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A Dark Adaptaton of New Moon

It's been a year since Edward left Bella. Strong ties bond Jacob and Bella together, but one night of surpise and misfortune will forver change the lives of these three people. What would you do when all you love is violently taken away?


29. Chapter 29 - Trust

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Chapter 29 - Trust

"Where is she? Where is Bella?"

My father stares at me, his face tired and worn.

"Jacob, I don't believe they did this to Charlie. They..."

"WHERE IS SHE!?" I shout.

"I don't' know. They would not say but they assured us that she us somewhere safe. Carlisle came by to talk peace with Sam. They weren't here when Charlie was killed. They were called to Italy, to join the others in the war, but they refused."

He's changed her. That has to be the reason they're hiding her. My blood burns beneath my skin at the thought of that bloodsucking asshole taking the life from her. How could she be so stupid and go back to him? How could she let him end her life? I've tried to pin this all on him, resolutely convince myself that he's to blame but the truth is that she wanted this. He could've changed her at any given moment, whenever he wanted to... but he didn't.

"Sam has gathered the rest of the pack in preparation for battle. Whether or not the Cullens had anything to do with Charlie's death means nothing. The treaty has been broken" he says.

"Where did they go?"

"Who knows? They burned down their house and fled. Sam didn't let Carlisle stay around for too long."

I suppose it doesn't matter where they've gone. He's changed her. She's not the Bella I had fallen foolishly in love with anymore. How easily she brushed me aside, throwing away everything we shared. My going after her now is absolutely futile. In the end, she will never come back to me. She's made her decision.

I turn and head for the door.

"Jacob, where are you going?"

"I'm going to find him. And I'm going to kill him."

"Son, he did not do this!"

I ignore him as I yank the door open and storm out to the front porch, taking one big human leap over the steps, and landing on all four legs.


I find myself running through long, twisting tunnels. I can hear footsteps advancing behind me. I run faster, desperately searching for a break in the darkness. The air is damp and cold but my skin burns and sweat trickles down my face as I pant for air. Just ahead, I begin to see a point of light. I run faster towards it and the footsteps behind me quicken their stride. The light swells and brightens as I come closer and closer to it. I dare myself and turn back to look and see how close they are now, when I crash into something and hear a growl. I whip my head back to find myself staring at a pair of black glossy eyes and something cold pierces through me, snapping my eyes open.

I sit up quickly, panting heavily, clenching the bed sheets in my fists. For a moment, I feel as if I blended into another part of a dream, for I'm in a room that I don't recognize. It is small and quaint, furnished with whitewashed vintage pieces. I look around the room for any sign of company but find that I'm all alone. The door is open and I pull the sheets off me and get off the bed. I spot something by my wrist and realize that I'm still dressed in my thermal nightgown, with dried blood on my sleeve. Suddenly, I remember Gabriel jumping towards me with his teeth bared as I smash a mug at his face. I remember him pinning me to the bed and drinking my blood. Then I remember my vision fading as I felt his weight over me.

Before I can take another step, he is at the door, staring at me with a blank and unreadable expression. I feel the strange pull towards him beginning to unfurl as I stare at him, paralyzed. A quiver moves up my spine as apprehension sinks in, then anger seeps in .

"What did you do to me?" I ask with narrowed eyes and clenched.

He frowns at me in confusion.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!" I blare out, walking up to him quickly but stopping short in front of him. I want to smack him, pound on his face but I know that every touch will trigger a vision.

"Bella," he says in quietly. "I haven't done anything to you."

"You drugged me and you... you were on top of me, leaning into me as I fell asleep."

"Yes, you're right. I did lean into you... to hold you tight as I transported the two of us here."

I stare at him coldly and suspiciously.

"Do you really think of me so ill?" he asks as if read my mind.

I stand motionless, staring at him idly, feeling myself strain against the pull. He looks at me unbelievingly.

"Where are we?" I ask.

"In a safe place" he scuffs as he turns and walks away. I follow him into a living room, decorated lavishly with antiquities. He begins to toss logs into the fireplace. Sunlight shines through a window to my right and I walk over to it, peering outside. All I see are trees with mountains peaking in the far distance.

"You have to take me back" I say as I stare outside.

"I'm afraid that's impossible" he mutters.

I turn to find him looking at me.

"I have to get to my mother. You can't do this to me. She'll die if I don't get to her first." I say as I begin to feel the threat of tears.

"Your mother is safe. She will not be harmed in anyway."

"Yes she will! The tracker will find her!"

He walks up to me and stares down at me with a pinched expression. "Bella, I promise you that she is safe and nothing will happen to her."

"How? How can you promise me that when we are here and not there with her!"

"Please believe me" he whispers.

There is something so strange, so mystifying about him that I can't figure out. Although I want nothing more than to smash his face in and run - something deep down inside of me trusts in his words. He hides so much from me, yet, something in his eyes rings true.

His eyes move along my face and his lips part. I wonder if he, too, is feeling this phenomenal sensation, this magnetizing pull that I feel whenever he's around. He moves his eyes to my lips then back to my eyes and frowns as he turns away.

"I've brought you clothing which you can find in the closet and I will be preparing supper in just a few. Is there anything in particular you'd like to eat?" he asks as he lights the fireplace.

"Have you heard of him?" I ask.

He ignores me and continues to burn the fire and my heartbeat quickens at his silence.

"Have you?"

He turns his head to the side and slowly stands to look at me.

"Bella, you must forget about him."

I frown furiously at him.

"What? What are you saying?" I ask incredulously.

He looks deep into me for a moment.

"Bella, Edward is dead."