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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


2. Chapter 2 - The Forest

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Chapter 2 - The Forest

I found myself in a dark and thickly covered forest. Massive redwoods sprouted out from the ground and stretch endlessly into the sky, their trunks covered in moss. It was cold and moist. I can taste the soil in the air. The moon shone brightly between the trees and I tried to get a sense of where I was and how I got here. The cold made me shiver violently and made my teeth chatter loudly. It seemed like any ordinary forest in Washington yet there was something eerie, something wrong with the scene. I stood very still and took in all my surroundings. I was alone. Not just alone, no. It was lonelier than that.

I heard the wind whistle and howl, but the leaves didn't rustle. The ferns remained undisturbed. There was the sound of a constant drip somewhere nearby but no stream in sight. Everything was so still. Too still. I heard the loud cries of eagles passing by although there were none in the sky. Odd. Did I sleepwalk? Sure I couldn't keep my mouth shut as I slept - an embarrassing habit of mine but sleepwalk?

I turned to look for a trail to lead me out of the forest. As I turned, I saw him standing there. Still as the trees. He looked at me with gold and anxious eyes. Are all angels as beautiful as this? Does it get any better than this? He held his arms out as if beckoning me to go to him. I wanted to run. Run as fast as my legs would carry me and crash into him. Take in his sweet scent and feed on his cool lips. But I couldn't move. My legs were tangled against something...vines? My eyes remained locked to his hypnotic gaze as I tried feebly to free my legs from their restraint. They didn't budge.

There was a sudden change to his cherubic face. He looked panicked, a sense of urgency in his eyes. He didn't move. I couldn't understand this sudden shift of emotion emanating from him. I fought harder to free my legs and fell while I struggled. I landed on something soft, hot and lumpy. As I looked down, I realized that there was nothing holding my legs. I pushed myself up from the dark form. Something wet and hot covered my hand. It was blood.


I pushed the dark mound at my feet looking for the source of the blood. What I found was far worse than anything I have ever witnessed in my life. I screamed in horror at the sight of Jacob's lifeless staring eyes.

I looked back at Edward and this time he was screaming, veins taut against his forehead and neck, his hands balled into tights fists. His fury was so powerful that it resonated through him though he didn't move from his place, and more disturbingly, no sound came from his mouth. My eyes drifted back to Jacob.

At the same time, a pain shot through my chest, sharp and deep. It pulled against my chest wall painfully. I heard the eagle's cry yet again and the wind whistled softly. The moon seemed to have exploded for its light was everywhere, blinding me. Another sharp and penetrating pain seared through my chest.

"We got it back". "30 cc's ready for IV, vitals are weak" said a flat and unfamiliar voice. Then there was a new voice... a frantic urgency... Bella! Please fight!... Stay with me!"

The voice broke through to me like the morning's ray. I understood now. There was no wind. It was the sound of Edward's voice and the paramedics speaking urgently. There was no eagle. It was the sound of the siren blaring through the street. There was no stream. It was the IV's drip releasing the morphine. I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't see anything. At times I couldn't even hear anything. I drifted in and out of consciousness though never awakening.

I tried to piece it all together. There had been a celebration. I couldn't remember what was being celebrated though. There was Edward and Jacob. But something went wrong and I left. My mind was foggy and my memory was battered. A speedometer read 142 mph and there was angry shouting. What was it about?

The sudden realization sent my heart flying and the paramedics squirming for their tools and medications.


His eyes wide in horror... the blinding light of the tractor trailer... my scream. I wanted to scream now. I wanted to get up and tear off all the tubes connected to my body. But I couldn't. All I could manage was making my heart beat erratically in my chest. I needed to see him. I needed something that would prove that it had only been a nightmare. That he wasn't dead. But I couldn't do anything. I was immobilized. Imprisoned by my own broken body.

Heat rushed through my right arm as they injected what was sure to be some sort of sedative. I drifted back into darkness searching desperately in my sleep for the forest. I never found it.