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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


28. Chapter 28 - Summon

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Chapter 28 - Summon

"I don't understand."

"What do you not understand, Carlisle!" I yell.

"Edward," warns Jasper as his calming aura falls over me. Instantly, my body feels numb but my fury remains.

"Carlisle," says Alice, "Gabriel took Bella to hide her from the Volturi. He went into hiding when he learned about Demetri. Demetri is a powerful tracker and he picked up on Bella through Edward's thoughts. He was the one who killed Charlie. As long as Demetri lived, Edward could not know of Bella's whereabouts because he would find out and go after her. With Demetri now dead, Gabriel has no other reason left to keep her from Edward. He's killed Demetri and has taken her away."

"But why? Why would Gabriel do such a thing? Even if Bella is indeed a reincarnation, how could he expect her to respond to him as his wife? She didn't know him when they first met. How could have deceived us?"

"Carlisle, I need you to think of where he could've taken her." I say, focusing on his eyes. "Would he have taken her back to Romania?"

He shakes his head slowly. "Edward, I don't know. He never stays in one area for too long."

"Well, we'll have to split up" says Emmet.

"Do you suppose he's taken her back to Italy? To the Volturi?" asks Jasper.

"No." answers Carlisle. "This much I know is true. He would never take her there. Although, I did not know that he was a descendent from the Volturi, I now know what happened. He is the eldest son of Marcus, the former ruler of the Volturi. From what I know, Marcus was killed by one of his sons. Aro was the only other son. Marcus was a cruel leader, hungry for power. He collected gifted vampires and forced them to join his army. He would torture those who would not abide. His eldest, Gabriel, was the commander of his army, determined as his father, but more noble than his brother. He had faked his death to be with a human woman. He wed her and upon the news of their marriage, his brother, Aro, turned them in. His father ordered Gabriel's wife to be beaten, stoned and raped by the infantry and as punishment, he forced his son to watch her being tortured. She died shortly after her capture.

Stricken with grief and anger, Gabriel went to his father's room that night and killed him. He was never seen again, leaving Aro to rule the kingdom. Aro denounced his brother's name and ordered to have his head brought to him on a stake. There is absolutely no way possible that he would take Bella to the Volturi when it was his very kingdom that took her away from him."

"He's turning the Volturi against us" says Alice. "They will blame us for Demetri's death and they will come searching for us once again."

"Leaving his path free" says Emmet.

Though my anger is monumental in intensity, I can't help but feel bad for him in some way. To have to experience your love, your wife being beaten and raped is monstrous. However, this only means that his determination to keep her hidden is stronger just because of this. I didn't think I would be able to agree with Carlisle in anything pertaining to Gabriel, but I can now see that he will keep her safe, even though he is a Nomad. It's obvious to me that he loves her, truly. Harm will not come to her easily and for this much I am grateful but my gratitude ends there, for when I find him, I will kill him.


I promised myself I wouldn't turn back. There was nothing left for me to mourn, nothing left for me look forward too. Everything that mattered most to me was gone, dead and gone. I gave my all to something that wasn't real, that was only a figment of my sick and twisted imagination. There was nothing of value that I could offer other than my heart, but even that was turned away. Nothing mattered to me anymore.

And yet, here I am, running as fast as I can through this dark and endless forest. Running back to what I ran from. The moon is shining down on me overhead, my only guide and companion. I have to get to the forest's edge fast before my insanity gets the best of me. I run as fast as my legs will carry me, gasping for air, aching all over and not looking back. Apprehension fuels me while tears fly off my face. I can hardly feel the cuts inflicted by all the twigs and branches beneath my bare feet. I just keep running and hoping to find peace of mind upon my arrival.

The house with its lighted windows comes into view. I'm almost there, though I feel it's too late, as if no one will be there when I knock on the door. As if the only thing I'll find are blood covered walls and burning flesh. I run faster. I'm running across the street and through the lawn. I take all four steps of the porch with one giant stride and bang furiously and desperately on the door. Within seconds it opens.

"Jacob!" says my father, eyes wide in shock.