonight. But she wasn't looking at Ben. Her attention was still diverted towards the corner of the stage, perhaps at someone goofing off.

I turned my attention back to Jessica who was now commenting on the best and worst dressed of the evening when suddenly, my attention was spun back towards the deck... almost violently. The piano began its course with a melody sure to captivate the crowd and hypnotize the bride and groom. It was a distinctive melody, a hauntingly familiar one. My heart skipped a beat.

It couldn't be.

I listened closely, holding my breath, my heart rate rising. I couldn't see the piano from where I stood so I excused myself with a quick smile and headed for the dance floor. I walked through a pair of couples, careful not to spill my drink, or fall flat on my face. As I reached the steps to the deck, I realized that Angela's face was one of shock. Ben was unable to see her from his position. I followed her gaze and froze at what I saw.

It was as if I just ran through an imaginary wall, knocking the air out of me. My body froze but my heart beat drummed loudly. I stood there frozen, cup in hand, and utterly stunned.

It was him. Inexplicably and absolutely him. His pale and perfectly carved face focused intently on his gliding hands. His hair... a rich deep bronze contrasting his ivory skin. It was him. And he was playing my lullaby.

Everything else was suddenly silent all around me, although I was sure I could clearly see people in my peripheral vision laughing and sharing toasts... weren't the champagne glasses making that clinking sound just a minute ago? The only other thing I could hear was my heart pounding against my chest. It was then I realized that nothing around me had stopped, I was the only one rendered immobile. Just then, I was in Angela's point of view and she gave me a look between shocked, puzzled, and happy all at the same time. Her surprised face was enough for me to know that she had not mailed out an invite for him. I ignored her.

It's been a year since I last saw Edward. A year since he took me to the forest and left me... discarded me... leaving me for dead to be more accurate. I remembered his words far too well for my own good. I had tried desperately to scrub them out of my mind, to convince myself that there was another reason for his choosing to leave me... a mutual, agreeable and certainly an amicable one. But he left no reason at all other than he no longer wanted me.

I fought with the ghost of him and his words that haunted me for months after. In time, I was able to numb it all... acknowledge that the wound was still there, but suppress it enough to permit me to live normally, or so I thought. It was my defiance that gave me the strength I needed to move on and now, as I stood here frozen in place, I felt my walls being shaken by a fierce pounding.

I was aware of someone leaning in towards me to whisper "he plays beautifully...I wonder how much they paid for the musicians". It wasn't a voice I recognized so I ignored it. At that moment, he closed his eyes shut and his nostrils flared subtly... as if pulling in the air. He then opened his eyes and stared at me... without pausing to search through the crowd, as if he knew where I stood all along. My scent, of course. It surprised me how he was able to pick it up from a distance. I would've guessed it would have lost its appeal to him with time.

His eyes were warm and his lips were slightly parted with a hint of a smile on the corner of his lips. Not once did he miss a key. He continued to stare at me with the same odd look on his face as he slowly brought the song to an end. My jaw tightened and anger flooded me. I took a quick chug of my wine, swallowing it all in one gulp and placed the empty glass on a nearby table as I stormed off. I needed to get away before he could finish the song. I needed to escape, to breathe... to collect myself.

I walked to the far end of the yard where a pier shot out onto the lake. As my breathing slowed, I thought to myself, ‘how long should I stay here in my recluse? What should I do? What would I do?' A hurricane of emotions washed over me clouding my mind. I tried to convince my self that all I felt was rage and I would have probably believed it if only my heart didn't beat so violently within me and if I didn't have the urge to go back there and stare at him, even if from a distance.

It was him. He was really here. But why? Who had invited him? Everyone knew he left along with his family. Everyone knew Jacob and I were so close now. Who would have invited him? Why was he here? I felt a soft chill wash over my shoulder. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, pulling in his once too familiar minty scent and turned to face him. I could never prepare myself enough to look at him, to take in the gloriousness of his face. His beauty was unmatched.

"Edward." I said behind clenched teeth. I tried to sound pleasantly surprised. It didn't work.

His face was creased with pain. I tried not to look him in the eyes for that would probably have me undone. I quickly turned away and faced the lake.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I won't waste any time in expressing my intent. I was a fool. A coward. I thought I was doing what was right... for you. But I was only fooling myself. To even think that I had the slightest confidence that I could endure being apart from you... for your sake... was insane. Yes, I realize that was selfish of me and forgive me for my self-gratification but I can't live without you... if this is called living. There's no reason left to exist without you."

I felt like imaginary currents were pulling me in. And I knew I had to get away but all I could do was stand there. Frozen. I struggled to find my breath and I braced myself before I turned to face him. His eyes were black as night and surrounded by purple rings. Even with their blackness and depth, they were sad... torn. I squared my shoulders and swallowed.

"So now you feel it's time to come back and wisk me away?" I mentally winced at my words and he seemed to do the same.

"Pick up where we left off, you suppose?"

His anguished look changed to a cold and hard stare. I was momentarily confused by his reaction. He was looking past me now, his jaw clenched and a quiet growl coming from his chest. Instinctively, I heard someone call my name from behind me.


I shut my eyes and pursed my lips. Great. I turned around to find Jacob standing nearby though not close enough to hear our conversation. He looked both shocked and enraged. He stood tense... rigid, almost. I gave him an exasperated look and called out, "I'll be right there."

I turned once again to face Edward who's gaze was suddenly intense. He looked deeply into my eyes and seemed to struggle to find words.
'Am I too late?" his voice nearly cracked as he looked deep into me.

His eyes stared back at mine, searching. His pale face seemed to go a shade lighter and pain visibly marked his face.
"Bella, please tell me" his voice was almost a whisper now. "Have I truly lost you?" His moved rapidly between my eyes.

"I have to go" I managed to choke out.

I turned and started to walk quickly towards Jacob, who to my surprise did not move a single step although the hatred for Edward was clearly stemming off his body. I hoped that Edward had not decided to follow me as it would be the end of this party as we know it. I stole a quick glance back at him. He hadn't followed me. He stood there, his face still looking at the same spot where my face was a moment ago with the same intense, almost strangled look on his face. Something deep inside my vaulted heart suddenly nudged at me and for a brief fraction of a second, I wish I could smooth out the frown lines from his face.

I turned away and continued my way towards Jacob who was at danger of losing it. Once I reached him, I put my hand on his chest and said "Let's go."
"NO!" he growled. I shot another glance at Edward who now returned his look, anger igniting his face.

Under my hand, I felt Jacob's skin burn and tremble. If I didn't get him away from here now, there would soon be mayhem on this field and everyone would be running for dear life, knocking everything down on their way. I could not and would not allow Ben and Angela's wedding to be ruined. Desperately, I put more force to my hand and tried hopelessly to push him the opposite direction. I might as well have been pushing a mountain.

Jacob grabbed my wrist with force and flung it off his chest as he took a step forward. At that same moment, almost simultaneously, Edward appeared, within inches from Jacob's face.

"Mind yourself. I'll kill you right here and now if you touch her that way again" Edward snarled behind clenched teeth.

People were beginning to stare. I had to stop this fast. I couldn't do this to Angela. Not on her wedding day. I quickly stepped in between them placing my hands on each of their chests. Fire and ice. I looked Jacob straight in the eyes and growled "I SAID LET'S GO....NOW".

It all happened at once. First, I felt a cold hand cover my own, and I could see through Jacob's dark brown eyes, that Edward had looked down at my hand on his chest and slowly pulled his hand up to touch mine, at the same time, Jacob pulled me, or rather wrenched me to his side.


My heart drummed loudly against my chest. I waited for the worse. But after a brief pause, Jacob swiftly turned us away. His grip was hurting my waist and his body was trembling more than before. Edward took a step towards us but paused seeming depesperatly undecisive. Jacob literally dragged me to the car that was parked across the street. We reached the car and he slammed the door shut behind me. He threw it with such force that a small crack ran across the passenger window. Once he got in the car, he started the engine and floored the gas. The tires peeled away from the concrete and we sped into the night.

"JAKE, SLOW DOWN" I shouted over the roaring engine. He ignored me. His eyes were on fire and his body was still trembling.



"He only wanted to talk, Jake. Now would you please slow down? Please. Calm yourself." I pleaded.

"WHAT DOES HE WANT FROM YOU?" he glared at me, spit shooting from his lips.

"Nothing Jake, I told you, he only wanted to talk. NOW THE FUCK SLOW DOWN!!!" I demanded.

He was going way too fast. The speedometer read 142 mph. It didn't help that he was driving a Charger that I knew he must have upgraded its engine to a more monstrous machine built for speed. His body was shaking really bad. He was losing it. I needed to think of something quick.

Almost out of no where, and immediately, there was a blinding light ahead. It illuminated every corner, every shadow of the car's interior. Jacob's eyes widened in horror and he jerked the wheel to the left as he slammed on the brakes, the force slamming me against the passenger door. At the same time, another force pierced right through me from my right side, slamming me the opposite direction. In that split second, I felt several of my bones snap. I felt like popcorn... popping up and around in its bag, never landing in one spot... never landing at all. Part of me registered the car turning and turning over on its side repeatedly. Another part of me felt my skin being ripped open, my skull cracking, and glass pricking me everywhere.

The car came to a final stop... the strongest jolt yet. I felt an unnatural jab in my abdomen. I fought to open my eyes but when I did... all I saw was red. I opened my mouth to scream, and instead of my shrill cry, I heard a thick gurgle coming from my throat. I couldn't speak. I wanted to move badly but couldn't. The more I tried, the more tired I became. Something dark and ominous hovered over me. It came closer and closer. I fought to see through the red but the more and more I tried, the darker it got. Blackness slowly crept back towards me and when I didn't fight anymore... it covered me.