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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


20. Chapter 20 - Invitation

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Chapter 20 - Invitation

I let her go... with him. Every bone in my body wanted to refuse it but my back was against a wall. The Volturi have decided to pay us a visit for whatever reason and I couldn't let them see her. My mind is a mess, thinking about her and him, trying to stay calm and focused and at the same time, listen in on the minds of our unwelcomed entourage.

The knock on the door came the instant Gabriel grabbed Bella and vanished leaving behind no trace of her presence other than her intoxicating scent which he tried to dilute using a bagful of human blood. I can still smell my Bella's blood, mixed, of course, with some other scent but nonetheless, still there. I can only hope that they don't pick up on it.

Edward... came Alice's voice in my head. Please, listen to them.

I turn my eyes to hers and gave her a quizzical look as three men walked through the door. What did she mean by that? But I can't think about that right now. I look towards our unwelcomed guests. They are all dressed in black. One of the men towered over the other two that are blonde. His hair is jet black and shoulder length and his eyes are burgundy. The blonde in the middle had a short cropped hair cut and his eyes, too, were a deep shade of burgundy. The shortest of the three and the youngest looking one, had a sort of cherubial face with golden locks framing his face. His eyes were an odd combination of green and red, something I have never seen before in my years.

"Why, good morning gentlemen!" say Carlisle amicably.

They step inside and look down curiously at the blood splattered across the floor.

"What a surprise. I wasn't expecting anyone. Forgive me for the mess" he says as he gestures to the floor. "I was on my way to the hospital and dropped one of the bags of blood needed for a transfusion. If you would excuse me for a moment, while I get something to clean it up" he smiles warmly.

The blonde one in the middle spoke first.

"There is no need, my friend. We've only come to deliver a message, or rather... an invitation" his smile is friendly. I am Caius and come to speak on behalf of Aro. These are Demetri and Alec, my companions and members of the guard."

Both Caius and Alec appear genuinely amiable but Demetri seems otherwise. The others have come downstairs and he looks at all of us suspiciously. He's a mind reader and a tracker and he's studying all of our thoughts. As soon as I realize this, his crimson eyes fall on me and I stare back into them, determined to offer as little illustration of my thoughts as possible.

"An invitation?" asks Carlisle.

"Yes. Aro has requested your presence along with several of your coven" he says as eyes the rest of us. "Alice, Jasper and Edward."

My name wrenches my attention away from the dark haired Demetri and I look at Caius, questioningly.

"He has asked that you accompany us back to Italy, to see him" says Caius, looking back at Carlisle.

"If you don't mind me asking" interrupts Alice, "why does he want to see us?"

Caius smiles and looks at her. "My sweetest girl, Aro did not say but I can assure you there is no trouble or nothing to fear. He's very excited and looking forward to your visit. Rest assured."

"Well," says Carlisle, uneasy "I really wasn't expecting to travel but I look forward to meeting with my old friend. May we have perhaps a day or two to prepare our travel?"

"My deepest apologies," says Caius as he bows his head apologetically. "I was told to collect you and the others and return promptly. Travel arrangements have already been made. We must leave now."

"So in essence, this is not an invitation after all, is it?" I ask rebelliously. "This is an order."

All eyes turn on me as Caius takes a step towards me and smiles.

"In essence" he says softly.

He stares at me for a few seconds before turning back to Carlisle.

"Shall we go?" he says with a warm smile.

Carlisle glances towards me but my eyes are back on Demetri who appears frustrated as he continues to pick my thoughts.

"Alice, Jasper... Edward" calls Carlisle.

Alice and Jasper are the first to walk out, followed by Alec who has not taken his eyes off Alice since he first arrived. From the corner of my eye, I see Carlisle staring back at me, waiting for me to join him. This time it's Caius who calls my name.

"Sir Edward, if you would" he says as he waves a hand towards the door.

Reluctantly, I tear my eyes away from Demetri and walk towards the door with Carlisle and Caius behind me. The others are already sitting in the back of a black Mercedes SUV. Alec holds the door open for another SUV waiting for Carlisle and me.

"Please let Aro know that I will be delayed in my arrival back to Italy" says Demetri from behind me. "There are a few errands I must run" he says slyly looking at me now. Instinctively, I take a step forward, my hands balled into tight fists. Carlisle immediately grabs hold of my arm and stares wide-eyed back at me.

"Edward, you heard Caius. We must go now" he says.

I stare into Demetri's crimson eyes, probing desperately for his thoughts and finding only my own.

"Edward" whispers Carlisle, "please, get in the car."

I hesitate for a moment longer before turning and getting into the car.


"Where are we?" I ask as I wipe my mouth with my sleeve.

Since popping up here, Gabriel has been lost in a trance, apparently deep in thought. He ignores my question and continues to stare ahead into nothing. I know we must be far from Edward's house because the weather is completely different. It's colder and the sun is shining where as in Forks, it was warmer and wet. My mind is reeling in apprehension, wondering what is going on. I stand up and walk over to his side, feeling the all too familiar connection to him, swarming fluidly through my body.

"What is going on?" I ask flatly.

He completely ignores me. Anger jolts my senses and I push him by the shoulder to face me. Instantly, I regret it for the minute I touched him, another image of him stroking my face flashes before my eyes. It's over the minute I pull my hand away.

"They've taken them" he says definitively as he looks down at me, frowning in concentration.

"What?" I ask not registering what he just said.

"They've taken Carlisle along with Alice, Jasper", he pauses, "...and Edward. They're headed for Italy to meet with Aro, the leader of the Volturi. He's called for them."

My head is spinning too fast for me to think cognitively and I drop heavily to floor, short of breath. He squats down before me and reaches for my face. I immediately pull away.

"Don't touch me" I seethe.

"Bella, try to relax" he says.

"How do you expect me to fucking relax!" I lash out at him. "They've taken them!"

"Caius says there's no trouble" he says pacifically. "They left without a fight."

I stare at him, still panting while my blood begins to boil under my skin.

"You're going to tell me everything you know. Since you've appeared out of nowhere, it seems like everything has been turned upside down for me. You know something is going on and you're going to tell me" I say heatedly.

"Bella," he says gravely as he looks down at the floor, "I don't know why they've taken them" he says looking up at me now. "I didn't know they'd come. I don't have the ability to see the future. I only saw them because Alice did. I drew from her ability to see for myself."

"What do you mean ‘you drew'? What the fuck are you?"

"As I've said before" he says with a pinch of annoyance, "I am vampire and human. I appear human by flesh but carry all the vampiric attributes and eccentricities. I can imitate any vampire's ability from a close distance. I saw what she saw and I moved quickly in getting you out of there. Had I known that they were coming prior to Alice's vision, I would have warned you all."

"Why did they take them?" I ask, trying to control my nerves and my breathing.

He stares at me solemnly, with his mystifying grey eyes.

"I do not know, my lady."

My heart feels like its being anchored by terror and tears rush to my eyes ignoring my efforts of self composure. I bring my knees up and cover my face with my hands and begin to cry. This is all my fault. I should've never gotten back with Edward. I should have sent him away the minute I opened my eyes in that hospital room. I should have told him I didn't want him but because of my stupid and emotionally driven decisions, I have put them in danger.

A touch on my arm triggers another vision of Gabriel pulling on a shirt and I pull away immediately. He's looking up at me with concern.

"I said don't fucking touch me" I say between gritted teeth.

He purses his lips and stands up.

"We must move along. There's a town not far from here. We can lodge there until we have word from the others" he says flatly as he turns to walk away. I don't move and after a few steps, he pauses and looks back at me.

"I'm not going anywhere with you until you've told me everything. I think its complete bullshit that you don't know what's happening when you seem to know so much about them, about the Volturi."

He face twists and creases into anger and he quickly marches up to me until he's an inch from my face. I stand defiant and fight the urge to back away.

"You insolent girl" he hisses. "Against my instinct, I have saved you from them and have allowed you to live but be warned that my patience runs short."

"How did you find me? How did you know I was in Forks?" I persist.

"I've hunted your kind for thousands of years. Do you think it not obvious that I would have known what you were that damnable day I saw you?" he snarls.

"You haven't answered my question" I retort.

"And you will sit and wait for a long time until you realize that I will not provide you with an answer! Now, the choice is yours. Either you come with me, or I end this right here and now" he says menacingly.

A voice in my head is screaming profanities at me urging me to be quiet and just follow him to where ever it is he's going but my gut fights back.

"Then kill me" I say challengingly.

His eyes look wild and livid but begin to soften a bit. His anger seems to melt away. I can feel his warm breath on my face and I can smell his musky scent. For a moment I think he's surrendered his argument when his lips part slightly revealing the tips of two fangs protruding from them. A small smile plays on his lips.

"Don't tempt me, my lady. Your blood is much more potent to me than it is for your dear beloved" he murmurs.

His words sent shivers down my spine and set my heart flying. He moved his eyes to my heart and then looked up at me again and smiled, revealing two shark-like fangs. I swallowed hard and pushed my way forward and began to walk towards the direction he was headed.