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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


25. Chapter 25 - Temper

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Chapter 25 - Temper

My grandmother once told me that death is the only guarantee in life and yet, you'll never see it coming. She couldn't have been more right. I never imagined a day where Charlie didn't exist and now I'm forced to have to accept it. It's as if a light shut off in my head, leaving me empty and void of all thought, paralyzing every cell in body. The hollow beating of my heart is the only sound I can hear, Gabriel's enigmatic presence the only feeling I can feel.
I sit on the floor, hugging my knees close with my back against the wall of the kitchen counter, staring dejectedly ahead to nowhere. Gabriel sits on a chair staring at me from under his brow. He came out of his room at the sound of my glass cup shattering on the floor and followed my horrific stare to the TV where my house can been seen, fenced by yellow tape with a picture of me on the left hand screen. He hasn't spoken a word to me since the rude awakening. He just sits there, silent and brooding in thought.
He stands and in a blur goes back into his room, and returns in less than a fraction of a second holding a thick black comforter. He bends and covers me with it and leans forward to carry me. I immediately pull away, careful not touch him and he, too, pulls back, frowning at me. As if his advance set my gears in motion again, I feel the heat of my tears, swelling in my eyes and hard lump forming in my throat.
"I'm not going to hurt you, Bella. I just want to help you to your feet" he says quietly, offering me his hand. I ignore it and push myself up on wobbly legs as I wipe my tears with my sleeve. He too stands up, towering over me as he looks down at me dubiously. I can't hold my tears back so I cover my face with one hand, sobbing into it as I clutch the comforter with the other. He takes a step towards me and I take a step back before dropping the comforter and walking back to my room.

I close the door behind me and turn to find him right before me. I step back against the door as he comes closer.

"Bella, please. I'm not going to hurt you" he says raising his hands as he steps even closer.

I want to scream and punch and kick but I can't seem to move. My body is trembling violently and the tears are blinding me. I feel like I can't even breathe in right. He watches me carefully as he takes another cautious step towards me. He stops within inches from my face and I feel his warm breath against my skin. Slowly, he brings his left hand to my face, then his right and with his thumbs, he wipes the tears away from beneath my eyes. The invisible pull towards him is at full force now. I feel like I'm actually welded onto him, though our bodies are not touching. I am stunned to find that his touch hasn't set off any visions. Strangely enough, my trembling stops and the painful knot in my throat loosens allowing me to breathe again. His eyes move between mine and for once his face is not hard but pained in emotion.
"I'm deeply sorry for your loss" he whispers and my knees buckle as a sudden wave of grief falls over me, bringing me to tears. He catches my fall and carries me to the bed, laying me down carefully and covering me with the blanket. He takes a step back and continues to stare at me as I bury my face in the pillow trying to mute the sound of my crying. I feel him fade away, taking that internal energy with him, and in less than a minute, he's back with a cup his hand.

"Here, drink this" he says holding it out for me.

I push myself up, wiping my watery face with my blanket and take the cup, sipping on the warm tea. He stares at me for a moment and turns to pull a chair towards my side.

"You don't have to stay here" I say weakly. "I'll be fine."

"I know you will" he murmurs.

I take another sip, staring straight ahead towards the door, crossing my legs beneath the blanket.

"Bella, there are some urgent matters that we need to discuss and I'm sorry that I have to bring them up now but it's of extreme importance that you listen carefully."

I turn and look at him, dazed and confused.

"The tracker that was with the other two men that visited the Cullens the other day, never left with them. I think he may have sensed you in Edward's mind and chose to stay behind to track you. His tracking ability is exceptional and he's been trying to track you since. Because I took you and vanished, he hasn't been able to find a trail and I believe the death of your father is simply a way of him luring you back to radar."

I stare back at him numbly. "He killed my father?" I ask as a new tide of tears break and run down my face.

"Yes. I believe so" he says gravely. "Bella," he leans forward fixing his eyes on me, "I can't take you back to Forks and you won't be able to see the Cullens, not until the tracker is found. "


"Bella, this is the reason they haven't made any attempt in calling you. They too are being watched by him, waiting for any news of your whereabouts. When the others return, he will keep a watchful eye on every move they make, especially Edward. I don't think he knows yet that you're in Alaska but he's bound to find out once he gets into Edward's head again. Before leaving, I made sure Edward knew where I was taking you. I didn't realize how powerful the tracker's ability was and because of this, we can't stay here much longer. I'll let them know I'm taking you with me but until the tracker is taken care of, I cannot tell them where we're going. "

I shake my head slowly in refute. "I'm not going anywhere with you. I need to see him. You can't just take..."

"Bella, do you remember my warning? The day I went to see you at your home?" he says with a hard tone.

"I can't let you..."

"No. I can't. I can't let them take you. I'd rather kill you myself than to have them find you and believe me, if it comes down to it... I will. But for now, I will do whatever it takes to keep you alive and safe but I need you to help me in doing so. You cannot leave my side and you cannot speak to anyone, not over the phone or in person. "

"But my mother..."

"Not even her" he says bleakly.

"No, no... I have to speak to my mother. She must be calling going crazy! Her face will be all over the news and he'll find her. I need to get to her..."

"I can't let you" he says shaking his head slowly.

"YOU CAN'T STOP ME!" I yell, coming up on my knees. "THAT'S MY MOTHER!"

"Bella, there isn't anything you can do" he says softly. "If you go to her, even so much as call her... he will find you."

"HE'LL KILL HER IF I DON'T GET TO HER FIRST!" I yell back and my body begins to shake.

"And if you do?" he says impatiently and annoyed. "If you get to her first, do you really think he will just let her live? Are you that naive?"

I stare back at him, quivering in emotion. I fight against the truth my mind already knows but my heart doesn't want to believe. He will kill her. No matter whether I'm there or not. Her number's up and she's next. Unless...

"Then I'll find him... before he gets to her."

He stands and throws back the chair with such force that it crumbles when it hits the wall.

"You really make this too easy for me, Bella" he hisses as he moves towards me, with his lips curled back and a vicious gleam in his eyes.