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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


23. Chapter 23 - Silence

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Chapter 23 - Silence

We arrived to a very upscale neighborhood where trendy shops lined the streets. I expected our new place to be some grand hotel like the Hilton but instead, we're taking a lift up to the second floor of a two story building. We haven't spoken to each other since the ride here. It seems that the more I know of him, the more unsettled I feel.

The lift's noisy clattering comes to a stop as we reach the second floor and I can see through the gates a wall of large windows ahead. Gabriel raises the gate, revealing an enormous loft, the size of a full scale gymnasium with mahogany hardwood floors and lush furnishing. The windows are monstrous in size with long sheer ivory curtains cascading fluidly down to the floor. Crackling flames burn inside a brick fireplace, adorned with candles above it. Floating lights cast soft beams above a granite bar by the kitchen, where stainless steel pottery hang artistically over a center island.

He steps inside and turns to look at me.

"I hope this is more comfortable for you" he mutters.

I bite my lip nervously and walk inside, taking off my scarf. As I begin to remove my jacket, he comes over to me and helps me out of it. The ever present pull intensifies when he's near me and I'm careful not to touch him. He hangs the coat on a rack by the lift and walks past me to the living room, or rather, the living area as this loft has no walls or partitions other than several long ornamental pillars spread throughout the space. The only walls are the one behind with me the lift, the windowed wall ahead of me and two walls with tall double doors on either side of me. He walks over to the bar and turns to look at me, his eyes unreadable and intense.

"Your room is on the left wing. You will find your own bathroom in there along with a closet for your things as well as a balcony. The heat is central and you can program the temperature to your liking. The controls are by your door. I will not bother you expect to ask what you'd like me to bring for food or anything else you may need. Do not hesitate to ask me for anything."

I suppose a ‘thank you' would be customary at this point but I'm still gaping at the enormity and extravagance of this place.

"You did all this last night?" I ask stupidly. I could've sworn I just saw the corner of his mouth twitch into a tiny smile.

"No. It was already furnished. I made a few arrangements to suite our needs but that is all."

I walk over to a dark wooden console behind a long plush sofa, and glide my fingertips against its polished surface. This is the kind of setting you only find in magazines or in an episode of the Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. Surely, the Cullen's home was a masterpiece in itself, but this is just so immense and richly decorated.

"I have to step out for few," he says as he walks over to me taking something out of his coat pocket. "This is for you. It has only one number programmed in it, which is mine. Only use this phone to call me if you need anything and please..." he says looking at me seriously, "do not tell anyone where you are. At least not until I get word from the others" he says as he hands me a small cell phone. He looks up at me and for the first time, I really see him. His face is hard but warm at the same time. He's not as pale as the Cullens or maybe it's because of the color of his eyes that I think so. They are the most lucent grey that I've ever seen on anyone. Usually, grey eyes appear flat and washed out in color but his seem liquid-like, and I notice that he also appears tired. Dark circles ring his eyes and they look deep and sullen. His beard is close to his face but neatly shaped around his small lips. I pull my eyes away and glance at the little black cell phone in my hand.

"I'll be back soon" he says and heads to the lift, pulling the gate loudly to the floor before descending out of sight. I take a look around the place and sigh as I drop into the vanilla colored sofa. Oddly enough, it almost smells like vanilla. I twirl the phone in my hand wondering why Charlie hasn't called me yet. I find it strange to find my voicemail missing his frantic and furious messages. Could he have missed my call and is probably sleeping right now? I guess I'll try him later on tonight. I don't want to wake him if that's the case.

I get back up and head for my bedroom. As I push the two doors in and walk inside, I gasp. All around the large room, massive arrangements of white roses and jasmine bloom lavishly, filling the room with such a splendid aroma. Azalea petals float in bathwater inside a porcelain tub, surrounded by burning candles. A massive king-sized bed is adorned with even more petals. The scent is pleasantly intoxicating. I can't believe that he would go out of his way for all this. This is inconceivable! I walk slowly around the room taking in its splendor. I'm afraid to touch anything. Everything seems so fragile, so picturesque and thought out that I don't dare ruin it. I walk over to the closet and open the door to find two rows of clothing facing each other. This is just too much. The elegance and elaborateness of the room is overwhelming. I close the door and slide down to the floor, hugging my knees and despite the enchantment of the room, I find myself wishing I was home.


The sound of the lift startled me and I open my eyes to find that I had fallen asleep on the floor by the closet. I look to the window and daylight has faded into night. I get up, feeling a dull ache in my lower back and walk out to the living room. Gabriel has returned with two bags of food. I can smell the hint of roasted tomato and garlic. He carries the bags to the dining room table and turns to look at me.

"Are you hungry?" he asks.

I shake my head, sticking my hands in my pocket.

"Are you all right?" he frowns at me curiously.

I shake my head again and he leans against the edge of the table, dropping his head to the floor.

"I'm scared" I mutter. "I haven't heard from anyone and I don't know what's going on. I don't have a good feeling about all this."

He looks up and just stares at me for a few moments, his expression unreadable.

"Forgive me, but I am not here to offer you condolence. If I had my way, you wouldn't be alive right now. I'm simply doing a favor for my dear friend Carlisle whom I owe much to."

I stare at him incredulously. "I don't understand you" I say frowning in confusion.

His face is hard and his eyes are cold.

"Don't waste your time trying" he says bleakly.

I glare back him, my blood boiling in my skin and I turn and march back to my room, slamming the doors shut behind me. What an egotistical asshole! One minute he's fine and then the next he's all bent on having to deal with me. What the fuck is it with him? If I'm such a burden, why go out of his way to adorn my bedroom with flowers? Why not just leave me alone to fend for myself?

I walk over to the window and sit by the ledge, staring out to street below. It's been well over 24 hours since I've last seen or heard of Edward. Even more strange, neither Charlie nor Esme have called me. At times I feel like I'm having a bad dream where everyone I love just disappears without a trace, as if they were only a figment of my imagination.

After a while of staring dejectedly out the window, listening to the wind howling, I head for the shower, ignoring the bathtub full of water and flower petals. I take a longer than usual shower. Once I'm done, I throw on a thermal nightgown and climb into the monstrous bed. Despite having slept earlier, I feel tired and after about a half an hour I begin to feel the weight in my lids and my eyes begin to blink slowly until they close.

Something inside my chest seems to loosen. A warm feeling spreads fluidly throughout my body and a familiar sensation begins to uncoil, drawing my spirit away from me. The room is silent but I can feel his presence somewhere close behind me, standing in the shadows. A part of me wants to turn around and blast him for invading my space but another part, unfamiliar to me, wants him to stay. I can't explain why, but I feel a strange sense of security when he's close by, despite his protests. I close my eyes and pretend to be unaware of his presence and slowly, I drift to sleep.


The way the sun beamed through my windows in the morning, mixed with the scent of roses made me feel like I had slept in a garden. I get out of bed and brush my teeth before heading out to kitchen. Though his bedroom door is closed, I can sense that Gabriel is still sleeping. I walk over to the fridge and pour myself a glass of orange juice and turn the kitchen TV on, flipping through the channels as I sip my juice. A pass a channel with a familiar face and immediately turn back to it and my heart skips a beat as the anchorwoman speaks...

Forks Chief of Police, Charlie Swan, was found dead this morning inside his home by deputies who were checking into his well-being after he failed to report to work the day before. The Forks County Sheriff's Department and Coroner's Office are investigating the death. The sheriff's department said in a statement earlier that Swan's death was unexpected, but refuse to release any details regarding the cause of death. They are also looking for his 19 year old daughter, Isabella Swan, who you see here in this recent picture. She was last seen driving home the night before her father's death. If anyone has seen her or have any tips as to her whereabouts, we urge you to call the number on the screen.

Everything goes silent except for the sound of shattering glass at my feet.