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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


27. Chapter 27 - A Glimpse

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Chapter 27 - A Glimpse

We walked silently down the corridors, led by Alec. Not a single spoken word disturbed the rhythm of our footsteps, although, thoughts from Alice, Carlisle, and Jasper infiltrated my mind.

Carlisle's thoughts were urgent. Once we have left this God forsaken place, we must immediately seek out Sam. They will be thinking Charlie's blood is on our hands...

Edward, came Jasper's unnaturally calm and low voice, you have just fed on human blood, virginal blood at that. You cannot come too close to Bella. Your thirst has been altered and you will not be able to contain yourself from her. It will be a thousand times harder for you to breathe around her now at your present state. You must wait until the frenzy stops...

We have to find the tracker thought Alice. He will not rest until he‘s found her. If he tracked Charlie down, he'll track Renee down as well. It's only a matter of time. Poor Bella. The heartache she must be feeling right now...

Indeed, Bella's world has been, once again, turned upside down because of me. Charlie is dead because of me, because of my moment of weakness. Does she realize this? Her perceptiveness is prodigious. Surely she knows and surely she is pained. Never before have have I needed to see her as much as I need to see her now but Jasper is right. I cannot confide on love alone to keep me from hurting her. Her blood is too dominant and will sure have me undone should I come anywhere near her. My thirst has amplified itself to a powerful craving for human blood. Damn the bastard for his cruel hospitality.
We arrive to the front entrance of the chamber and Alec turns to us, bowing his head slightly as he gestures us forward with a wave of his arm. I don't miss a step. We climb up the stairs leading us through a small hallway that exits the street. A black car with heavily tinted windows awaits us, ready to drive us back to the airport. The fact that I am flying back home but will be unable to see Bella is killing me inside. Though Carlisle's trust in Gabriel is obsolete, I find no comfort at the thought of Bella being alone with him. He is a Nomad. Had I had known this prior to his escape; I would've taken my chances and faced the Volturi alone. His power and experience make him the best defense for her but at the same time, makes her prey.

This war is all about her and it's my entire fault. I've exposed her to all this. This prophet, though he could not see her, knows that the wolves are planning to retaliate against the death of a human. The tracker set the gears in motion by killing Charlie, who was like a brother to Billy Black. Of course they would wage war against them. I have to find Demetri before he gets to Renee. It's only a matter of time before Aro pieces together the puzzle and learns about Bella. He will come after us. I'm afraid that because of my refusal to fight alongside him, he will want to avenge himself in her death or even mine. My blood can't possibly flow any colder.

For the entire ride, I try to block off all the voices in my head and concentrate only one mine. I have to come up with a plan, one that will keep us both alive but I keep running into a dead end. We will have to go in hiding, but for how long? How long can we go unnoticed by Aro and his men? Where would we go? Even if I change her, they will still want to kill her. It seems that our love is perpetually hindered, as if all the odds are always against us, mocking us. At times I believe that God is jealous of our love and has thrown every possible obstacle at us. Surely, a good God would not have allowed so much despair fall upon one person such as Bella. She doesn't deserve all this. But deep down I know that I am the only one to blame for all her tribulations. God has forsaken me and has left her in my hands. I must find a way to make her safe again.


Carlisle's attempt to meet with Sam failed miserably. He was almost ripped apart had not Billy stepped in to stop them. He ordered Carlisle to leave immediately and warned him that his comradely will not serve as a waiver. Carlisle exhausted his pleads for peace and told them that we are not fighting this war, to which they didn't care for. Whether we fight or not, we are their enemy. We have no choice but to abandon our home and seek refuge elsewhere.

My bedroom is oppressively silent. The only sound comes from the sheeting rain outside my window. I stare out to the wet forest, letting the sound of raindrops wash out the voices in my head. Since I've gotten back, Rosalie has been on a rampage, cursing the day I was created. She knows this is all my fault. Had I left Bella alone, as I had intended to, she wouldn't be in this predicament. Even Jasper's calm is no match for her fury.

As I continue to stare out the window, a shift in movement catches my attention. I don't turn around immediately, instead, I scan for a thought but get nothing and I know that Gabriel is here, standing somewhere in a dark corner of my room. Much to both my relief and my despair, he is alone. I don't move. I just keep staring out the window as he speaks.

"Do you know what it is about humans that we envy the most?" he muses. I don't answer him, knowing that it's not a question awaiting a response. "Their death... the promise of it... the fact that they will soon expire. Because of this fact, they live the way we can only imagine to live. They live in their temporality more than we live in our eternity. They savor life the way we only wish we could. They find joys and pleasures in things we pass by without a care for. They live their lives richly because they know they will only experience it once."

"How is she?" I ask flatly without turning to look at him.

"Alive and well. She sleeps as we speak. "

I think back to the day she fell asleep on my shoulder, watching Pride and Prejudice in my room. It was the day I proposed to her. I remember how small and delicate she seemed as she slept, her porcelain ivory face, peaceful in her slumber. I remember the way we made love that afternoon, after I proposed to her. Her body, delicate as always, seemed to move so fluidly along mine, as if it was designed exclusively for mine.

"Indeed, she is a beautiful thing to behold" he says and I instinctively block off my thoughts, angered by his prying mind. I've forgotten about his copycat ability. Temper begins to simmer in my blood knowing that he's seen my Bella naked in my head.

"Have you ever wondered why it is that you cannot penetrate her thoughts?"

"I have. But it doesn't bother me so much anymore. I like the element of surprise I get when I've learned something about her that I didn't know before."

"Mmm. Surely you've adapted to her silent presence, but are you comfortable? Not knowing what she's thinking about when she's frowning in deep thought? Is it any wonder at all why you can't hear her thoughts?"

"Can you hear her thoughts?" I ask.

"No. I can't. None of our kind can."

I turn around to look at him. He's sitting in an armchair at a dark corner of the room. I can only see his metal-like eyes staring at me.

"How do you know this? How do you know that no other mind reader of our kind can hear her thoughts?"

"Because it is impossible."

"How so? It can't be an ability, for she is human."

"Human you say? What if I told you that she is a little more than human?"

"What are you implying?"

"Have you ever heard of the gardianuls?"

"The guardians? I believe I have heard of them. Aren't they mythical gods of power?"

"Of power, yes. However, they are not mythical."

No. It can't be. He must be mistaken. What do the guardians have to do with Bella? As if magically falling from the air, the pieces begin to connect.

"Bella?" I ask completely taken aback. "She's not human?"

"She is mortal, making her very human indeed. However, she is a guardian. She has the ability to protect herself and others from any power or ability. Her thoughts are protected from your mind reading ability; her emotions are protected in a way that anything bound to her, emotionally, is guarded by her. And her blood, too, is protected. She is immune to our venom. She can never be changed into one of us let alone be marked."

My blood has turned ice cold. His words have silenced my completely. Bella cannot be turned?

"The Volturi will not rest until she is found. Though they may have not immediately linked you to her, they knew where to look for her. Demetri picked up a trace of her infectious scent and he must've known that she was what they were looking for and went in search of her, killing her father in hopes to lure her to him. Their prophet is far too young and could not see the entire play of their own actions."

"How do you know all of this?"

"See for yourself."

Instantly my mind warped through visions of long ago. Gabriel was in command of an army of vampires fighting against the wolves, one no less savage than the other. They invaded a small village in the middle of the night, killing the wolves that were devouring the villagers. The vampires were no heroes. They simply fought the beasts over food. Gabriel caught sight of a young girl fleeting into the woods. He and several other men went after her. They encountered a large group of wolves and fought against them but the wolves outnumbered them. The girl, who was hiding her head beneath her arms, stood.

I jump back, tearing myself away from his memory. The room is too dark but I can sense him smiling behind the shadows. I focus once again on his thoughts. It's Bella who stands and face the wolves. She walks up to them in a trance and one by one they crash against an invisible wall. His thought shifts and now I see them both in a small cottage laughing against the warm glow of the fireplace. She looks just as beautiful as she does today. Gabriel stares at her in awe and he then leans forward and kisses her, taking her face in both his hands.

His memory moves now to a conversation he is having with someone outside the cottage. To my astonishment, I find myself looking at a much younger Aro.

"My brother, you will go back to the kingdom and tell our father that I have died in battle, that I was killed by one of the beasts. Take with you an injured one to offer him. You must not tell him about her for surely he'll take her for his own and enslave her for her ability."

"Gabriel, your mind is sore and sick. You don't know of what you speak. You must return."

"No, Aro. I love her and I will stay by her side for as long as time permits. Please give me your word that you will not speak of what you saw that night. Please keep her secret."

The next memory is of Bella and he, standing in a meadow, dressed in white as they exchange vows. Her eyes are bright and her smile is breathtaking. Gabriel takes her hand, placing a ring on her finger. "I promise to love thee, for all eternity." They kiss beneath the falling petals of a cherry blossom tree. My dead heart suddenly feels like it can actually break into pieces when I see them making love in a candlelit room. He kisses the back of her neck as he presses into her. His fingers trace her mouth and then he glides his hands down her bare torso gripping her by her hips as she moves like a serpentine on top of him. I tear my mind away, clenching my fists and preparing to launch at him.

"She was never yours to begin with" he murmurs and something thumps onto the ground, rolling its way to me. I look down to find the severed head of Demetri staring back at me. In that same instant, I leap towards him but find only and empty armchair, its vacancy laughing at me. My body is trembling in rage. I turn back and grab the bodiless head by the hair and swiftly run to Carlisle's room, bursting through the door without warning. He stands and looks at me in confused shock.

"He's taken her" I say as I toss the head to his desk. "She was his wife. And he is Aro's brother."

Carlisle stares at me perplexedly, face wild with horror, and whiter than I have ever seen. His eyes move between me and Demetri's head.

"HE'S FUCKING TAKEN HER!" I yell. All the love I harbored for this man I called my father, has completely washed away with resentment. His blinded trust has cost me an irreplaceable fortune, one that he will never be able to repay.