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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


26. Chapter 26 - Threat

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Chapter 26 - Threat

I swing the cup of tea as hard as I can against his head as he jumps towards me. It breaks at impact and he's momentarily stunned. I quickly push myself back with my legs, tangled by the comforter and turn to crawl off the bed when grabs me by the ankles and he pulls me back to him, yanking me around forcefully. He presses his body over mine, pinning me to the bed as I punch him repeatedly in the face. Once he secures my legs beneath him he reaches for my wrists and pushes them back to either side of my head, pinning them as well against the bed. I'm gasping for air as tears stream down the side of my face.

The cup left a deep gash over his brow and blood is dripping down the side of his face. His eyes are livid and crazed as he glares down at me. Even under such intense hostility, I can feel the thread between us, the pull from deep inside my chest tearing through me. I can hear my voice and his in the far distance, talking then laughing. My vision blurs for a fraction of a second and I fight against it, applying all my strength in concentration.

His eyes move to my right hand which until now, I had not noticed was bleeding. He stares at it intensely and he reminds me of cat about to pounce on its prey. I wriggle violently under his weight, trying to free myself, but it's no use. His concrete body immobilizes me. He slowly raises my hand to his lips and covers the open wound with his mouth. I can feel my blood flowing through his lips as he sucks on the open wound. Everything in the room changes instantly. I find myself lying on the ground, in a forest and Gabriel leaning over me, just as he is now, only that his eyes are soft and his face is smooth and sincere. He looks down at me with wonder and says,

When you die, all the stars that light the night will celebrate your death because there will be no other beauty left to challenge them.

He leans in to kiss me when suddenly the vision disappears. Gabriel is still on top of me but his mouth no longer covers my palm. His lips hover over my hand and he slowly begins to glide them over my wrist and to up towards my elbow before raising his face to look at me, the fire gone from his eyes. His teeth are stained by my blood and it drips down his chin. His cut has sealed over his brow leaving only a faint scar. My body has gone slack as I stare at him idly, captivated by the liquid charcoal of his impossibly grey eyes.

His eyes go back and forth between mine and then to my lips. He appears to be holding back on something. His lips twitch as he moves them closer to mine and I can almost taste my blood on them. His mouth touches mine so slightly, filling it with his warm breath. I break away from his spell and turn my face the other way.

His moves his lips to my ear and he whispers softly. "Don't... tempt... me... because I will kill you, Bella."

"So do it now" I scuff turning back quickly to look at him. "Do it now and take my body back to Forks where he'll find me and leave my mother alone."

He stares at me with a blank unreadable face. Something deep inside me stirs at the closeness of face.

"No life is worth your sacrifice" he says softly.

"She's my mother. I'll die for her if I have to!" I say heatedly.

"I won't let you."

"But you'd kill me, right?" I say pointedly. "You've said it yourself. You'd kill me, yet, you won't let me do it myself?"

He stares at me pensively for a few moments, all the anger gone from his face and replaced with wonder.

"Why do you surrender your struggle at my touch?" he muses, completely ignoring my question. I'm taken aback by his sudden change of topic and at his keen observation.

"You cringe whenever I try to touch you and I suppose I am to blame for this, but when I touch you... calm settles in you. Why?" he asks frowning curiously.

"I don't know what you mean."

I feel the pull straining against my body stronger than before.

"What do you feel now?" he says, his eyes on my lips.

I can't find words. I just stare at him helplessly as if under a spell. His lips graze mine by a fine thread and something inside of me wants this... wants him. I can't explain this sudden and erratic desire and I know it is completely irrational and wrong. It's getting harder for me to breathe and my thoughts are clouded. Can he really not read my thoughts? Is this why he asks?

My eyes are feeling heavy and I begin to feel really tired. I realize now that he must have spiked my tea and my sudden pounding heart breaks me from his trance.

"Hate" I finally say. "I hate you. If he kills my mother, if anyone gets hurt because of me not being there... then you played a part in their death and for this..."

It's getting harder for me to stay awake. Tranquility slowly seeps in.

"I... hate... you..." I force myself to say, sluggishly. I try to fight the soporific rush as my vision blurs.

"Good" I hear him say and I feel him lean towards me, his bare chest burning through my clothes. Everything goes black and I feel like I'm free falling, though I can feel his body against mine. I can hear voices but I can't make out the words. It my voice and I'm calling out for something. Then his voice breaks through as clear as day... he's screaming in rage. Nooooooo... and I can't fight the rush anymore and I surrender to darkness.