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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


16. Chapter 16 - An Engagement

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Chapter 16 - An Engagement

I have never heard a piano playing against the sound of falling rain but I must admit - it's the most beautiful combination in sound that I've ever heard. I lay still in bed, captivated by Edward's music as he plays it on his electronic keyboard. If only I could exchange this for my irritating alarm clock, I'd wake up every morning in such a euphoric state. And I suppose this is an accessible thought, being that I will soon be married.

I sit up and stare at him for a while. His eyes are warm and fixed on mine as he continues to glide his fingers musically against the keys. The room is dimly lit adding a sublime appeal to its serenity. I stand and walk over to him and wrap my arms across his chest from behind. He sighs deeply and kisses my forearm as brings the song to an end. He pulls me around to him as I sit on his lap, with my legs on either side of him facing him. He doesn't move to kiss me, which I find a little odd. He just hangs his head back slightly and stares at me with a tiny hint of a smile.

"What?" I ask.

"Nothing" he mutters softly. "Just taking you in, that's all."

I smile and reach for his lips as I bury my fingers in his hair. I kiss him softly though my body is beginning to burn up inside. But he doesn't react so much to my approach. He kisses me back softly and glides his fingers along my arms back and forth. I pull back and frown.

"Is everything ok?" I ask.

"Couldn't be better" he muses as he shakes his head.

Then he leans in to kiss me, lavishly. I return the same excitement and he wraps his arms around my back, tightly and stands to carry me to the bed. My heart begins its usual pounding and I move my lips to his neck. He gets down to his knees, still holding me tight and he sits me on the edge of the bed. He's eyes appear glossy in the dimness of the room. His face is serious now and before I can ask what's wrong, he reaches into his pocket and produces a small velvet cube.

Involuntarily, I move my hand to my chest as he opens the little box and reveals the most intricate and stunning diamond ring I have ever seen. I gasp and look up at him in shock already feeling my heart palpitating and my eyes beginning to well up.

"I love you, more than anything in this world, more than those who love me, more than those who have ever claimed to love you and more than I could ever describe with just words. This life held no meaning for me until you walked right into it and became the very center of it, the very meaning of it. Now, I can't go on living it without you and I beg of you, Isabella Marie Swan..." he takes the ring out of the box and takes my left hand... "that you do me the honor of being my wife."

Tears are streaming down my face and my body feels like its trembling. I open my mouth to breathe but find it very difficult. I try to calm myself and try again.

"Yes" I say almost inaudible, "yes." And he slides the ring onto my finger and stares at my hand for a few seconds before bringing it to his lips and kissing the diamond ring. He looks up at me and I feel like my heart is about to fail. He takes hold of my face with both hands and kisses me softly, his tongue gently separating my lips. I wrap my arms around his back and pull him onto me. Part of me knows that this is unorthodox, having sex before marriage, but after all, our love is different, an impossibility and completely untraditional, because I am human and he... is immortal.

"It's beautiful" I say as I hold up my hand, watching the diamond stones shoot tiny points of light everywhere. It sort of looks like the sun - a round giant diamond surround by a ring of smaller diamonds with even smaller ones spread along the sides. I'm not an expert in precious stones but to say that this had to have cost him a fortune is an understatement.

Edward reaches for my hand and brings it to his lips, kissing each fingertip gently then kisses my palm, then my wrist, then my forearm. A shiver ran up my spine and I rolled on top of him, sitting just below his waist. I stared down at him, completely taken in by his exquisiteness. God, he truly is perfect.

"Isabella Cullen" he says smiling grandly. I smile at the sound of it and kiss him.

"Do you really have to go?" he says in between my lips. "Stay with me" and he pushes my hips further down his body.

" No, no, no..." I chuckle as I roll back to his side, "I really need to get going."

He sighs heavily and turns to side to face me. His eyes have changed from honey gold to almost pitch black within an hour but still, they are warm when he looks at me.

"Is this hard for you?" I ask, curiously.

"The part where you leave? Yes, it is" he smiles.

"No, silly, I mean, making love to me. I know my scent has always been a struggle for you so I wonder if it's harder for you when we make love."

"A little," he shrugs, "but it's bearable." Of course, he wouldn't admit if it was indeed difficult for him.

"You didn't bite me this time around, even though you know you don't have to change me" I point out.

"I know" he mutters.

"Is there any particular reason why you didn't?" I ask feeling a little abashed.

He doesn't answer right away. He just frowns back at me as if he's thinking about the question.

"Bella, you don't... understand how potent your blood is to me. And it's not to say that I wouldn't be able to stop if I were to bite you again - this I'm positively certain of, but try to understand that your blood - to me, is like whiskey for an alcoholic, water for a man dying of thirst. It's not as easy as you may perhaps think it is for me."

I look at him for a moment.

"But you will change me, right? I mean, once we get married, you will change me?" I ask.

He smiles. "Against my better judgment, I will."

"Promise me that you will, no matter what happens or what may come in the way. Promise me that you'll change me."

"You have my word" he says and he reaches up to kiss me.

His kiss buckles my will power. I'm tempted to have another go, to surrender to him once more. His hand slides down my side, to my hip and he gently pulls me closer to him. I feel his hard chest against my breasts and I'm just about to...

"No," I breathe, "I need to go" and I push myself back and off the bed as he groans in disappointment.

I pick up my clothes that are scattered across the floor and begin to put them on. It's still early but I want to get home before Charlie does and fix some dinner. The rain hasn't stopped at all and I wish I didn't have to go. What better way to spend a rainy day than being tangled in bed with the one you love? I take comfort in knowing that soon this will become a reality.


Oh, Bella!" says Esme, sweetly as she takes my face with her hands then pulls me into a tight hug.

"I'm so happy for you" she turns to face Edward now, "for both of you!"

I smile and nod my head, awkwardly. I wonder if she knows what just transpired in Edward's bedroom. Until now, I hadn't taken into account that these were, indeed, vampires and from what I know of them, they can hear everything from within a mile radius. My face flushed with embarrassment.

Alice still has my hand in hers, microscopically looking at the engagement ring. When Edward and I came downstairs and walked hand in hand into the kitchen, it was as if they already knew because they all turned to look at us with wide bright eyes. Oh, yes. They definitely heard us.

They were all excited at the news of our engagement, except of course, Rosalie who just walked out without a word. Esme and Alice were already orchestrating plans for the wedding, while Jasper and Emmet performed a charade of a person walking with a ball and chain. All the while, Edward just leaned back against the counter, looking at me and smiling. Carlisle walked in holding two large paper bags, placing them on the counter before giving me a big hug and a warm congratulation.

"You don't know how happy I am for the two of you" he beamed.

"Aw, thank you" I reply.

"Does anyone else know?" he asked.

"No... not yet. I'm thinking of announcing it when I move out in just a few weeks. It's just that..."

"There's no need to explain, Bella. I completely understand" said Carlisle with a warm smile.

As he turns to mock punch Edward in the stomach, I notice a piece of paper stapled to one of the brown paper bags he just put on the counter. It had an address on it with the name ‘Gabriel' written beneath it. I glance back at Edward who is talking animatedly with Jasper and Carlisle and turn my eyes back quickly and read the address, making a mental note of it in my head.

"My darling Bella," says Esme. "Please stay for dinner. I can make you something Italian or Mediterranean if you'd like. You can take some home to your father."

"Um... no that's ok. I really need to finish up a couple of things. But thank you anyway." I smile, careful not to look nervous.

Edward walks up from behind me and puts an arm around my waist. "Come, I'll drive you back."

"But it's raining. You can't run back in the rain" I protest.

"Why not?" he smiles. "It's not like I can catch a cold or anything."

"You really don't have to."

"I want to" he says as he takes my hand and leads me out the kitchen.

I find myself thanking my lucky stars that Edward can't read my mind because I keep repeating the address in my head, over and over again. I need to talk to Gabriel. His words that day keep playing riddles in my head. I won't be able to see him today because Carlisle looks to be heading his way, but I will find a way to get to him.