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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


18. Chapter 18 - Revelation

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Chapter 18 - Revelation

"I met you shortly after the Ottoman Empire began their expansion on Romanian lands. My ruling empire was at war with the wolves that were salvaging our resources in the neighboring villages. One night, as your village was attacked, you ran off into the forest seeking refuge from both the wolves and my kind. You had no idea you were heading right into an ambush. When I arrived with my men, you were only inches away from your death. A wolf had spotted you and was chasing after you, gaining in on you. One of my men intercepted and slaughtered the beast as you crashed against the floor, face as white as melting snow. You bewitched me at that point. I was riveted by your beauty.

The group outnumbered us, and my men began to fall one by one. My brother and I were the only two left fighting. I fought close to your side, protecting you as you watched horror-struck by the entire massacre. But our efforts were in vain. The wolves outnumbered us fifty times over. I thought we had reached the end but then you stood... and faced them. I thought you were surrendering to your death when I saw you pass us and stop just ahead of us and the wolves. They charged at you... promising to shred you to pieces. And then the strangest thing occurred. As they advanced towards the three of us, one by one they crashed against a blind barrier. One by one, they fell just feet within our reach. They couldn't get to us.

When I saw their numbers start to wither, I gathered you and took off. We nestled in the outskirts of the Carpathian Mountains where we learned of your kind. You were a direct descendant of King Zalmoxis of Dacian and although you didn't know the extent of your full capacity or the complete history of your kind, you were able to tell us enough for us to know that you possessed a rare gift. You could shield yourself and anyone around you from danger. I knew that if the Volturi learned of your ability, they would enslave you, so I begged my brother not to speak of what we saw that night. You had saved our lives and in turn, I wanted to save yours.

Weeks went by and I would ride to your new home every day and every day, I fell in love with you more than the day before. You weren't prejudice of my kind and you didn't fear me. You loved me with such a revere, so fully, so compassionately... We made love nearly every day, for hours at a time and I took you for my wife. I abandoned my kingdom, my army to be with you - to live everyday of your life by your side. Because you were human, I knew your death would be inevitable.

As it turns out, my brother grew envious of my quiet euphoria and betrayed my trust by exposing your secret to my father. Upon learning of your ability, my father sent out his men to collect you. They took you as I was out hunting. When I returned to my kingdom, I found you bound and beaten and soaked in blood. They tried to force you to reveal your power to them but you didn't. You couldn't. Your power didn't work the way they had imagined. Your free will dominated your ability. You could only protect those that you had an emotional connection to. They beat you nearly to death despite my efforts of explaining to them that it was out of your control.

I defied my own kingdom, my father, my brother, and my brethren... in your name. I was punished and tortured physically and emotionally for refusing them. When they couldn't break your spirit, my father ordered his men to salvage you before my eyes. One by one they came and ravaged you repeatedly, beating you as you begged for mercy. Every one of my cries was reciprocated with a slashing whip. Your cries where not for the pain you were enduring... they were for me... for my pain. Even in torture, your power anesthetized my beating. I did not feel a thing though I could see the pieces of skin fall to the ground beside me. The pain was too much for you to bear. You died within hours of your capture and they discarded your body by the front gates. It was too late to revive you once I was let go. And now here you are almost a thousand years later. Fate, God or whatever it is, has a cruel and twisted sense of humor."

His story was just impossible to grasp. My thoughts are swirling in a blur and I feel like I can't breathe. I am at a total loss of words. Nothing of what he said makes any sense to me at all though it's crystal clear. How could he be referring to me when his story dates back to the 14th century? It's impossible. Surely, I may look like this woman who he refers to as his wife, but to think that I'm the same person is just delusional on his part.

He turns and looks at me, and I find it hard to look away. His hypnotic hold is intense as he slowly walks over to me and sits on the coffee table in front of me, leaning towards me.

"I came with the intention of finding you and killing you before they can get their hands on you, but when you walked through that door last week... when I saw your eyes once again... I couldn't bring myself to doing it."

"I'm... I'm... sorry" I struggle, "this really doesn't make any sense. I'm not who you think I am and I have no special powers or anything of the sort. You have this all wrong." I get up and make ready to move when he stands and takes my hand. His touch triggers an overwhelming sense of emotion in me, blasting through me like a tornado. The room around me disappears and provocative images of me and him shutter across my mind. His fingers interlocked with mine as he pushes himself into me, my arms around his back as I breathe heavily, his hand caressing my face... then a forest with sunlight piercing through the trees, and I can hear myself laughing in the background and I hear him talking but I can't make out the words. I tear my hand away from his, my vision restoring instantly. My heart is throbbing and I feel like I'm drowning in emotion. I think back to the two women who opened the door earlier and begin to piece things together. He's seducing me.

"Get your hands of me" I seethe. "You're right. I shouldn't have come here and now I'll go" I say as I start making my way to the door. He instantly appears in front of me and I halt. This is not good. I really shouldn't have come here. I should've listened to Edward.

He looks at me intently, his eyes moving all around my face before falling back to my neck. I swallow hard trying to calm my breathing. My hands are shaking and my body is trembling, fearing the worse - that he's going to lurch on me and bite me. More than anything, I want to be changed but not like this. Not here and not by him. I fear that he won't change me. He'll kill me.

"He's already tried to change you" he muses quietly and lifts his eyes back to mine.

My nerves are too rattled to allow me to speak. I move to the side and continue to make my way to the door, half expecting him to reappear in front of me, blocking my path.

"He won't be able to" he calls out without moving. I stop and look back at him. His back is towards me.

"You're not designed to change. Your blood repels the venom" he says bleakly.

I turn and stare back him, alert and curious to his revelation.

"What do you mean by that? I've been bitten before and have felt the burn that follows."

He turns to face me now. "And yet, here you stand - human" he says buoyantly.

"Because Edward sucked it back out before the change took place" I counter.

He cocks his head to the side and a smile plays on his lips.

"Again, my lady... Edward does not know what you are" he says slowly, emphasizing each word. "Your blood repels vampire's venom. You felt the burn, because you are, indeed, human, just as you bleed if you get cut. But Edward or any other vampire at that will never be able to convert you. You stand to die, the way it was intended."

I stare back him, fighting the urge to walk over to him, damning this fucking draw that holds me spell bound. He can't be right. He's just trying to throw me off, and as I turn and walk out the door, I find myself believing him, unwillingly. Though I fight to debunk his theory, his story, and his warning, I find that I'm having great difficulty in doing so. I feel like my happiness for my impending new life has been threatened. You stand to die, the way it was intended. His words sent chills up my spine. I turned my keys in the ignition and let the roaring sound of the engine, drown my thoughts.